PJ Fanatic

I’m definitely a PJ fanatic. It all started with my with my almost 3 year old and it picked up speed with my 4 month old.  I’ve got to say that my absolute favorite PJs are from Hanna Andersson so you can obviously see why I’d be a fan of Serena & Lily’s newest PJs where they partnered with Hanna Andersson….totally adorable.  I’m also a long time fan of Hatley footed PJs too.  Hatley has a bunch of these footie ones on sale.  The best thing about all of these is that they zip up.  No fumbling with snaps late at night!

  1. Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Baby Sleeper – Blue Stripe, Serena & Lily
  2. Game Fish Infant Footed Coverall, Hatley
  3. Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Baby Sleeper – Orange Star, Serena & Lily
  4. Cookie Monster Infant Footed Coverall, Hatley

Holiday Gift Guides: Odds & Ends

Are you stumped on gift buying for anyone?  I’ve gathered up some items that I think might work or at least point you in the right direction.

  1. Voile Spaghetti Measure, Moma Store
  2. Jubilee Hoops, Sundance
  3. Ugg Scuff, Zappos
  4. Multicolor Ceramic Mixing Bowl Set, Williams-Sonoma
  5. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones, Amazon
  6. The Pajamas Warming Pouch, Hammacher Schlemmer
  7. The In Your Own Voice Storyteller, Hammacher Schlemmer
  8. Xyron Create A Sticker Machine, Amazon
  9. Pearls in the Stream Bracelet, Sundance
  10. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD, Amazon
  11. Mad Men Season 1 DVD, Amazon
  12. Toy Story 3 DVD, Amazon

Christmas Wishlist: Der Edition

It’s that time again! Christmas is sneaking up on us and we tipsy gals have been pretty damn good this year if I don’t say so myself. When I sent my letter to Santa, here is what was on it:

  1. Amazon, Modern Family Season 1– I can’t sing this show’s praises enough and I totally want to own this so I can re-watch it over and over.
  2. Nordstrom, Michael Kors Chronograph Watch– I haven’t owned an actual watch of value since I couldn’t tell you when. And I know there are much more pricey pieces available, but since I’ve been out of the game for a some time… I’ll start off easy.
  3. Express, Essential Stretch Military Shirt– I am a HUGE fan of the military trend and the stretch in this top would allow room for the ladies if ya know what I mean.
  4. Etsy, Finger Print Necklace– I would love to preserve and wear my new little man’s finger print around my neck daily. It’s such a unique keepsake that I would cherish forever.
  5. Amazon, Hobo International Metallic Lauren Wallet – I adore my hobo lauren wallet that I have, but it honestly has seen better days. I really like the metallic version for my upgrade.
  6. Amazon, Raspberry Converse– Since the purchase of my very first pair of converse, I am wanting to own every color of the rainbow and these are the perfect shade of pink.
  7. Kohls, Deni Digital Stainless Steel Steamer– Steamed veggies are where it’s at in my book, so I think this is right up my alley.
  8. Timi and Leslie, Baby Jane Bag– I LOVE my current diaper bag so much, but a gal can never have too many bags, right? I love the sleekness of this bag and I would totally rock this with or without my baby.
  9. Gap, Plaid Flannel Pajamas– I have always wanted a classic set of jammies to kick it in during the winter months.
  10. Amazon, Bare Escentuals Starter Kit– I have always wanted to give this stuff a go. I have never used any type of mineral make-up before, but those infomercials sure do sell me.

Festive Jammies

We used to have a tradition when I was a kid that we would spend the entire family get together on Christmas Eve in our brand new Christmas PJs so we could hit the hay as soon as we got home for the big ole Saint Nick to come on by. Well, I developed a taste for these holiday jammies and it still sticks with me to this day.

  1. Kohls, Simply Vera Wang Micro Fleece Pajamas
  2. Target, 3 Piece Pajama Set- Green
  3. Forever21, Dear to My Heart PJ Pants
  4. Victoria’s Secret, The Dreamer Flannel Pajamas
  5. Target, Nick and Nora Reindog Pajama Set
  6. Walmart, Sesame Street Christmas Sleep Set

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

I love to see my little guy in his PJs.  There’s just something about those little baby legs running around the house in those PJs! I am loving these from Company Kids and I do believe my favorite is #3.  Do you love baby PJs and if so, where you do you get yours?

  1. Boys Snug-fit Pajamas-Monster
  2. Boys Snug-fit Pajamas-Zoo Animals
  3. Boys Snug-fit Pajamas-Choo Choo Train
  4. Boys Snug-fit Pajamas-Dinosaur

Holy Robe

I’m starting to think in advance to my hospital stay coming up in a few months. Yes, I’m panicking about many things: epidurals, possible c-sections, the health of my baby… and the condition of my bathrobe. Ladies, it’s not looking too good on the robe front over here. I think I must get a new one for the baby’s visitor’s sake. It’s only fair. Here are a few sassy numbers that I’m considering.

  1. Target, Jersey Slub Robe
  2. Amazon, Nautica Knit Robe
  3. Target, Hooded Robe
  4. Victoria’s Secret, Ultrasoft Robe
  5. Victoria’s Secret, Super Soft Lounge Robe

Sleepy Friday

That title is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century; however, I need to admit something to all the readers…I LOVE kitchy, stupid, kid-like PJ pants! Nick and Nora happen to be my favorite brands, and while they have much cuter options at the Target stores, I would rock these any night of the week…

Pair these w/ a simple tank, which is my standard, and you have a fun and youthful PJ that will last a LONG time…trust me…

  1. Garden Sock Monkey Crop Pant
  2. Blue Flamingo
  3. Apple Turquoise Check
  4. Butterfly Black Print

Upgrading the PJs

Lately, I have felt the need to give myself a pajama make-over. I’m seeking out some options that aren’t all skanky, but wouldn’t send me running for the hills if someone were to actually see me in them. As of right now, I’ll call my PJ look.. ” Homeless Raggamuffin”. It’s a combination of the oldest t-shirts I own and waitin for a flood pajama pants. SEXY. Let me tell ya. Ok, so here are some options.


  1. Victoria’s Secret, Fireside Long Jane Pajamas
  2. Victoria’s Secret, Lace Trimmed Pajama Set
  3. Victoria’s Secret, Slub Tank Pajamas
  4. Victoria’s Secret, Satin Trim Cami and Pants Set
  5. Victoria’s Secret, Satin Cami Pajama Set