At West End

I’m a fan of At West End. Whenever their catalog comes in the mail it’s the one that I look at immediately. I love all the quirky fun stuff they have to offer. These are some of my current favs.

  1. set of three felt neck ties \ striped-These also come in solids and bow ties, very very cute!!
  2. terra cotta planter-I want the pig and I would take the plant that is in it as well.
  3. recycled round wine glasses \ set of six-I am a huge fan of chunky glassware and these would be perfect to add to my collection.
  4. giraffe paper towel holder-I would definitely put this in my guest bathroom, very cute.
  5. giant ceramic shell vase-SO FUN for a wine chiller at a party, this is right up my alley.

Cozy Up With Some Wine

If you have a party or a neighbor that you need to get a little gift for, why not spruce up a bottle of wine and give that?  Here’s some super cute cozies that I found.  I think it’s a tie between #2 and #6 for me.  Which one is your fav?

  1. Deer Head Wine Topper, At West End
  2. Wine Bottle Sleeve, The Unique Bird Etsy Shop
  3. Santa Hat & Scarf Set, Christina’s Yarn Crafts Etsy Shop
  4. Wine Bag Lush, Since Sass Etsy Shop
  5. Stole Wine Choker, Pottery Barn
  6. Curly Hat Santa Wine Topper, At West End

The Turkey Time of Year

Do you decorate for Fall/Thanksgiving?  Or do you decorate for Halloween and then go straight into Christmas? Generally I throw a wreath on the front door and that’s about it, but these items have me rethinking my plan….

  1. At West End, Rustic Metal Pumpkin Parts
  2. At West End, Turkey Wine Topper
  3. ItzFitz Etsy Store, Yarn Wreath
  4. Noel Interiors Etsy Store, Square Pumpkins
  5. Ramona Owen Designs Etsy Store, Gobble Gobble Burlap Pillow

A Scary Welcome

What do you do on your doorstep for Halloween?  Do you put out a carved pumpkin or do you ramp it up a notch with something like these items from At West End?

  1. Iron Spider Pumpkin
  2. Rustic Metal Spider
  3. Wooden Ghost
  4. Spooky Jack (this also comes in orange but man oh man this grey one is S-C-A-R-Y)
  5. Rustic Metal Scary Cat
  6. Pumpkin Ghost Yard Stake

At West End

Have you heard of At West End? I get their catalog and I’m gonna be honest…I would seriously go broke if I bought everything from this store that I wanted.  I love the colors, I love that its all very rustic.  Just love it.  Go check it out, I bet you will find something you like.

  1. Large Colorful Canisters
  2. 4 Shy Birds
  3. Aqua Glass Bottles
  4. Colorful Candle Stands
  5. Rustic Metal Letters
  6. Hear No, Speak No, See No Owls
  7. Situation Stemware

Walk This Way

Are doormats out? Because I really like doormats…I think all of these would go swimmingly on my front step.

This is my current doormat and it has elicited many many laughs…to which I say, why are you laughing? You should be running for your lives because IT DOES NOT LIE!

  1. Wisteria, Welcome to the Zoo Doormat
  2. At West End, Recycled Flip Flop Mat
  3. Uncommon Goods, Nice Underwear Mat
  4. Uncommon Goods, Lobster Rope Doormat
  5. Target, Dog is Nuts Doormat

Mercury Glass…Because It Looks Badass

I’m redoing my mantle.  I just purchased a carved, painted wooden thing–not sure how else to describe it.  So anyway, it’s colorful like the rest of my house and it’s not very tall, so I need something a little taller to balance things out.  My heart is set on some mercury glass candle pillars.  Here are some mercury items I’ve found during my hunt.  I’ll post a picture of my completed mantle soon!

  1. At West End, mercury glass candle holders
  2. Wisteria, Antiqued Glass Pillar Candleholders
  3. Amazon, Antique Mercury Glass Candle Holder
  4. Target, Mercury Glass Votive Candleholder
  5. Pottery Barn, Mercury Tealight Holder