6 Steps to a Successful Keno Par-tay!

About a year ago, the Tipsy girls thought we needed an excuse to get together once a month to eat fattening yummy food, gossip, and, oh yeah, drink! (po)Keno was the answer to our prayers. Over the past year, old friends  have meshed with new friends, and I feel the need to share our recipe for success!

Step 1: Food.


Step 2: Drinks


Step 3: Keno Cards and Markers


Step 4: Concentrated Playing


Step 5: Gifts


Step 6: FABULOUS Friends!


La Virgen de Guadalupe (that means THE Virgen de Guadalupe)

That’s my husband’s favorite joke…”Do you know what La Cocina means?…THE Cocina”…followed by much laughter.  Hey, his joke not mine.  So I couldn’t resist when writing up this post.

If you live in Texas, the Virgin of Guadalupe is probably a sight you’ve seen many times.  I’m not Catholic but I love the colors and stars and everything about the image.  My aunt has these boots and they are AMAZING and I may or may not need to steal them from her closet.

  1. Rocketbuster, Virgin Guadalupe Black
  2. Crows Nest Trading Co, Your Heart Is Free Ring by Sweet Bird Studio
  3. James Avery, Virgin of Guadalupe Charm
  4. Stinky Monkey 4 Eva Etsy Shop, La Virgin de Guadalupe Apron
  5. Junk Gypsy, Turquoise Guadalupe Cuff

Stop to Smell the Roses and Bows

I love girly, feminine clothing. So, count me IN on anything that has a rosette or bow involved. These are some swoon-worthy pieces that I have run across lately… simply GORGEOUS!

  1. LuLu’s, Swank Satin Halter
  2. LuLu’s, Little Ruby Dress
  3. LuLu’s, Blanche DeBouis Top
  4. LuLu’s, English Rose Tank
  5. LuLu’s, Camilia Headband
  6. LuLu’s, Petite Fleur Necklace