Etsy Spotlight: Crazy4Handstamping

For those of you who missed it, my beautiful sister Der recently had a birthday.  I wanted to get her something very meaningful for her gift this year instead of just another cute clothing item, although we all know how she loves those :). During my quest I came across the Crazy4Handstamping etsy shop. They have soooo many cute items you can personalize, and all of them are very reasonably priced. I went with #1, and it was a huge hit, perfect gift for a new mom! Here are just a few of the options at this shop, they pretty much have something for whatever occasion you are shopping for, or even if you just want one for yourself 🙂

  1. Name and Date Tag- Handstamped Sterling
  2. Name and Date Tag w/ Birthstone Dangle
  3. I Love You to the Moon Handstamped
  4. Confirmation Baptism Special Occasion Handstamped Sterling Silver Necklace
  5. The Wedding Locket w/Something Blue
  6. New Baby- Handstamped Sterling Silver Necklace
  7. The Runner’s Charm-Sterling Silver Necklace

Etsy Finds

Here some of the latest Etsy finds I have favorite’d this week.

  1. Turquoise Leather Cuff, Trillby Made Etsy Shop-Yall know my love for turquoise by now so it should be no surprise that I was drawn to this cuff.  I’m loving that it’s reversible!
  2. Lemon drop Blooming Headband, Emily Sparks Handmade Etsy Shop-Der got me on an Etsy crochet hunt after her post last week. I did recently take a crochet class and I am currently wondering if I could possibly even make this headband, what?!
  3. BAM POW Vinyl Decals, Off the Wall Expression Etsy Shop-I think these would be TURBO CUTE in a playroom or little boy’s room.  I love superhero themed stuff.
  4. Doorstump, Cozy Blue Etsy Shop-First off, the name of this thing just KILLS ME.  I love that it has so many uses: doorstop, bookend, toy, and the list goes on…
  5. A-Z Bean Bags, Frayed Etsy Shop-I think this is a great idea with teaching the alphabet.  I want a number one too!!

Divide & Conquer that Closet

These little closet dividers are the perfect thing to organize all those little outfits hanging in the closet.  And they are SUPER CUTE!

Closet Dividers, Camafatis Crafts Etsy Shop

Travelling in Style

In the very near future I will be taking a trip across Europe as one last hurrah before I end my career as a professional student and get a real job.  I have been on the hunt for a cute, stylish way to carry my travel documents, most importantly my passport, on all my adventures.  These are just a few of the incredibly cute options I have come across…

  1. Fabric Travel Clutch
  2. Travel Passport Wallet This is the one I ended up going with. LOVE IT!
  3. Passport Wallet Cover
  4. Passport Cover
  5. Passport Cover I had to throw this one in for a certain crazy cat lady that I know…
  6. Passport Cover

P.S. One of these would make a great graduation gift for high school or college grads if anyone needs an idea 🙂

The Most Awesome Playmat

I just ran across this playmat while browsing Etsy the other day and I can’t get over what an awesome idea this is. The mat lays flat on the floor for play with cars and what not and when you are ready to head out somewhere you just do a series of folding and rolling and it turns into a carrying case with the cars INSIDE. It’s genius! I may or may not need one of these STAT!

Travel Playmat Roll, Adeline My Valentine Etsy Shop

Etsy Spotlight: Ohjustjess

I can’t crochet, nor do I think I ever will be able to. Not sure that I have the patience for that, but I sure do admire it. Check out these adorable braided necklaces and the bow ties too! They are the perfect funky accessory for a plain tshirt and jeans for the springtime.

  1. The Laurel Necklace
  2. The Mildred Necklace
  3. The Percy Belt
  4. The Little Laurel Necklace
  5. The Percy

Earring Roundup

If you saw my jewelry box you would have a hard time believing that it’s actually been quite a while since I have purchased a pair of earrings, but that is the truth. And that means I’m probably due to add to my never ending collection and these babies are all high on my list.

  1. Initial Stamped Hammered Earrings
  2. Jasper Stone and Copper Earrings
  3. Simple Modern Earrings
  4. Pyrite and Silver Earrings
  5. Lapis Oval with Turquoise Earrings
  6. Everyday Hoops Caribbean Blue

Yo Gabba Crazy Round Here

My son may be only 5 months of age, but you put that child in a bouncer in front of a television blaring Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr. and you will see what true glee looks like. You will also see how it is that I am able to get school work, house work and anything else done while at home with him. His love for this show has got me to etsy searching… etsy searching for FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY decor, of course! Boy, did I hit the cuteness jackpot!

  1. Yo Gabba Gabba Cupcake Toppers
  2. Yo Gabba Gabba Balloon Embellishments
  3. Yo Gabba Gabba Party Bags
  4. Yo Gabba Gabba Cup Stickers
  5. Yo Gabba Gabba Adult Sized Hat
  6. Yo Gabba Gabba Baby Tshirt

Etsy Finds

I seem to be “favorite-ing” a lot of items on Etsy lately.  It’s kinda like putting everything in your shopping cart and then never buying them.  My theory is, if I favorite the item and come back in several weeks and it’s still available and I am still thinking about the item then it’s a definitely must.  Don’t you agree?

  1. The Serena Necklace, In Bloom Designs
  2. Initial Onesie, Lisa Gorno
  3. Silver Initial Keychain, Cinnamon Sticks
  4. Beaded Hoops, Tamar
  5. Subliminal Baby Letterpress Poster, Sycamore Street Press
  6. Barnwood Frame, 2 Dogs Wood Working
  7. Personalized Teepee, Nickmaxmama
  8. Airplane Pillow, Little Korboose
  9. Silver Copper Hoop Earrings, Autumn Equinox

Etsy Spotlight: kjoo

I happened upon this etsy shop the other day and fell in love with the ring at the top of the picture so much that I can taste it!!  I’m sure you can tell why I am drawn to this stuff…probably has something to do with the bright colors!  This is the type of store that I will go through all the sold items just to see all the variety of things they offer.  Go check out kjoo on etsy!