I love me some accessories.  What I love more is when I see some really cute ones on sale!

  1. Twosome Bracelets, Anthropologie
  2. Almond Tiers Necklace, Anthropologie
  3. Dip-Dye Toe, Gap
  4. Kente Bangle, Anthropologie

Wild Thang

Ever since I saw this outfit on Pinterest, I have been feeling the need to throw some sort of animal print accessory into the mix.  These are a few things I came up with.

  1. Vintage Re-Issue Clutch, Fossil
  2. Leopard Horseshoe Sandal, ebay
  3. Skinny Belt, Boden

Pinterest: Outfit Love

Hi my name is AK and I’m a Pinterest addict.  This is a recent development in my life, so bear with me as I show you this week all the things I’ve fallen in love with on Pinterest.

Today I’m starting with outfits.  Seeing all these outfits gives me a ton of inspiration to shop my closet and put things together that I normally wouldn’t.  It also makes me long for fall/winter so I can start wearing my beloved cardigans again.

  1. mustard cardigan/striped top/light blue shorts
  2. coral top/aqua necklace (if you are not currently following Kendi Everyday I IMPLORE you to start, I love her outfits and love her humor)
  3. grey top/gold statement necklace (I found this via Ms Cardigan Junkie herself who you should also be following)
  4. aqua cardigan/coral and white striped top
  5. black and white top/turquoise necklace/ruffle cardigan
  6. burnt orange cardigan/gingham top/leopard shoes
  7. blue top/orange scarf/fun earrings
  8. grey tee/orange cardigan/turquoise jewelry/tan bag

Are you on Pinterest? Have you found an outfit combo you love lately, do tell!

Ruche It Up

I am here to introduce you ladies to a new website I have discovered. For those of you who have never heard of this, it is kind of like modcloth, but a little less expensive and not quite as weird. For those of you who have heard of this, WHY DIDN”T YOU TELL ME SOONER??? Soo many cute options that could have already been in my wardrobe…

  1. Carolina On My Mind Floral Dress
  2. Tell Me Your Story Eyelet Dress
  3. Spots and Dots Sleeveless Dress
  4. Dance With Me Peasant Top
  5. Once Upon A Daisy Earrings
  6. Keeping It Classy Gator Skin Sandals
  7. Sweet Athena Braided Top
  8. Lily Lace Green Beaded Purse by Melie Bianco

Are you an Eco-ist

1/4 of the Tipsy Society, AK,  brought me a purse back from a getaway in Mexico one year.  Its a spitting image of  these wristlets below (except made with candy wrappers).  I wear when I really need to spice up a solid tee.

When I found the wristlet at the store, I kept looking and they have some really amazing pieces from gently used material.

  1. Recycled Record Cuff
  2. Magazine Coin Purse
  3. Confetti Wristlet
  4. Bar Code Wristlet

Etsy Spotlight: Kinies

What I am about to show you may just blow your mind because it did mine. Everything I ever thought I knew about a fanny pack is now over, long gone, dunzo…. I mean, does it get any cuter than this?

  1. Waist Purse– Gray
  2. Limited Edition Waist Purse
  3. Waist Purse– Orange
  4. Waist Purse– Turquoise
  5. Waist Purse– Blue Gray

On The Look For A New Pocketbook

I love hand bags. I probably have almost as many bags as I do shoes, and thats saying something. But regardless of how many I own, I will never stop wanting another. Here are a few I have my eye right now…

  1. Modcloth, Reach New Levels Satchel
  2. Lord and Taylor, Ray Fringe Hobo Bag
  3. Forever 21, Leatherette Hobo Bag
  4. Forever 21, Large Drawstring handbag
  5. Target, Angie & Lola Washed Hobo
  6. Target, Converse One Star Crossbody
  7. Modcloth, Daisy Does It Bag
  8. Target, Jacqueline Courier Handbag

Gingham: Its Not Just For Picnics Anymore…

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but gingham print is a big trend for this spring. I’ve always found myself gravitating towards this print, even if it does make me feel like a picnic blanket or a country bumpkin sometimes.  Either way, I am all over this trend.

  1. Old Navy, Women’s Printed Button Down Shirt
  2., Fred Perry Sunshot Gingham
  3. LL Bean, Fabric Belt
  4. J Crew, Gingham Sonoma Short
  5. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Gauze Top (this is one of those already in my closet 🙂 )
  6. Target, Mossimo Supply Co Gingham Tote
  7. Banana Republic, Ruffle Trim Gingham Shirt
  8. Target, Merona Women’s Bermuda Short (another one in my closet already)
  9., Novelty Auto Open Umbrella
  10. Payless, Serendipity Gingham High Wedge

My Current Crush: Peacock Feathers

I am loving on these bright and unique feathered trends.

  1. Peacock Dress
  2. Peacock Inspired Necklace
  3. Peacock Clutch (has an optional changing pad insert ladies!)
  4. Peacock Silver Earrings

Christmas Wishlist: AK Edition

I had sort of a hard time thinking about what I would want for Christmas this year….insane right? Last year I went to town on a dream list and this year I could barely come up with a  realistic list!! What’s wrong with me!!  So here’s my short list of goodies I’d love, I’ve left off boring things like new towels, a new duvet cover and a new set of drinking glasses…I didn’t want you to fall asleep while browsing!

  1. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, Brookstone-My mom has one similar to this and it gets the job done.  Kind of a set it and forget it kind of jewelry cleaner.
  2. Present Day Pearl Hoops, Sundance-These are fantastic and would be a great go with everything type of earring.
  3. Jackie Cardigan, J.Crew-I love this cardigan and have it in a few colors thanks to the outlet near my house.  I could sure use it in cerise, navy or dried parsley.
  4. Travel Envelope, Abas Accessories-I end up having a ton of paper stuff free flowing in my purse and I’d love a leather envelope to keep it in.  This would fit the bill!
  5. Michele Silicon Watch Strap, Nordstrom-I have a Michele watch and would LOVE a silicon band…any color would do but this green sure is fun!
  6. Iced Blueberry Ring, Lolo’s Rings-I have a ring from this story and have been eyeing this one ever since.
  7. PixelSkin for iPhone, Speck-I need a new case and I’m loving this green one.