So, Last Week We Got Tipsy…

At the grand opening of Spa Chrysalis‘ new location in Houston, TX!

Dogs Have Needs… and Mine Need Costumes

I am a dog lover through and through and I love my mini weiner dogs so much that I force them into precious outfits and costumes whenever I can. You may have thought that I only had budget shopping tips of the human kind, but that would be incorrect. I also bargain shop for my darling pups, Zoe and Luca. It’s Halloween time and you know what that means…don’t discriminate, people… dogs need costumes too. All of these can be found at my homeland, Target.

der-pets halloween

  1. Pet Shark Costume-Gray
  2. Pet Ladybug Costume-Red
  3. Pet Rooster Costume
  4. Shrek Pet Costume
  5. Hippie Pet Costume
  6. Pet Banana Costume-Yellow

Friday’s Etsy Spotlight: jig.

I have a somewhat unhealthy addiction to Etsy.  If I’m just now introducing you to Etsy, don’t blame me. Please? Promise?

Each Friday I’m going to introduce you to an Etsy shop that I have LOVE LOVE LOVED.  Today I’m featuring jig. I have repeatedly returned to jig. (remember…unhealthy addiction) for onesies since my son was a wee baby.  Now that he’s the super chunk that he is, he’s wearing some Ts from jig.  Did I repeat some of the designs because I loved them that much, yes, you gotta problem with that?  It’s only because jig.’s designs are THAT CUTE.  I’m telling you…get your butt over to jig.,  you won’t regret it.

I’m mainly featuring her boy designs, but I threw in a few girly ones that I’ve used for presents.  Yes PRESENTS people, they are the perfect GIFT!!  Happy Etsy shopping!

$50.00 Fridays

When I give you my word, I deliver. Today and all Fridays I am going to take you frugalistas to an all new level of bargain intoxication. AN OUTFIT FOR $50.00. I’m talking a whole outfit. BAM. That’s what I call a happy Friday, baby.

  1. Forever 21, Irene Intricate Earrings
  2. Old Navy, Women’s V-Neck Jersey Dresses-Bitter Chocolate
  3. Old Navy, Women’s Graphic Canvas Totes-Orange Flowers
  4. Forever 21, Dot Texture Ring
  5., MISS ME Patent T-Strap Platform Heels-Orange

Fight of the Century: Round TWO

When I put on a sequin… it makes me wanna get a little tipsy.  NOT tipsy enough to pay that $495.00 price tag though.

Round TWO

The Fight Part 1-B

JCrew, Sequin Cami or Forever21, Sequin Cami

The Fight of the Century

Hello again..Der here. I, like gazillions of you people out there, am a ginormous fan of anything JCrew produces. Man, they know how to make me drool over a ruffled cardigan or applique tee like no body’s business. BUT, there is a huge but here…many, many times they want to charge me something ridiculous like $500.00 for said cardigans and tees. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I find myself searching for these looks for less. And you are in luck because I plan to showcase my finds with you people over the next several days… it’s the CLASH OF THE TITANS: J.Crew vs Forever21

Round ONE

The Fight Part 1-A

J.Crew, Tiered Cami or Forever21, Tiered Cami

Stay Tuned…..

6 Wines Every Home Needs!!!

So for my first post, I decided to make it all about one of my loves: WINE! Now yes, I did say just one of my loves, and I will get to the rest of them eventually, but you can read more about me here for now.

I will say that I was always intimidated by wine, that is, until I went to the FABULOUS Napa Valley region for my honeymoon, circa 2007. One may say that going to Napa would only confuse or even intimidate you more; however, my experience was the exact opposite.

My husband and I had a fabulous driver for a day, Tac Fair the owner and operator of Napa Tac Tours and Chauffeur, and he gave us one piece of advice that I have never forgotten. Tac told us at the very beginning of the day, “You guys are going to hear that you should love this wine because it’s expensive or you should love this wine because it has won so many awards, but the bottom line is that you ARE going to like what you like…so go with it.”

I love Tac for this reason, and I’m passing along the same advice. Below are a few brands and types of wine that you will ALWAYS be able to find in my house. Some are really cheap, some are more on the pricey side, but all, in my opinion, are GREAT!!!!

sk-intro and wine

  1. Newton, Unfiltered Chardonnay
  2. Simi, Chardonnay
  3. Flat Creek Pinot Grigio
  4. Yellowtail, Pinot Grigio
  5. Flat Creek Super Texan Sangiovese
  6. Blackstone, Cabernet Sauvignon

If Jewelry Grew On Trees…

Here’s what I’d be picking today!

  1. Sundance, Countess Earrings
  2. Sundance, Taos Bracelet Trio
  3. Anthropologie, Undulating Orbit Earrings
  4. Sundance, Wraparound Ring
  5. Anthropologie, Notions Necklace

What’s Up Chuck?

Hollla!   First post for me!

First things first–I am not  necessarily a “girly girl” . Some even have called me “sporty”.  One brand I am continually absorbed in is Converse.  Maybe because they have been around since the early 1900’s or maybe just because they ROCK, who knows–but everyone seems to have a connection to Converse, aka Chuck Taylor‘s .

At some point in time people actually played basketball in these  and now in the pop-culture circuit Converse have always kept themselves current–with nothing more than their simplicity.

My latest affair is Converse’s  ability to make your own pair of Converse, any style.  High-top, Low-top, Drop-top.–Converse is giving you full reign.

[caption id="attachment_142" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Customizing my set of Chuck's"]Customizing my set of Chuck's[/caption]

My pink and purple Converse with grey laces and my name painted on the rear are ordered. I will post an update of how AWESOME  (with pics) they look on these size 5 feet!

4-6 weeks shipping, TBC. …

Let’s Get This Party Started!

WHAT UP Ladies and Gents of the internet world!? My name is Der, well really its Amanda, but I have been given a nickname some time ago and well.. it stuck, whether I like it or not ( I don’t, by the way. Imagine your husband slipping and introducing you to all his co-workers or new friends as Der…real elegant sounding). Here is the brief evolution if you will: Amanda…Manders…Mander…Der. Got it? Good. You can read more about me right here.
So back to biznass… I love to shop, I mean LOVE… like if you could marry shopping, I would. I also love to find a bargain, deal, knock-off… you get the idea. So, my gameplan revolves around me showing all of you these marvelous deals that I happen upon, so you don’t waste your hard earned monies on something when you can actually get an identical item for MUCH less. So… here we go…my favorite things right now, complete with much more cost effective options for you frugalistas like me.


Steve Madden, Toggle Coat ($168) or Delias, Emma Toggle Coat ($69)


James Perse, Contrast Panel Shirt ($144) or  Converse One Star, Sport Shirt ($19)


J.Crew, Dream lycée turtleneck dress ($128) or Merona Collection, Womens Turtleneck Sweater Dress ($59)


Steve Madden, “Findd” Sandal ($88) or Mossimo, Paulina Gladiator Sandal – Grey Patent ($26)