Mirror, Mirror

Sarah has posted on our monthly Keno games before and this was the hot item that was stolen out of many hands at our last game. I mean what girl doesn’t need a mirror in her purse that also is so funny it cracks her shit up everyday?  I mean we could all use a little humor in our lives. AMIRITE?

Amazon, Compact Mirror by Anne Taintor

Stuff That Stocking Girly Style!

Here are a few ideas for stocking stuffers of the girly kind ala ak! I think this is the perfect combo of girly meets geeky meets OCD if I do say so myself. Can I get a WHAT WHAT?!

  1. Levenger, Pocquettes Zipped Earbud Pouch Keychain – This is SO cool, I mean the little thing that fits inside to keep the earbuds from tangling up–can you say OCD much?
  2. Bagel Creations Etsy Shop, Adjustable Coffee Cozy-Bright – I purchased one of these a while back for a keno gift and also bought one for myself and they are awesome and very chic!
  3. Chia’sso, Pin Up Frames – OMG you know how we feel about polaroids around these parts and I think they are just too cute to pass up.
  4. Cambria Cove, iPouch Wallet by knomo-fuschia – Something like this is perfect for a mom who is still carrying a diaper bag..you can put all important things in this and just throw it in the diaper bag when you head out.  Also, its perfect for those running out for a quick trip type of situations and you don’t want to haul the whole kitchen sink you have in your regular size purse–essentials only.
  5. JennaDesigns Etsy Shop, Travel or Pocket Tissue Holder/Cozy – Ditto in regards to keno as stated above, purchased one for myself as well.  The great thing about this is that when you are rummaging around in your purse, the bright fabric makes it easier to find.
  6. Anne Taintor, She Was One Cocktail Away From Proving His Mother Right Magnet – I can’t tell you how funny I think this is as well as everything on this site.
  7. Anthropologie, Smith’s Rosebud Salve – This stuff is fab as a lip balm, for minor cuts, for dry skin, for a mini mani and the list goes on and on.  And the smell of it is divine.
  8. Brookstone, My Life Digitial Photo Keychain – I love being able to just upload some pics and run out the door…it’s too hard to have printed pics in an envelope to show off.
  9. Crafts2Cherish Etsy Shop, Black Beret with Red Wet Felted Flower – In Houston, when it’s cold for that one day a year, this would be perfecto!