I Think I Might Love Miley Cyrus.

I’m a Target shopper, yes. That is where my heart belongs. BUT, I do step my foot into a Wal-mart for the groceries and non-clothing and accessory related purchases. Imagine my surprise when I saw before me… a clothing line by Miley Cyrus/Max Azria. And I wanted basically every.single.item. Call me an overgrown teenager, I care not. Now excuse me, while I show you why.


  1. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Cross Back Ruffle Tunic
  2. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Sequin Bow Racerback Tank
  3. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Tie Dye V Neck Tee
  4. Walmart, Woven Buffalo Plaid Tunic
  5. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Smocked Jersey Blouson Top
  6. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Knit Boyfriend Blazer
  7. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Bomber Jacket

I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised that I LOVE her stuff, being that I listen to Party in the USA once a day (along with AK‘s toddler).

Get On My Head!

There are so so many fun and fashionable things to adorn your head and hair with these days! It’s a cheap addition to any outfit for the frugalista in me and it’s an easy way to change up my look daily. It’s a very exciting time for a hair girl like me!  Here are a few that I am truly digging right now.

der-head decor

  1. Forever21, Wild Rose Headwrap
  2. Forever21, Feather Poof Comb
  3. Etsy, Tamara Peacock Feather Hairpin-BLUE
  4. Etsy, Olive Martini Poppy
  5. Charlotte Russe, Zipper Bow Headband
  6. Etsy, A Very Sexy Headband

ShopTipsy has some super cute hair options that we tipsy girls love as well here and here.

Christmas List: Der Edition

So you all saw AK’s list of fabulousness. Now it’s my turn.

(Pssst…Husband PLEASE pay careful attention to what is to follow)

der-xmas wishlist

  1. Victoria’s Secret, The Soft Sexy Wrap -I love the fact that this is like an upgraded t-shirt/cardigan combo. That is My FAVORITE combo and pretty much daily uniform, by the way.
  2. Best Buy, Nikon D5000– I would love this camera more than any of my family members, including my dogs. Ook,  not them. But everyone else. If I hadn’t already proven myself to be an expensive camera breaker, I MIGHT actually be eligible for this gift.
  3. Restoration Hardware, Telescoping Frames– Being that I just got married 10ish months ago, we have more pictures than we know what to do with. These are so unique and different.
  4. Macys, Fiesta Canisters– I ADORE the green. These would look so cute in my colorful kitchen.
  5. Etsy, dearestinez Large Leaf Earrings -UM so cute, so fun, so funky. I just may be gifting these to myself for Christmas.
  6. Old Navy, Womens Cable Knit Slipper Boots– My toesies would be so toasty in these. I’ve seen a version of these everywhere and I have been coveting.
  7. Urban Outfitters, Dachshund Lamp– Do I even need to go into why I would want/need this? No, I didn’t think so.
  8. Ann Taylor LOFT, Refined Knit Ruffle Neck Dress– Because I NEED more ruffles in my life. NO, I don’t have anywhere to wear it! SO??
  9. Mac Cosmetics, Tinted Lipglass in Spite -This was the first lipglass that I ever owned and I think I need to bring it back into my life Christmas 2009. It’s a mauvy pink and perfection.
  10. Pier1, Assorted Doorknob Wall Hooks– I’ve been eyeing these babies for a while now. What a super cute way to hang your coat or whatevs.
  11. Macys, Joseph Joseph Multi Color Spatula Design Cutting Board– Cute, colorful and belongs in mah kitchen!
  12. Gap, Mesh Chain Necklace– I want this for two reasons: a) it’s a subtle way to do the whole sequin trend going on and b) I’ve already planned my New Years outfit and it won’t be complete without it.
  13. Nordstrom, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Charo’ Slingback Sandal– Ruffles, love. Red, Love. Perfect HOT date with the hubby shoe. Nuff said.
  14. bossa, Shiraleah Jennifer Large Tote Bag– This brand is pretty sweet…looks remarkably similar to HOBO International for a fraction of the cost, plus this blue color is totally rocking my world.
  15. ZenniOptical, 2344 Plastic Full-Rim Frame– HOT pink frames? Must.have.

Oh, I almost forgot… while I’m wishing… I’ll take an endless supply of these.

der-xmas wishlist2

Hair Care with Flair

Um, apparently I missed the boat and hair care utensils are now completely fashionable as well. I’m considering sporting some of these as accessories because the colors, prints and patterns are to die for. I’m a sucker for stuff like this…makes me want to go re-purchase all my styling tools. Damn marketing techniques!

  1. Target, Remington Plaid Printed Straightener
  2. Amazon, TS-2 Detailer Snake Print Series
  3. Target, Remington Leopard Printed Dryer
  4. Target, Remington Polka Dot Printed Dryer
  5. Amazon, Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Spring Curling Iron
  6. Target, Bed Head 1″ Professional Tourmaline Nano Ceramic Curling Iron -Pink

Go On, Get Your Bake On!

The month of December usually means full discretion to bake anything you normally wouldn’t throughout the rest of the year.  Ordinarily, you would feel bad about just randomly baking some creation at any other time of the year, but if it’s in DECEMBER it’s just commonplace that you are baking because it MUST mean it has something to do with a holiday tradition of some sort, am I right? (say yes)

And if you are like us Tipsy Girls, you want to look GOOD baking!  BAKING TIP:  throw a little flour on the apron as you are walking the plate of cookies over to your neighbor’s house even if they are slice and bake, they’ll think you’ve been baking for hours just for them!!

  1. Anthropologie, Big Frills Apron
  2. Paper Flowers Etsy Shop, Hostess Apron
  3. Anthropologie, Extra Ingredient Apron
  4. Cocoa Dreams Etsy Shop, Casey Scroll Apron
  5. Pier 1, Vintage Printed Halter Apron
  6. Decorative Instincts Etsy Shop, Grey Polka Dot Apron
  7. Garnet Hill, Reversible Retro Apron
  8. Anthropologie, Succulent Apron
  9. City Girl Aprons Etsy Shop, Autumn Halter Apron
  10. Anthropologie, Winterfest Apron
  11. Brassy Apple, Hostess Mod Bloom
  12. City Girl Aprons Etsy Shop, XMas Trees Apron
  13. Annies Attic Etsy Shop, Santa Baby Apron

Cha Cha Chaaange

There are some adorably delish little change purses over at Target. I can’t help but think of what a fabulous (and cheap) gifts these would be for a co-worker or buddy for the upcoming holidays.  Check out the cuteness:

der-change purses

  1. Target, Mossimo Owl Coin Purse
  2. Target, Mossimo Butterfly Coin Purse
  3. Target, Mossimo Butterfly Coin Purse-Purple
  4. Target, Mossimo Flower Coin Purse

O.P.I.Love You

As a lifetime nailbiter, I find myself getting constant manicures just to prevent my finger tips from looking like gnarled, peeling numbs. Since I have picked up this manicure habit, I have fallen head over heels with O.P.I. Nail Color. The names are funky and there is a shade for every mood or occasion.

  1. Bubble Bath: This is the shade I wore on my wedding day. The perfect neutral pink to make you look like you have perfect nails without even trying.
  2. Lincoln Park at Midnight: My perfect funky fall color for when I’m feeling a little RockStarish. Its a deep, deep burgundy purple and cool as a fan.
  3. Vodka & Caviar: Sassy red for when I want to bring out my inner pin up girl.
  4. Mod About You: This is a lighter, whiter based neutral pink, but it’s a little more funky because it is shockingly lighter than my chalk-like fair complexion.
  5. You Don’t Know Jacques!: This is my newest shade in rotation, from the Frances Collection. I wanted something neutral, but not pink. I get so many compliments on this shade when I wear it…it’s kind of a brownish taupe-gray.

For The Holiday season I think I’m going to go with 6. Smitten with Mittens or           7. Sapphire in the Snow. What’s your favorite O.P.I. shade?

Reasons Bargain Hunters are Thankful

This is Turkey Eve and and I’m so excited I can hardly control myself, as we are only 2 days away from my actual favorite holiday! I love Thanksgiving time and no, it’s not for the food. This Tipsy girl spends her holiday getting a little bit tipsy while plotting her Black Friday gameplan with all the other women in her family. I have started plotting early over here.   This year I’ll be needing a few extra sugar free red bulls in my Black Friday survival kit because my local mall is opening at 12am for midnight madness .  No, I am not insane. This is a bargain hunter’s dream come true and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. There are some  bargains that just may be worth risking an altercation with a sleep deprived shopaholic maniac.

*I’ll report back on any Black Friday injuries sustained. You know, besides my credit card.

Photo Via Photobucket.com

Nail Emergency? A Mini Mani!

If you are like me, you’ve run out of time to get a manicure in before Thanksgiving.  So I’m going to share with you a little secret combo that will get your nails in decent shape in no time.

ak-mini mani

Brush the OPI oil all along your nail bed, rub that in. Take the Aquaphor lip treatment and dab it at the base of each fingernail, rub that all around.  Then finish everything off with a little squeeze of the Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Hand Lotion.  That’s it!  It’s super quick and it’ll have your fingers looking 1000% better in no time.  I also keep these items in my car* or purse so that if I’m out and about and in need of some nail resuscitation.

*all steps can be completed sitting at a red light (TRUE STORY)

Clutch Season

So, I am sure you all have fabulous lives where you have about a trillion holiday parties lined up and you have a super cute outfit lined up for each. Do you know what you are probably missing from that outfit? A clutch! A nifty little bag to accompany your sassy frass dress. Well, my favorite store has so many adorable ones to choose from with holiday flair!

  1. Target, Merona Feather Clutch
  2. Target, Merona Shirred Envelope Clutch
  3. Target, Merona Box Clutch with Jewels
  4. Target, La Regale Pleated Bow Clutch