The Tipsy Wedding Project: Special Touches

We’ve all got a few ideas of things for Christen’s wedding that we couldn’t quite categorize, so we are just going to call them “special touches”.

  1. Der-This is something I WISH I would have done at my wedding! So easy.. just find two seconds (easier said than done) in your busy reception time hold the sign saying Thank You and voila! Turn it into super adorable thank you cards for all those wedding gifts that you rake in!
  2. AK-I wish I had done this at my wedding…Too cute to have an ampersand hanging from the Bride & Groom’s chairs. I think I would have done the ampersand at my wedding covered in Zinnias. Christen could do hers in moss or maybe orange mum flowers. So pretty!
  3. Sarah-After the reception is over, the getaway makes for a great photo-op. My sister used sparklers at her late September wedding and the pictures turned out to be some of the best from the entire day…they are inexpensive and a great way to end a fabulous day!
  4. Court-I love the personal touch of having guests sign a picture frame or plate, something the couple can keep and cherish for their lifetime. Most people I know that have done this have this out and part of their decor in their house. Its such a cute reminder of that special day.