Bamboo Love

For whatever reason, I’m finding myself drawn to all things made of bamboo here lately…maybe it’s the colors, maybe it’s the natural material, but whatever the reason, here are a few of my current loves:

  1. CB2, Bamboo Dry Erase
  2. Target, Red Bamboo Vase
  3. Target, Good Cook Bamboo Spatulas
  4. Target, Coiled Bamboo Bowl (They have this in turquoise in the store and I NEED it on my dining room table!)

A Pouf, Pouffe, or Floor Cushion

Whatever you call it, I’m in love with these things. I’m trying to find one to use in the nursery as a little foot stool for my rocking chair, but I just can’t decide…do you have anything like this in your house?

  1. CB2, Knitted Poufs
  2. Etsy, Amy Butler Floor Cushion Ottoman
  3. Etsy, Hand Screen Printed Floor Cushion Cover
  4. Etsy, Pouffe Crochet

Acrylic Obsession

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m obsessed with anything and everything that’s made out of acrylic these days. I haven’t actually purchased any of these items, but they’re on my SERIOUS wish list right about….NOW!

  1. CB2, Acrylic Leaning Wine Rack
  2. Amazon, Acrylic Nesting Tables
  3. The Container Store, Acrylic Shelves
  4. Amazon, Anime Chair (set of 2)
  5. Crate and Barrel, Acrylic 5×7 Block Frame
  6. The Container Store, Magazine Slipcase


The room we’re using for our nursery is the size of a shoebox small, so I’ve been trying to come up with creative ideas for storage, specifically a place to store books. I mean, I feel like I would be starting this whole motherhood thing off on the wrong foot if I had no books for my child…

  1. cb2, Wire 9-cube wall shelf
  2. Etsy, Vintage magazine hanging rack
  3. Etsy, Vintage painted metal shelf
  4. Etsy, Vintage wall shelf
  5. Etsy, Retro wall shelf

Bring on the Tables

Occasional tables that is…

  1. El Paso Import Co., Lalji Nightstand w/ Glass 
  2. El Paso Import Co., Indian Metal Nail Head End Table
  3. El Paso Import Co., Spindle with Shelf
  4. El Paso Import Co., Plank Table
  5. CB2, Harvey Carbon Nightstand
  6. Pottery Barn, Tanner Nesting Tables

What Time Is It?

We have a big red wall clock in our kitchen that seems to be the only clock I look at during the day when I want to know what time it is.  Not that there isn’t a million other clocks to look at like on the microwave or oven or my cell phone or the TiVo.  But for some reason this clock is big and it catches my eye.  These clocks also caught my eye…do you guys have wall clocks in your home?

  1. Viva Terra, Make Your Own Clock
  2. Uncommon Goods, Ultra Flat Wall Clock
  3. Evgie’s Etsy Shop, Children’s Wall Felt Clock
  4. Viva Terra, Boatwood Clock
  5. CB2, Countdown Clock
  6. Pilot Design’s Etsy Shop, Modern Wall Clock

Fahionable and Functional

I recently joined the glorious world of working from home, and, while my job definitely has its perks, I’m finding the long hours I spend in my super-cute home office are getting extremely uncomfortable. I blame this mostly on the chair…SO…I’m on the hunt for both  fashionable AND functional home office chair…what do you think of these???

  1. Crate and Barrel; Ripple Leather Office Chair
  2. Ikea, Patrik Swivel Chair
  3. Ikea, Skruvsta Swivel Chair
  4. Pottery Barn, Swivel Desk Chair
  5. Pottery Barn, Wingate Rattan Swivel Desk Chair
  6. Target, Sydney Office Chair
  7. CB2, Bubble Office Chair

Just Shelve It

Lets face it, you can never have too many shelves around your house because: Shelves = Extra Storage!!!!

  1. West Elm, Metal Spine Wall Shelf
  2. Etsy, Metal Sculptures for Shelves
  3. Etsy, 48 inch Veronica floating shelf
  4. Etsy, Wooden Owl shelves
  5. CB2, cube walnut wall shelf
  6. Etsy, Tetris Inspired Wall Hanging

Platters and Trays and Stuff OH MY!

I have an affinity for trays and platters but I don’t use them in the traditional sense.  I’ll just throw out some of the ways I use trays: candles on a pewter platter on my coffee table, soap dispenser and dish of soaps on a metal tray in the guest bathroom, wii and playstation remotes in a red basket tray in the game room, talavera containers that hold q-tips and cotton balls on a wicker tray in the master bathroom.  That’s just to name a few.  If I have a tray, I can and will find a use for it.  Check out a few I have fawned over lately:

  1. Wisteria, Colorful Wooden Tray
  2. Pier 1, Walnut Photo Tray
  3. Pier 1, Lombok Tray
  4. Target, sengWare 2-pc Oval Platter Set-Heaven
  5. CB2, scroll green tray
  6. Pier 1, Zebra Tray
  7. CB2, cuatro platters
  8. Williams-Sonoma, Wood Dashboard Rectangle Tray
  9. Direct from Mexico, Mexican Talavera Appetizer Boat
  10. Target, Mirrored Tray

Holiday Gift Ideas from CB2: $20 and Under!

The holidays are right around the corner…


  1. Libertinis
  2. Stainless Steel Snack Bowls
  3. Wilma Appetizer Plate
  4. Lumiere Candleholders
  5. Tree Soapdish/Ring Holder