It’s a Hootenanny!

So I think you are catching on to my owl obsession.  It began with my son’s nursery and it just seemed to take off from there.  I just see owls EVERYWHERE!  Hoo you lookin’ at foo?!  That’s right, I said it!


  1. Anthropologie, Owling Sake Pot
  2. Cocoa & Milkweed’s Etsy Shop, Woodsy the Owl bib
  3. Urban Outfitters, Recycled Tin Owl
  4. Napa Style, Watchful Wooden Owl
  5. Fruitfly Pie’s Etsy Shop, Ceramic Owl Piggy Bank Vintage Design-Orange
  6. Anthropologie, Wide-Eyed Dishtowel-Aqua
  7. Sundance Catalog, Wisdom Necklace
  8. Crow’s Nest Trading Co., Peyton Owl Pendant

Etsy Spotlight: Jennifer Ladd

I ran across Jennifer Ladd’s Etsy shop when I was looking for gifts to give all the girls that threw me a baby shower way back when I was a waddling fool.  I can’t tell you how much I drooled over all the different fabrics.  So many different colors and patterns.  I would like one of each please.  You can never have too many “going out” purses, can you? Don’t answer that.  Have a gander at all her past and present items…tons of cuteness!

Otomi, Suzani…What? Nevermind, It’s Pretty!!

Are you stuck in an all neutral, taupes, beiges rut?  Snap out of it!  Throw a splash of color in there STAT!  Don’t want to commit to an entire Suzani chair?  For God’s sake throw a colorful pillow in there..PLEASE!

  1. Viva Terra, Pom Pom Collection
  2. Viva Terra, Hand-Embroidered Organic Cotton Rabbit Bag
  3. Design*Sponge, diy video: grace’s upholstered otomi headboard
  4. Viva Terra, Hand-Embroidered Rabbit Pillow
  5. Material Recovery Etsy Shop, Colorful Red Suzani Upholstered Armchair
  6. Decorative Instincts Etsy Shop, Suzani Apron

Modern Quilts! Who Knew?!

When you think about quilts, you probably think patchwork stuff and a bunch of old ladies sitting around a table.  Quilts aren’t just for the geriatrics, people!  These quilts will keep you warm and toasty just like the ones you think of when you hear the word quilt but also keep you stylin’–and we know that’s the most important thing. Right?

  1. Amy Butler , Thea’s Puzzle Quilt
  2. Fawn & Forest, got me in stitches penthouse modern quilt
  3. The Silly Boodilly Etsy Shop, Modern Improvised Studio Art Quilt-Spring Quilt
  4. Modern Nursery, Super Natural Baby Daisy Quilt
  5. Sewing Geek Etsy Shop, Red Letter Day Quilt in Orange
  6. All the Numbers Etsy Shop, Forest Friends baby or toddler quilt, Branches and Owls, with applique and patchwork
  7. Alison in London Etsy Shop, Colour blocked mini quilt

$50 Fridays: Halloween Edition

You won’t spook your wallet with this festive outfit!

  1. Bella Chic Designs Etsy Shop, Florida Oranges Post Earrings
  2. Forever 21, Striped Raglan Cardigan
  3. Teri’s Treasures Etsy Shop, Lil Fabric Gift Bag-Boo
  4. Forever 21, Fab Flare Jean
  5. Target, Women’s Xhilaration: Saniya Pointed Toe Flats-Dark Orange

7 Ways to Make an Eclectic Nursery

When I found out I was having a boy, I knew what I didn’t want in a nursery. I didn’t want pastels, I didn’t want typical.  What I did want was his nursery to look like it belonged to the rest of our house which is colorful and eclectic.


I had seen, at a local antique show, a slew of owls painted on some weathered fence boards and immediately wanted it for my son’s nursery however it was a GAZILLION dollars, so I set out to make it and therein came the theme for my son’s room: owls.  I read somewhere after I picked that theme that owls bring good luck, wisdom, and watchful protection to your home–LOVED IT!

My hunt for owls then returned the Flights of Fancy Mobile, which just embodied the colorfulness that I wanted.  From there I wanted unique animals and found the Dodo Bird print, Pongo (who I loved so much I framed him) and Magnus.

  1. Oompa, Last of the Great Dodo Birds Print from Noelle Dass & Woodmouse Loves Wood Etsy Shop, Nutty Squirrel Wooden Toy
  2. Girl Savage Etsy Shop, Bunny Rabbit 6 Feltidermy…Large
  3. klt:works, Flights of Fancy Mobile
  4. Bibelot Forest Etsy Shop, Pongo Bear
  5. Egg Press, Magnus
  6. Owl Fence board painting (assembled by my husband & dad and painted by yours truly)
  7. Gush4Plush Etsy Shop, Ritz the Baby Bluebird & Chip the Owl & Sammy the Baby Duck

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Pup!

Sometimes Zoe and Luca get the shivers and that’s when I run to the rescue with a dog sweater or a dog coat. Sure, they may be shivering because they see me with these items in hand, but I like to pretend they’ve got the chills.  Here are some of the cutest dog chill preventers (or inducers) around.

  1. Hookin’ Mama Etsy Shop, Creamsicle Cardigan for Mini Mutts
  2. Old Navy, Quilted Graphic Ski Vests for Dogs
  3. Suzi’s Beary Kute Boutique Etsy Shop, Crochet Candy Corn Dog
  4. Old Navy, Cable-Knit Turtleneck Sweaters for Dogs
  5. Grandma’s Sweaters Etsy Shop, MORE STRIPES/HAND KNIT BY GRANDMA

I Love Me Some Baby Hats

When my little boy was a tiny baby, he had a hat on his head wherever we went.  I loved me some baby hats.  My dad told me, if I didn’t stop putting hats on him, his hair wouldn’t grow.  Blagh!  On a related note, my 1 yr old is just starting to get some hair on his noggin.

  1. So What Baby Butt’s Etsy Shop, Green Striped Beanie
  2. Boden, Knitted Hat
  3. So What Baby Butt’s Etsy Shop, Brown Striped Knit Baby Hat
  4. The June Bride’s Etsy Shop, Animal Ears Fleece Hat
  5. Hanna Andersson, Fleece Hat

6 T-Shirts That Will Make People Think Your Toddler Has a Stylist

Who says a small fry can’t be cool?  Dinosaurs? Check! Robots? Check! Slightly Business Casual? Check Check?

ak-boys tees

  1. Gap, Active Graphic T
  2. Tea, Stegosaurus Double Decker Tee
  3. Trusty Sidekick Etsy Shop, Kapow Raglan
  4. Kylala’s Etsy Shop, Peace, Fun, and Robots T-Shirt
  5. Boden, Dinosaur T-Shirt
  6. Super Sweet Creations Etsy Shop, Navy Tie Applique T