Go On, Get Your Bake On!

The month of December usually means full discretion to bake anything you normally wouldn’t throughout the rest of the year.  Ordinarily, you would feel bad about just randomly baking some creation at any other time of the year, but if it’s in DECEMBER it’s just commonplace that you are baking because it MUST mean it has something to do with a holiday tradition of some sort, am I right? (say yes)

And if you are like us Tipsy Girls, you want to look GOOD baking!  BAKING TIP:  throw a little flour on the apron as you are walking the plate of cookies over to your neighbor’s house even if they are slice and bake, they’ll think you’ve been baking for hours just for them!!

  1. Anthropologie, Big Frills Apron
  2. Paper Flowers Etsy Shop, Hostess Apron
  3. Anthropologie, Extra Ingredient Apron
  4. Cocoa Dreams Etsy Shop, Casey Scroll Apron
  5. Pier 1, Vintage Printed Halter Apron
  6. Decorative Instincts Etsy Shop, Grey Polka Dot Apron
  7. Garnet Hill, Reversible Retro Apron
  8. Anthropologie, Succulent Apron
  9. City Girl Aprons Etsy Shop, Autumn Halter Apron
  10. Anthropologie, Winterfest Apron
  11. Brassy Apple, Hostess Mod Bloom
  12. City Girl Aprons Etsy Shop, XMas Trees Apron
  13. Annies Attic Etsy Shop, Santa Baby Apron