Nail Help

ak-nail emergency
So I have been having a nail dilemma for a while now…I know that if I don’t go get manicures then I bite my nails. Time has been a problem for the last year in terms of getting manicures, so you can just imagine the state of my nails. I generally only have time to go get a manicure on a Saturday afternoon. Obviously sometimes that just doesn’t work out. So I need to get into some sort of new home routine that keeps everything looking somewhat nice so I don’t bite them. A LONG time ago I posted this home mani, and I can definitely get on that train again for sure. I also bought these nail wipes (IMPULSE PURCHASE) recently that I think will help when the polish starts chipping and I can’t get back to the nail salon.
Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes

So tell me, what should I do in terms of base coat and top coat at home when I can’t get to the salon? And for those stay at home mamas when do you do your home nail care? Nap time? After the kiddos are in bed? When? HELP!

Glitzy Nails

Previously, even in my teen years, I would never be one to sport glitter nails or toes. Lately that has changed. I am recently drawn to the sparklier the better type of situation, specifically on my toesies. Here are some glittery shades I’m really digging.

  1. OPI Teenage Dream
  2. OPI Show it and Glow it
  3. OPI Sparkle-icious
  4. OPI My Private Jet

Pinterest: Nails, Hair, Jewelry

As I said yesterday, I’m totally going to inundate you this week with all things Pinterest that I’ve fallen in love with recently. Imma lump nails, hair and jewelry together because, well, just because.

  1. Ombre Nails
  2. Lauren Conrad’s Ombre Nails

  1. Sock Bun Curls
  2. Waterfall Braid

  1. Curved Triangle Ring
  2. Yellow Necklace
  3. Gold/Turquoise Stacked Rings
  4. Orange/Red/Turquoise Bracelets
  5. Gold Stacked Rings
  6. Multi Colored Bracelets

What have you found on Pinterest recently?

More Coral!

Yesterday I posted on coral nails, it’s like my new favorite color right now.  And I love this bright coral with a really light aqua.  What’s your favorite color or color combo right now?

  1. Tropical Coral Lipcolor, Loreal
  2. Jackie Cardigan, J.Crew
  3. OPI Shootout at the OK Coral, Amazon
  4. Slub-Knit Henley Tunics, Old Navy
  5. Merona Emeline Braided Flat Sandals-Pewter, Target
  6. Diamond Cluster Earrings, Sundance Catalog
  7. Dockers Truly Slimming Shorts, Kohls


Essie Cuticle Pen
Essie Nail Polish in Clambake
Essie Nail Corrector Pen

Green with Envy

Call me bat shit crazy, but I have been obsessing with pastel colored nail polish for quite some time now. I’m not talking about your lovely baby pink or soft beige, but more of an Easter egg blue or minty green. I have no idea why I am being drawn to these nail polishes. I don’t even like pastels normally. So, am I crazy or are would this shade be awesome on my nails?

OPI, Go on Green

Nailing It In Texas

I was browsing the new spring nail colors recently and found some right up my alley.  The new Texas Collection from OPI. LOVE it! Both the actual colors and the names. I cannot wait to have one of these on my little toes.

  1. Austin-Tatious Turquoise
  2. Houston, We Have A Purple
  3. San Tan-Tonio
  4. Totally Fort Worth It
  5. Don’t Mess With OPI
  6. Yall Come Back Ya Hear
  7. Do You Think I’m Tex-y
  8. Guy Meets Gal Veston

Don’t Get Pinched This Year

We all know St. Patrick’s Day is coming up later this week. And if you didn’t, now you do. I thought I would give you ladies a few options to wear so you don’t get pinched while out enjoying a green beer (or two…or three..) Slainte!!

  1. Forever 21, Geometric Bow Waist Dress
  2. Amazon, OPI Green-Wich Village Nail Color
  3. Modcloth, Link Happy Thoughts Sandal
  4. DSW, Coconuts Mena Wedge Sandal
  5. Target, Twisted Seed Beaded Necklace
  6. The Limited, Ruffle Front Top
  7. The Limited, Green Striped Strapless Dress
  8. Target, Merona Tahira Sleeveless Top
  9. Boden, Ruffled Ribbon Necklace
  10. The Limited, Wow Ruffle Shirt

Spring on my Toes

The average high here in H-town has been about 80 the past few days, and I thought it was only appropriate to check out the latest in Spring nail colors. I’m LOVING on all of these!

  1. Charged up Cherry
  2. Grape Fit
  3. My Back Pocket

Holiday Muffins

All your shopping is done and all your presents are wrapped? What a gal needs now is some pre-holiday pampering before all those family members see your crusty muffins. Here are some perfect holiday shades that are sure to have you looking festive as can be.

  1. Amazon, Sparkle- icious
  2. Amazon, Something About Cherry
  3. Amazon, Shop Around the Clock
  4. Amazon, Cocoa A GoGo
  5. Amazon, Extra-va-vaganza
  6. Amazon, Glow Up Already