Boden Mamas

So I heard about the new Boden Maternity line last week and did a little jump for joy.  (you know because I’m in the growing a child kinda of way right now) I can’t get enough of a Boden catalog when it comes in the mail due to all the colors and color combos and oh my it’s just pure joy.  So when I heard about them having a maternity line now I seriously, I shit you not, did a little dance.  Check out the cuteness for yourself.

Boden Maternity, Boden

Comfy Cozy

I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic job that I love AND I get to work from home! Working from home means, I rarely wear makeup (unless I have a lunch date w/ one of my fabulous Tipsy gals or co-workers) and I rarely wear anything other than lounge wear.

Luckily, me being preggo has not effected this part of my wardrobe because I can still wear ALL of my pre-pregnancy faves (at least as far as the pants go)! Here are some of the staples of my “working from home” wardrobe:

  1. Athleta, Breathe Pant (These come in long sizes so I don’t have to rock “capri” pants when it’s 30 degrees outside.)
  2. Target, Liz Lange Maternity Straight Leg Lounge Pants (Hands down, most comfortable pants EVER.)
  3. Target, Mossimo Plus-size Short Sleeve Basic Tee (I accidentally bought this shirt thinking it was maternity wear, but it turned out to be super-cute. Even if you’re not preggo, just buy the tee in a size smaller than your typical tee. It’s the perfect “slouchy stylish” tee. OH and it’s really long so it will cover your butt when you’re wearing yoga pants!)
  4. Restoration Hardware, Luxury Plush Slippers (Best slippers EVER.)

Maternity 2.0

I wish people would tell you that you will essentially have 2 maternity wardrobes, and I’m currently on 2.0. I guess this may not be true for everyone, but I will tell you that I woke up one morning and over half of my maternity wear had turned to crop tops! This may be because I have a really long torso and it may also be because I am carrying this baby ALL out front…either way, I had an excuse to pick up these cute duds!

  1. Target, Maternity V-Neck Ruched Side Fashion Top
  2. Target, Maternity Long-Sleeve V-Neck Knit Top
  3. Gap, Ruffle henley placket
  4. Old Navy, Maternity ruffle-trim jersey tunic
  5. Gap, Cowlneck blouson top
  6. A Pea in the Pod, 3/4 sleeve rib-knit maternity sweater
  7. Gap, Textured single-button cardigan

Winter Bumps

I finally did it, over the weekend, I had to break down and buy some maternity jeans! (I will admit that they are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever put on.)

Buying the jeans got me browsing the interwebs and looking at my options for the new winter wardrobe I’m getting closer and closer to having to purchase…

  1. Love 21, Embellished Scoop Neck Matenity Tunic
  2. Old Navy, Maternity Ruffle-trim Keyhole Top (This would be super-cute with a cardigan.)
  3. Motherhood, Long Sleeve Maternity Tunic
  4. Motherhood, 3/4 Sleeved Side Ruched Maternity Sweater
  5. Love 21, 5-Pocket Maternity Jeggings (I’m wondering If I can pull these off!?!?)
  6. Motherhood, Elbow Sleeve Tab Cuff maternity Tunic
  7. Motherhood, Long Sleeve Open Front Maternity Cardigan (I love this whole outfit…It could be my “clubbing” gear…or, you know, when I feel sassy!)

For the Fall Bumps

While I will be glad to say goodbye to maternity wear and pregnancy in the near future (HELLO pants with real buttons and zippers!), I have to say that being preggers in the fall must have it’s perks.

One: I’m positive you will be much less sweaty

Two: These cute cool weather pieces

  1. Walmart, Maternity Fashion Turtle Neck
  2. Walmart, 3/4 Sleeve Maternity Cinched Tee
  3. Old Navy, Maternity Twist Front V Neck Top
  4. Target, Liz Lange Side Rouched Long Sleeve Top
  5. Target, Liz Lange Cowl Neck Sweater
  6. Motherhood, 3/4 Sleeve Decorative Trim Tee
  7. Motherhood, Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee
  8. JCPenney, Ruffle Mandarin Henley


I think by now everyone has gotten on board with the Merona dresses from Target. Cute, trendy, sometimes knocked off of fab JCrew dresses with 45 times the price tag….y’all know what I’m sayin. Well, I’m pleased to announce I have just landed upon some Merona maternity dresses on No, I have not seen these in my store, but I trust you Merona.

  1. Maternity Knot Tied Empire Dress
  2. Maternity Cowl Neck Empire Dress
  3. Maternity Pleated Front Empire Dress
  4. Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Shirt Dress
  5. Maternity V Neck Summer Dress

$50 Fridays: Dreams Do Come True

OMG, this is good news I am here to report! Y’all know I use tons of Forever21 items in my posts and I must admit that I do tend to go there first for my trendy bargains. I have truly missed being able to waltz up to my local mall and scoop up a new top for $10.00 or less, as there are very few items that will cover my baby bump in that store. Problem SOLVED. Love21 Maternity is like the best idea since sliced bread and I can not tell you how excited I am.

  1. Forever21, Maternity Faux Wrap Top
  2. Forever21, Croc Embossed Thong Sandals
  3. Forever21, Maternity Bootcut Jeans
  4. Forever21, Love Text Necklace

10 Summer Tops for $10 Tops

It’s been a while since we went on a good ole’ fashioned bargain hunt… how about these ADORABLE finds for under $10!!

  1. Kohls, Striped Tube Halter Top
  2. Walmart, Organic Cotton Striped Tank
  3. Walmart, Womens Smocked Woven Top
  4. Old Navy, Ruffle Strap Tie Belt Tank
  5. Forever21, Banded Knit Dress– This says “dress”, but let’s get real.
  6. Walmart, Organic Cotton Striped Ruffle Tank
  7. Walmart, Flower Applique Jersey Tunic
  8. Walmart, Maternity Ruffle V Neck Tank
  9. Walmart, Womens Crochet Tank
  10. Old Navy, Womens Petal Trim Tank

$50 Fridays: Mama Needs Ruffles Too

Being the ruffle-aholic that I am, I was SUPER excited to see this lovely maternity top that will let me be all girled up with out breaking the bank. (Um, maternity wear is ‘spensive y’all) And… purple and gray happens to be a favorite color combo of mine as well. BONUS!

  1. Target, Sleeveless Ruffle Top
  2. Forever21, Chiffon Earrings
  3. Walmart, Brushed Twill Pants
  4. Walmart, Olivia T Thong Sandals

$50 Fridays: OOOOOOHHHH Baby!

Whew! It was a very busy beginning of 2010 for the Der Family with anniversary, birthdays, Valentine’s day, new weiner dog… and even all that wasn’t enough for us.  Well, people of the internet world, I’m with child. I am 10 weeks preggers with our first baby and couldn’t be more tired, nauseous or more thrilled! So, to celebrate this monumental occasion today is the first of several maternity $50 Fridays to come, I’m sure!  Cuz, now I have yet another arena to spread my bargain shopping wealth….maternity wear. So, Here we go….

  1. Walmart, Maternity Gathered V Neck Top
  2. Forever21, Clam Dangle Earrings
  3. Target, Wandy Braided Sandals
  4. Walmart, Maternity Jeans