Fun + Run Should = FUNRUN?

Soooooo, an introductory, I have been working on my C25K thing.  I got turned on to this program from an older post over at Whoorl.  Apparently it is/was this thing that helps you go from to be being able to run a 5k or even more.  I think I missed the boat when it was a HUGE DEAL, but am loving it nonetheless.  Melis and I actually have signed up for a 5k coming up here soon because of our excitement with the program.

Back to where I was headed….Aus comes home with a funrun sign up sheet.  “Mommy will you run with me”.  Me:  HELLZ yes.

A couple of things noteworthy about said “funrun”:

1.  Parents took the fun out of funrun – they were there for blood.  I ran the entire time (a whopping mile), didn’t die and had a decent time.  There were parents there ready to be beat the shit out of me to get to the finish line.  Not something I was prepared for.

2.  Kids took the run out of funrun – shouldn’t funrun mean you at least attempt to run?  Apparently not.  I don’t think any elaboration is needed on that one.

Nonetheless, we had a great time, Ben was a really good cheerleader (HAHA) and it was good mommy/son bonding.

Sidenote: thats Aus’ runners face!