Converse: Marimekko & More!

By now you should know that all of us Tipsy gals are Converse fans…including Der who has been converted.  I heard they had a couple of new lines coming out, one being the famous Marimekko designs and I had to check them out.  My opinion, SUPER CUTE!  In addition to Marimekko, there are Converse (PRODUCT) RED and Dr. Seuss (which honestly I thought were only in the kid sizes, but oh I was wrong!)

  1. Jack Purcell Helen Marimekko
  2. All Star Marimekko
  3. All Star Marimekko
  4. All Star Wrapping Paper
  5. All Star Dr Seuss
  6. (PRODUCT) RED Paint Brushstroke

Fabulous Footwear Friday

I recently purchased my very first pair of converse and I am now wondering why in the hell I waited so damned long to get on the most comfortable train ever. Here is what I am thinking now: Holidays are coming and these are highly festive with all their sparkle-ness. I would keep it simple with a solid tee and throw on these babies. Man, Must. Have.Stat.

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Party Sparkle

A Change of Heart

I have never been a sneaker wearer in my pre-mom life. I love flats, sandals, boots, and flip flops for comfort, but you pretty much would never catch me in an athletic inspired shoe unless I was headed to work out. I’m finding that to be a thing of the past now that going out and about requires lugging a carseat, diaper bag and a trillion other objects along with me. Daily trips out of the house have become somewhat of a workout in themselves. So, here I am seeking out cute sneakers to add to my rotation. Y’all have any suggestions??

  1. Old Navy, Mesh Suede Trim Sneakers
  2. Macys, Womens Maya KP Sneakers
  3. Nordstrom, Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Sneaker
  4. Kohls, Converse Star Player Shoes
  5. Zappos, Reebok Lifestyle Classic Nylon
  6. Zappos, New Balance Classics
  7. Zappos, Osiris Hayou LT W
  8. Zappos, Saucony Originals

Lil Kicks

My son has been living in crocs this summer and I figured we needed to get him some tennis shoes for fall/winter.  So I went on the hunt and OMG there are so many cute ones.  I had trouble deciding between cute and colorful and cute and neutral.  The Dr. Seuss ones are ADORABLE!  I really wanted to go with something that was easy to put on and take off.  I ultimately ended up with #3 and I could not love them more.  They are so easy to put on and they are neutral with a bit color with the orange stitching.  LOVE THEM!

  1. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
  2. Zappos, Kangaroos Combat Hook & Loop
  3. Piperlime, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2 Strap
  4. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star V3 Ox2
  5. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Double Tongue Ox2
  6. Zappos, Puma Kids Rio Racer
  7. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Slip
  8. Zappos, Vans Classic Slip On Core

What’s Up Chuck?

Hollla!   First post for me!

First things first–I am not  necessarily a “girly girl” . Some even have called me “sporty”.  One brand I am continually absorbed in is Converse.  Maybe because they have been around since the early 1900’s or maybe just because they ROCK, who knows–but everyone seems to have a connection to Converse, aka Chuck Taylor‘s .

At some point in time people actually played basketball in these  and now in the pop-culture circuit Converse have always kept themselves current–with nothing more than their simplicity.

My latest affair is Converse’s  ability to make your own pair of Converse, any style.  High-top, Low-top, Drop-top.–Converse is giving you full reign.

[caption id="attachment_142" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Customizing my set of Chuck's"]Customizing my set of Chuck's[/caption]

My pink and purple Converse with grey laces and my name painted on the rear are ordered. I will post an update of how AWESOME  (with pics) they look on these size 5 feet!

4-6 weeks shipping, TBC. …