Most of us have that special man in our life who needs special time in their special place.  I have a few pointers on making this special place uber-bad-ass.

  1. Mandles
  2. Man Coasters
  3. Remote Holder
  4. Whiskey Stones
  5. Beer Holster
  6. Pool Wine Ball Wine Stoppers – for the wine loving man in your life
  7. Lamp
  8. Sign

Santa Was Very Good To Me

So we know that my son is spoiled as hell, so let’s talk about Mommy.  I must have been very good this year, or my boyfriend Ben and my Mom, Mimi really know me well! Here’s a few of my favs from my stash.

cr-presents procured

  1. Cat house from Ikea.  This goes great with my decor.  It’s acting as a piece of abstract art at the moment, but I am devising plans to make my cats go kookoo for this new condo.
  2. Yurakoro Lucky Cat.  I’ll admit,  I’m a small child when it comes to gifts like these.  Of all the things I received this year, I have to say this is my favorite.  What makes this little gadget even better is when you rock it, the kitty mews just like my Siamese, which makes me laugh everytime.
  3. World Market Floor Lamp.  This was on my Tipsy Christmas list and I think Santa surely read it!  This things is gargantuan.  I am working on finding the perfect place for this in my crib, but am surely in love.
  4. Bissell Pet Vacuum. Comes fully equipped with the chamber that you can view all the nastiness that you suck in.  Hellz yes.