$50 Fridays: Dressed to Kill

This dress is fantastic, especially with the red flats. YOU would look gorgeous, trust me.

  1. Forever 21, Etched Rounds
  2. Lulu’s, Lovefool Dress
  3. Target, Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ballet Flats – Red Patent

$50 Fridays: Full of Glee!

I am completely in love with Glee, specifically the wardrobe of Emma Pillsbury. She is so quirky and cute it makes me want everything she wears on that show.

  1. Forever 21, Blair Ruffle Sweater Cardigan
  2. Forever 21, Lacquer Floral Pearl Bracelet
  3. Forever 21, Solid Woven Skirt
  4. Target, Women’s Merona Collection Clarissa Spectator Pumps-Black Patent
Glee promo photos via GleeImages.com

Outfit 911

My husband, being the fireman that he is, answers 911 calls for a living.  Fires, heart attacks, you name it… well, there are some emergencies that just don’t fall under his realm of expertise. That is when I step in, Outfit 911. You need me.. I’m here. What are your fashion emergencies?  On a budget for a wedding or a hot date? Got a special event planned and you have no idea what to pick from your over-exploding closet full of options? Send me the deets and I’ll be your personal Stacey London and Clinton Kelly.

My good ole’ bud AK approached me with a style dilemma just the other day… an after wedding casual event with friends with a budget of $25.00 for anything new and an abundance of options from her existing and already fabulous wardrobe.

This is the email that I received from AK:

ak-outfit 911

Ok, I need some opinions…I have the J. Crew Jackie cardigan in black, turquoise, coral, orange, bright green, and a light brown.  The boots are from left to right: wine, black/red, camel/pink/navy (but the pink/navy won’t show).  And I’ll be wearing jeans.

Tell me what you think in terms of a top….I had been thinking maybe something like this??? http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=top_casual&product_id=2063568501&Page=4#

so then jewelry….tell me your thoughts. -AK

So I set out on a mission. I browsed the forever21 site of all things incredibly cheap and most of the time uber cute and found an adorably delicious bow tie top that just was beckoning to be bought and put under a lovely cardigan.

Lovely Top (Summer Bow Tank, $15.80) :

ak-outfit 911c

I suggested that AK go with  turquoise earrings and she showed me her options at home:

ak-outfit 911a
My eyes were immediately drawn to the ORANGE on the bottom right… orange will be a lovely compliment to the green cardi. So.. here we have it folks. AK will be cute, casual and chic in the outfit we selected!

ak-outfit 911b

When I received this email.. it dawned on me… I get a lot of these emails: My sister looking for help planning her college graduation dress and accessories, friends asking for advice on what to wear to an upcoming shower or wedding. I like helping people find the right options for that special occasion and I would love to help you out too…. send your emails to me at der AT tipsysociety DOT com. I’ll be waiting to put your fashion fires out!

$50 Fridays: Red Hott Mama

  1. Forever 21, Faceted Droplet Earrings
  2. Forever 21, Fab Satin Top
  3. Forever 21, Fab Ankle Skinny Jean
  4. Forever 21, Fab Faux Patent Croc Wallet
  5. The15DollarStore.com, MISS ME Open Toe Mary Jane-Black

Fight of the Century: Round FOUR

You’ll be looking rather studly in this studded headband, especially if you got it for under $4 bucks!

JCrew, Studded Headband or Forever21, Studded Headband

Fight of the Century: Round THREE

Wrap yourself in silky loveliness, just don’t get bamboozled into paying too much….

JCrew, Silk Cami or Forever21, Silk Cami