Day of the Dead

I’ve talked many times on here about my love for all things Mexican including the decor in my house.  Today is All Saint’s Day and tomorrow is Day of the Dead in Mexico.  Basically, it’s a celebration to pray for and remember friends and relatives who have passed away. My anniversary falls in October, so when we would take our annual trips to Mexico for our anniversary we usually got to see the preparation for Day of the Dead and it was AWESOME.  The cemeteries would be brightly decorated and you would see tons of different items for sale with the Day of the Dead theme. I’ve got several skeleton figurines throughout the house and I’d LOVE this little mariachi set!

  1. Direct from Mexico, Painted Tin Catrin and Catrina Couple
  2. Direct from Mexico, Garcia Skeleton Mariachi Assorted
  3. La Fuente, Four-Man Mariachi Band

Birthday Wishlist

There are so many things in this world that I would love to have but a) will never buy for myself, and b) could not afford right now even if I did want to buy them. That, my friends, is the beauty of a birthday, and mine is right around the corner. Here are some items that are on my birthday wish list this year…

  1. Macy’s,  Keurig B60 Coffee Maker, Single Serve : This might be one of the greatest kitchen appliance I have ever used. For anybody who drinks a cup or 2 of coffee every day but not a whole pot, this is the perfect gift. No more cleaning a coffee pot. Ever again.
  2., KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender : Yes I want a blender for my birthday. And yes, it has to be this color.
  3. Victoria’s Secret, Motorcycle Jacket : I love this jacket. Every time I get a Victoria’s Secret catalog in the mail I drool over it.
  4. Old Navy, Women’s Sliver Wedge Boots: I really want some tall, flat boots in this camel color for the fall, and these are super cute without a super high price tag.
  5. Amazon, Mikasa Cheers Too 16-ounce White Wine Glasses :  I got the original Mikasa Cheers white wine glasses as a graduation gift and would love to have the full set.
  6. Target, Sex and the City 2 I loved the show and I love this movie. It was even better than the last one. I have the entire series on DVD as well as the first movie, so I need to complete my collection 🙂
  7. Amazon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse : Although it is not available yet, I am holding out hope it will be here by my birthday. I am a Twi-hard, what can I say.
  8. Target, Tom Tom XL 340T GPS : I will be the first to admit that my sense of direction sucks. When I eventually leave the small college town I currently live in, a GPS for my car will be a must have.
  9. Reebok,  RunTone Action Shoes : I just recently started running and I really want a pair of these shoes.  Who doesn’t want their butt to look better?
  10. Direct From Mexico, Large Thick Talavera Cross : a) I love all things Mexican (especially food and decor), and b) I collect crosses

Oh and one more thing…

Chocolate Brown Wiener Dog

A brother or sister for Lily 🙂

Cinco de Cuatro

A few years back we had a Cinco de Mayo party, that’s Spanish for Cinco de May.  Anywho, I think Cinco de Mayo fell on the wrong partying day and so we ended up celebrating on Cuatro de Mayo and somehow in the planning stages people became confused and started calling it the Cinco de Cuatro party.  It stuck.  We had a blast.

The following items are staples for a successful Cinco de Cuatro party:

  1. Amazon, Burro Pinata
  2. Amazon, Fiesta Fun Party Maracas
  3. Amazon, Guac Off
  4. Amazon, Chili Pepper Lights
  5. Amazon, Sombrero
  6. Amols, Mexican Guitar
  7. Direct From Mexico, Blue Rimmed Margarita Glass
  8. Direct From Mexico, Blue Rimmed Hand Blown Glass Pitcher

Just Pot It

Earlier this week I mentioned a few great spring blooms, but what is the point of a great bloom without an equally amazing pot to put it in????

  1. The Pottery Patch, Small Oval Pot with Iron Handles
  2. Direct from Mexico, Small Talavera Footed Planter
  3. Direct from Mexico, Talavera Goblet Planter
  4. Etsy, 1964 Flower Pot
  5. The Pottery Patch, Scratched Oval Planter

Fiesta en Mi Backyarda

The weather has been pretty nice here lately and its got me itchin’ to have my hubby fire up the grill and have a big ole backyard fiesta!  You know with fajitas, guacamole, margs, tequila shots..what? All I need now is my peeps and some Pat Green to get the party started!

  1. Crate and Barrel, Fuego Plates
  2. Crate and Barrel, Fuego Chip and Dip
  3. Direct From Mexico, Blue Rimmed Hand Blown Shot Glass-I once had a small fiesta where everyone had to take a shot of Patron prior to entering the casa…total icebreaker I tell ya…(you notice I said once…yeah I can’t do those anymore because at this rate it takes me several days to recover from something like that…)
  4. Crate and Barrel, Granada Glasses
  5. Crow’s Nest Trading Co, Serape Linens-I might have to breakdown and buy these
  6. Crate and Barrel, Molcajete
  7. Julio’s, Julio’s Mild Salsa-the best salsa EVER…Sarah will back me up on this.
  8. Crate and Barrel, Calypso Citron Summer Drink Glasses-a cool alternative to your typical marg glass
  9. Sur la Table, Terra Cotta Tortilla Warmer-we have a ceramic tortilla warmer and we even use it to warm up meat and whatnot, quite useful!

Platters and Trays and Stuff OH MY!

I have an affinity for trays and platters but I don’t use them in the traditional sense.  I’ll just throw out some of the ways I use trays: candles on a pewter platter on my coffee table, soap dispenser and dish of soaps on a metal tray in the guest bathroom, wii and playstation remotes in a red basket tray in the game room, talavera containers that hold q-tips and cotton balls on a wicker tray in the master bathroom.  That’s just to name a few.  If I have a tray, I can and will find a use for it.  Check out a few I have fawned over lately:

  1. Wisteria, Colorful Wooden Tray
  2. Pier 1, Walnut Photo Tray
  3. Pier 1, Lombok Tray
  4. Target, sengWare 2-pc Oval Platter Set-Heaven
  5. CB2, scroll green tray
  6. Pier 1, Zebra Tray
  7. CB2, cuatro platters
  8. Williams-Sonoma, Wood Dashboard Rectangle Tray
  9. Direct from Mexico, Mexican Talavera Appetizer Boat
  10. Target, Mirrored Tray

Pretty As A Pitcher

I love me some serving pieces.  I’ve been told that I probably have one too many.  HOWEVER….I don’t have too many pitchers!!  So there!  I do own a couple of the one with the ice container (#5) and I have to say they do come in handy.  But my personal fav is the confetti one (#3)  just because I love all things Mexico as you know.  I can just PITCHER it in my kitchen.

  1. Sundance, Russel Wright Pitcher
  2. Target, sengWare Pitcher, Tangerina
  3. Direct From Mexico, Multi-Color Confetti Mexican Water Pitcher
  4. World Market, Novica Cobalt Spirals of Thought Glass Pitcher
  5. Walmart, Refrigerator Square Glass Pitcher
  6. Sur La Table, Italian Kufra Pitcher with Ice Container