Crazy Hair

Curly hair –I have it and it’s nuts, but I really love it!

Call it what you will (Poodle head,  Shirley Temple, Curly Fry, Krusty Lion Head, Carrot Top, Side-show Bob, Medusa, Nappyheaded Monster), curly hair is certainly a gift to embrace.  Don’t deny it–if you do, it’ll bite back.

I generally have to rotate through a combination of products/brands to get my hair in the condition I need, but recently I started trying an entire  line that I am completely diggin’.

John Freida pretty much invented products for trying to tame our beasts, but these latest few products leave my mop lookin’ real nice!  Soft, but not frizzy.  Defined, but not crunchy.

Here they are in order of when I use them…

  1. FRIZZ-EASE Curl Around Style Starting Daily Shampoo
  2. FRIZZ-EASE Curl Around Style Starting Daily Conditioner
  3. FRIZZ-EASE Curl Clearly Defined Style Holding Gel
  4. FRIZZ EASE Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray

The best thing about this line is the price tag.  All four can be purchased for a total of around 20 dollars at your local CVS, Walgreen’s, or grocery store.

On This Day in 2005, I Got Hitched

Happy Anniversary J.Wo!

photos by Sherry Hammonds

Beauty is only $3.00 deep in your wallet

Ok, so I am a drug store troller in addition to a bargain hunter and crazy dog mom. I admit it, you can find me lurking in makeup aisles of the area drug stores on any given day. Some of you may hit up a movie or pick up a good read to get your kicks… not me. Give me a Walgreens or CVS makeup aisle… and you will see what true happiness looks like.

Recently, I have found some gems in my quests. These babies will turn your frown upside down, I tell ya. Each one of these items is like $3.00  max and badass. Cheap thrills…gotta love ’em.

der-3 makeup

  1. Wet n Wild,  Natural Wear Lip Shimmer
  2. Wet n Wild, Silk Finish® Blush Compact
  3. Wet n Wild, MegaEyes® Defining Marker
  4. N.Y.C., Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder
  5. N.Y.C., Color Wheel Mosaic Eye Powder

Hump Day Happy Hour: 3 Steps to Cocktail Heaven

I’m usually a beer girl, but every now and then I like to dive into a fruity and delicious cocktail. One problemo folks… fruity cocktails have about, and I’m roughly estimating here, a zillion calories. I’ve come up with a solution… and get ready because this is going to blow you away the first time you try it.

der-drink crack water

Step one: Order yourself a vodka and one of the following: soda, tonic, or water. ( I prefer soda because I’m a fizzy drink type of gal)

Step two: Have already smuggled in a Crystal Light  sugar free single serving drink mix packet in your purse. (Here at Tipsy Society these are called crack water packets.. well, because they are addictive, highly addictive)

Step three: Mix ordered drink with crack water packet and consume with complete and utter glee.

I Love Me Some Baby Hats

When my little boy was a tiny baby, he had a hat on his head wherever we went.  I loved me some baby hats.  My dad told me, if I didn’t stop putting hats on him, his hair wouldn’t grow.  Blagh!  On a related note, my 1 yr old is just starting to get some hair on his noggin.

  1. So What Baby Butt’s Etsy Shop, Green Striped Beanie
  2. Boden, Knitted Hat
  3. So What Baby Butt’s Etsy Shop, Brown Striped Knit Baby Hat
  4. The June Bride’s Etsy Shop, Animal Ears Fleece Hat
  5. Hanna Andersson, Fleece Hat

6 T-Shirts That Will Make People Think Your Toddler Has a Stylist

Who says a small fry can’t be cool?  Dinosaurs? Check! Robots? Check! Slightly Business Casual? Check Check?

ak-boys tees

  1. Gap, Active Graphic T
  2. Tea, Stegosaurus Double Decker Tee
  3. Trusty Sidekick Etsy Shop, Kapow Raglan
  4. Kylala’s Etsy Shop, Peace, Fun, and Robots T-Shirt
  5. Boden, Dinosaur T-Shirt
  6. Super Sweet Creations Etsy Shop, Navy Tie Applique T

Fight of the Century: Round FOUR

You’ll be looking rather studly in this studded headband, especially if you got it for under $4 bucks!

JCrew, Studded Headband or Forever21, Studded Headband

Green with Envy

I’m about to show you some stuff and this stuff rocks my socks off. Why, you say? Well each of these items combine two of my favorite things… green-ness and ruffle-ness. Have at it people… feast your eyes on these beauts!


  1. Anthropologie, Emerald Estuary Tunic
  2. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled V-Neck Tops
  3. Anthropologie, Gathered Together Dress
  4. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Sateen Tops
  5. Anthropologie, Dewpoint Blouse
  6. Old Navy, Women’s Gauze Ruffle Dresses

Baby PJs: Feet or No Feet?

Have you ever left your kid in their PJs all day because they just look so DAMN cute???  Yeah I haven’t done that either…that would be so wrong.

  1. Hanna Andersson, Night Night Baby Sleepers In Pure Organic Cotton-Navy Ink/Green Meadow
  2. Hanna Andersson, Night Night Baby Sleepers In Pure Organic Cotton-Monster Club Blue
  3. Hatley, Alien Footed Coverall
  4. Hatley, Super Hero Footed Coverall
  5. Hanna Andersson, Night Night Baby Sleepers in Pure Organic Cotton-Dino Chase

Fight of the Century: Round THREE

Wrap yourself in silky loveliness, just don’t get bamboozled into paying too much….

JCrew, Silk Cami or Forever21, Silk Cami