Boots Make Me Happy

I gotta be honest, boots make me happy.  And when I opened up the latest Crow’s Nest Trading Co. catalog I got giddy what with all the colorful boots in there.  GOOD LORD, the boots people, THE BOOTS, they are CUTE!

  1. Maddie Boots
  2. Red Showstopper Boots
  3. Dusti Boots
  4. Honky Tonk Blues Boots
  5. Rio Rico Golondrita Boots
  6. Mystic Butterfly Boots

Fiesta en Mi Backyarda

The weather has been pretty nice here lately and its got me itchin’ to have my hubby fire up the grill and have a big ole backyard fiesta!  You know with fajitas, guacamole, margs, tequila shots..what? All I need now is my peeps and some Pat Green to get the party started!

  1. Crate and Barrel, Fuego Plates
  2. Crate and Barrel, Fuego Chip and Dip
  3. Direct From Mexico, Blue Rimmed Hand Blown Shot Glass-I once had a small fiesta where everyone had to take a shot of Patron prior to entering the casa…total icebreaker I tell ya…(you notice I said once…yeah I can’t do those anymore because at this rate it takes me several days to recover from something like that…)
  4. Crate and Barrel, Granada Glasses
  5. Crow’s Nest Trading Co, Serape Linens-I might have to breakdown and buy these
  6. Crate and Barrel, Molcajete
  7. Julio’s, Julio’s Mild Salsa-the best salsa EVER…Sarah will back me up on this.
  8. Crate and Barrel, Calypso Citron Summer Drink Glasses-a cool alternative to your typical marg glass
  9. Sur la Table, Terra Cotta Tortilla Warmer-we have a ceramic tortilla warmer and we even use it to warm up meat and whatnot, quite useful!

Damn These Catalogs in My Mailbox

Hey I didn’t say we’d be able to afford EVERYTHING we post here, but a girl can dream can’t she?  The holidays ARE coming up, aren’t they?  Miracles can happen CAN’T THEY??!

  1. Sundance, Twig Bracelet
  2. Sundance, Twists and Turns Turquoise Ring
  3. Sundance, E Pluribus Bracelet
  4. Sundance, Contessa Bracelet
  5. Crows Nest Trading Co, Iona Earrings
  6. Sundance, Modernity Disk Ring
  7. Sundance, Personalized Vintage Double Tag Bracelet
  8. Pandora, Match Silver Rope Ring
  9. King Ranch Saddle Shop, Turquoise Oval & Cross Earrings
  10. Sundance, Artemis Bracelet
  11. Anthropologie, Sparkle & Dazzle Cuff

La Virgen de Guadalupe (that means THE Virgen de Guadalupe)

That’s my husband’s favorite joke…”Do you know what La Cocina means?…THE Cocina”…followed by much laughter.  Hey, his joke not mine.  So I couldn’t resist when writing up this post.

If you live in Texas, the Virgin of Guadalupe is probably a sight you’ve seen many times.  I’m not Catholic but I love the colors and stars and everything about the image.  My aunt has these boots and they are AMAZING and I may or may not need to steal them from her closet.

  1. Rocketbuster, Virgin Guadalupe Black
  2. Crows Nest Trading Co, Your Heart Is Free Ring by Sweet Bird Studio
  3. James Avery, Virgin of Guadalupe Charm
  4. Stinky Monkey 4 Eva Etsy Shop, La Virgin de Guadalupe Apron
  5. Junk Gypsy, Turquoise Guadalupe Cuff

It’s a Hootenanny!

So I think you are catching on to my owl obsession.  It began with my son’s nursery and it just seemed to take off from there.  I just see owls EVERYWHERE!  Hoo you lookin’ at foo?!  That’s right, I said it!


  1. Anthropologie, Owling Sake Pot
  2. Cocoa & Milkweed’s Etsy Shop, Woodsy the Owl bib
  3. Urban Outfitters, Recycled Tin Owl
  4. Napa Style, Watchful Wooden Owl
  5. Fruitfly Pie’s Etsy Shop, Ceramic Owl Piggy Bank Vintage Design-Orange
  6. Anthropologie, Wide-Eyed Dishtowel-Aqua
  7. Sundance Catalog, Wisdom Necklace
  8. Crow’s Nest Trading Co., Peyton Owl Pendant