Dainty Earrings

I alternate back and forth between wearing bold earrings and wearing tiny dainty earrings. These days I save the bold for going out sans kids and wear the dainty for daily wear.  These are a few that I have my eye on…

  1. Comfits Earrings, Anthropologie
  2. Crystal Drops, Crystal B
  3. Moon Crescent Indie Earrings, Ruche
  4. Biwa Blossom Earrings, Sundance Catalog

Current Favorites

These are a few of my current favorites in the new arrivals out now…

  1. Oka Corset Top, Anthropologie
  2. Turquoise Trimmed Hoops, Sundance
  3. Scintilla Diamond Earrings, Sundance
  4. Floriography Blouse, Anthropologie

What are your favorites out now? Do tell!


I love me some accessories.  What I love more is when I see some really cute ones on sale!

  1. Twosome Bracelets, Anthropologie
  2. Almond Tiers Necklace, Anthropologie
  3. Dip-Dye Toe, Gap
  4. Kente Bangle, Anthropologie

Color Block Crazy!

As you know I love lots of color, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m a huge fan of all these color block fashions! Are you a fan?

  1. Colorblock Top, Forever 21
  2. Ignite the Light Colorblock Tank, Ruche
  3. BDG Colorblock Tee, Urban Outfitters
  4. Colorblock Boxy Top, Forever 21
  5. Paloma Stretch Colorblock Tee, Dillards
  6. Take Two Tee, Anthropologie
  7. Beholic Colorblock Striped Top, Nordstrom
  8. Colorblock Satin Tank, Forever 21+
  9. Sparkle & Fade Colorblock Shift Dress, Urban Outfitters

Stuff I’m Loving Now

Here’s my current wish list for any occasion or how about because it’s Monday? ha!

  1. Kivu Filament Necklace, Anthropologie
  2. Sunshine Dress, Modbe Clothing
  3. Eternal Youth Bracelets, Anthropologie
  4. Racerback Bib Top, Target
  5. Corral Silver Star Underlay Cowboy Boots, Langston’s
  6. Wise Necklace, Aldo

Necklace Love

I love a bold necklace and when I saw this baby on sale at Anthropologie I just couldn’t resist sharing it.  I can see this dressing up an outfit or just wearing it with a white tee and jeans! LOVE it AND the price!

Confetti Strand Necklace, Anthropologie

Fabulous Footwear Friday

As I have mentioned previously, I have got spring on the brain and these shoes scream warm, sunny days to me. I am in love with these shoes. The price tag, not so much. But a girl can dream, right?

Anthropologie, Lemon Stick Wedges

Jumping Through Hoops

I LOVE hoop earrings, they are pretty much my everyday normal type of earring when I’m not trying to be snazzy or anything.  Anthropologie has a ton of hoops out right now and I could honestly take one of each.  Though my favorite is #4.  What are your everyday earrings?

  1. Filament Hoops
  2. Ellipse Earrings
  3. Weimer Earrings
  4. Stretched Eternity Earrings
  5. Go-Round Hoops

Jewelry de Amor

Jewelry for Valentine’s Day is a pretty standard gift right? You might as well make some requests!  AMIRITE!?

  1. modern pearl rosette statement necklace, allora handmade
  2. Big Hearted Turquoise Ring, Sundance Catalog
  3. Love Charm and Chain, Tiffany & Co.
  4. Pave Posts, Anthropologie

Anthropologie Weddings?

I received an email in my inbox last Thursday that made my mouth drop…all it said was, “What if Antropologie did weddings?” I immediately said out loud…YES! The email took me to this website: http://www.bhldn.com/.

So, what I can gather is this line will launch February 14th (awww, the day of l-o-v-e), and I cannot WAIT. I wonder what the price points will be, I wonder what the styles will be, and I wonder how accessible these dresses will be!?!?!?!

What are your immediate thoughts about Anthropologie doing weddings?