$50 Friday: Labor Day Rush

Call me old school, but every year around this time I go into MUST WEAR ALL MY WHITE STUFF mode. You know, because you will be shunned or something if you shall wear white post Labor Day.

  1. Charlotte Russe, Lace V Neck Dress
  2. Forever 21, Tropicana Hoop Earring
  3. Charlotte Russe, Straw Tote with Seersucker Lining
  4. Charlotte Russe, Patent Leather Wide Strap Sandal

Skirts! Skirts! Skirts!

Here in Texas its already swelteringly hot, so that means SKIRTS and shorts. I love me a skirt. I actually have #1 in white with orange embroidery and I have to say it’s one of my favorite skirts. I throw on an orange t-shirt and flip flops and bam I’m dressed! So when I saw this color combo, I immediately started salivating. Please tell me, what is your favorite skirt lately? And what are you wearing with it?

  1. Soft Surroundings, St Remy Skirt
  2. Kohls, Simply Vera Plaid Skirt
  3. Boden, Striped Pencil Skirt
  4. Target, Merona Monica Pencil Skirt
  5. Talbots, Eyelet Pencil Skirt
  6. Forever 21, Broken Striped Print Skirt

$50 Fridays: Hard Core Plaid

Sometimes, well most of the time if y’all have learned anything about me yet, I feel like dressing all ruffly and sweet. But there are the times when I need to throw in a little attitude in the form of some studded sandals, a masculine plaid shirt and some bright cherry pie toesies.

  1. Forever21, Plaid Woven Top
  2. Forever21, Ankle Zip Skinny Jean
  3. Forever21, Cherry Pie Nail Polish
  4. Forever21, Grand Stamped Earrings
  5. Forever21, Studded Flat Sandals

$50 Fridays: Hey Nahhh My Boyfriends Back

I love the look of the slouchy boyfriend cardis…wait, me loving a cardigan…SHOCKING! Anywho, this one is HIGH on my list because that price.. well, you can’t beat it!

  1. Forever21, Ribbed Tank
  2. Forever21, Lady Whispy Earrings
  3. Old Navy, Boyfriend Cardigan
  4. Walmart, Pointy Toe Python Flats
  5. Forever21, Skinny Jeans


Sometimes I like to wear less jewelry and still be able to make a statement. There are tons of stunning stud earrings out there that will do the trick! Here are some of my top picks!

  1. Urban Outfitters, Seed Bead Knot Stud
  2. Etsy, Lovebird Studs
  3. Forever21, Lacquered Rose Studs
  4. Etsy, Lilly Pad Succulent Posts
  5. Etsy, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings
  6. Anthropologie, About That Time Earrings
  7. Charlotte Russe, Rhinestone Button Earrings
  8. Etsy, Earrings with Red and White Vintage Cabochons

Graphic Tee Heaven

Graphic Tees are such an easy to wear, easy to love, comfortable way to be stylish these days. There are tons of graphic style tees that won’t make you look like you’re dying to be 16 again. Throw ’em under a cute cardigan or a sassy jacket and you’re set!

  1. Old Navy, Women’s Watercolor Graphic Tees
  2. Old Navy, Women’s Slub Knit Jersey Applique Tops
  3. Gap, RED Goldfish Tee
  4. Target, Merona Argyle Print Tee
  5. Alloy, Tribal Print V-Neck Tee
  6. Alloy, Lace Birds V-Neck Tee
  7. Forever21, Sweet Flats Top
  8. Alloy, Bow Tee
  9. Walmart, Norma Kamali Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Rose Tee
  10. Etsy, Happyfamily’s Wind Farm Tee

$50 Fridays: These Boots Were Made for Walkin

Whoever invented the flat boots that are all over the place nowadays deserves a medal! Such a cute look without the fuss of wearing heels. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them either!

der-50 Friday 12

  1. Forever21, Bumpy Knit Cap
  2. Forever21, V Neck Tee
  3. Forever21, Ornamental Pendant Necklace
  4. 15dollarstore, Miss Me Distressed Flat Brown Boot
  5. Forever21, Double Knit Skirt

Cardigan Central

Here at Tipsy, we are some CARDIGAN WEARIN FOOLS! There are so so many adorable takes on the classic cardi available right now! I’m literally having to restrain myself from not purchasing each and every one of these.  BUT truth be told, while it’s still January, in Texas we may have like a possible 3 weeks left of cold weather, so I better bust out my cardis while I can!


  1. Forever21, 3/4 Sleeve Striped Cardigan
  2. Forever21, Crochet Cardigan with Sash
  3. Forever21, Chiffon Applique Cardigan
  4. Forever21, Dotted Ruffle Front Cardigan
  5. Gap, Double Pocket Cardigan
  6. Forever21, Self Trim Cardigan
  7. Target, Jrs. Mossimo Boyrfriend Cardigan
  8. Old Navy, Womens Pique Open Front Cardigans

$50 Fridays: New Year, New You

Happy 2010! I can just feel it, 2010 is going to be a 10! Let’s kick it off right with a super cute, super simple, super cheap ensemble!

der-50 Fri 11

  1. Forever21, Geena Beaded Necklace
  2. Forever21, Cinched Center Tee
  3. Forever21, Fab Ankle Capri Pant
  4. Forever21, Dressy Sequin Wallet
  5. 15dollarstore, Rocketdog Red Leather Wedges

EARRING in the New Year!

I am a ginormous earring collector, among other things (wiener dogs, for example: 2 and counting). And what a great time to refresh your earring collection for this BRAND NEW YEAR!  Here are some raving beauties that have caught my eye lately…


  1. Etsy, HotPinkandSequins $20
  2. Forever21, Embellished Round $5
  3. Etsy, Karinagracejewlery $38
  4. Forever21, Leaf Cluster $4
  5. Etsy, CrazyforJewels $11
  6. Anthropologie, Toe the Line $88
  7. Etsy, Soradesigns $25
  8. Etsy, Madebysam $42