Sporty Spice: Fall Must Haves

When do moms get to go back to school shopping?  I know Aus got HOOKED up, and I am fallin hard for these fall essentials.  I am definitely on the look out for some new pieces to add to my rotation and these have my name on them.

  1. Sporty Tunic
  2. Levi Flare Jeans
  3. Hooded Cardi
  4. Emotions Top
  5. Floral Tunic
  6. Blue Crossbody
  7. Coral Flats

Pretty Things at Every Price: Clutches

Last week was crossbodies…this week is clutches.  Cute clutches at any price!

  1. Der’s ($8) Wristlet Zipper Pouch-This is colorful (which we know I LOVE) and one of a kind. For less than $10, you can liven up  your basic tee or LBD!
  2. Court’s ($28) On Palm Street Clutch-how cute is this?  dressy, casual, basic colors. LOVE IT.
  3. Sarah’s ($35) SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Raffia Clutch-I love that this clutch has a nice, summery, and casual look! (I mean, if you’re anything like me, you’re currently OVER carrying an over-sized satchel everyday…)
  4. AK’s ($49) Shiraleah Tyrell fold clutch bag-I love the Shiraleah line of bags…they are super cheap, vegan and come in great colors.  I like how this one folds over.

What’s your favorite? Or tell us about another clutch you use or are wanting!

La Mexicana

If we are going to be attending one of these fabulous outdoor fiestas that AK keeps ranting and raving about…well, we need something festive to wear!

  1. Calypso, Mysie Top
  2. Forever21, Contrast Layered Woven Top
  3. Forever21, Floral Embroidered Top
  4. Francesca’s, Jai Top
  5. Old Navy, Beaded Key Hole Top
  6. Forever21, Siesta Tunic Top
  7. Alloy, Delilah Embroidered Peasant Top
  8. Motherhood Maternity, Short Sleeve Banded Bottom Maternity Blouse

I Like Your Sundress

And from the inside from the inside out,  you’ve changed, girl you know you have ??? (Ben Kweller)

Either way, this is one of the songs that I loved to sing with Ben or I loved to just sing blaring in my car/ipod/work/alone/workout!

Here’s to Sundresses!

  1. Paint by Flowers Tunic
  2. Front Knot Dress
  3. Embroidered Print Dress
  4. Sleeveless Dress
  5. Flutter Sleeve Dress
  6. Bouquet Dress
  7. Irish Kiss
  8. Tiered Dress


Get it?  You can thank Der for that knee slapper.  So…to go along with my all.things.Asian.obsession, I’ve always wanted and loved Kimonos. In fact, I wore one for a particular Halloween (about 4 years ago)  and I believe that just may have been the happiest day of my life, well next to various other moments (childbirth, meeting my love–you know, the usual ladies).

I guess as an attempt to relive that moment on Halloween, I been loving on the Kimono styled shirts.  My picks:

  1. Alloy Paisley Kimono
  2. Francesca’s Sparkle & Sprinkle Kimono
  3. Target Xhilaration V-Neck Kimono Top
  4. Walmart’s Norma Kamali Stripe Jersey Kimono
  5. J. Jill Floral Kimono

Decorative File Folders…Someone Owes Me An Apology

So I STUMBLED upon these darlings while doing my normal troll through Francesca’s.  Apparently there is a cute, funky and completely awesome way to store ugly papers on your desk.  WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME????

The pics shown are the three that I scooped up (50 cents each!!!!) and I couldn’t be more tickled looking @ my desk sporting these things.  My desk smiles back.  Links to tons of these beauts.

  1. Emma Designer File Folders
  2. Sophie Designer Folders
  3. Hootie File Folders

Sporty Spice Spring Collection, Bring On The Heat!!!

I’m ready for the sun.  Not alot of stores have gone completely tank top, sandals and shorts, but I am definitely ready for a little spring in my step.  Here are a few pieces and items that I plan on adding to my collection.

  1. Francesca’s Hoodie – if it has a hoodie, put my name on it.  These are thin and colorful.  Totally getting it.
  2. Tulle Jacket – because I like to run my AC right about 80 degrees, I will still need something to cover myself through the next few months.  Too cute.  On another note, I have also realized that I am an addict of this sites Tulle’s Day sales.  I racked in 5 nice peices for about 25.00 (including shipping).  You should defintely join their mailing list if you aren’t on it already to cash in on the saving.  Der was in on the last sale too and raked it in as well.  It’s also fun to call random days ‘Tulle’s Day’, I owe that site for that as well!
  3. Roxy Tank – because its cute.  That is all.
  4. Opi  –  Done out in Deco – I own this color already, so I am ahead of game on this one.  I love it because its a  purple nail color, but not completely offensive.  There is a very fine line there ladies.  Very fine.
  5. Old Navy Cargos – am I too old to wear these?  Probably.  Will they flatter my figure?  Most likely not.  Are they badass because they have tiny little paint splatters on them? Hellz yes.
  6. Fossil Crossbody – as long as my obession with cross body bags doesn’t turn to fanny packs, I think the tipsy girls will still dig my style.  I can’t decide if I need this one in red or pink?
  7. Simple Slippers – I’ll need these for when I feel like wearing red seude shoes.  I don’t know about ya’ll but that may just be every day for me.

Hooded? Put It On Meh!

If you haven’t heard, I’m in love with anything with a hood.  Kind of why Der calls me Sporty Spice.  Love ALL of these.


  1. Francesca’s, Lady Lass Hoodie
  2. Lucky Brand, Flower Embroidered V-Neck
  3. Old Navy, Women’s Floral-Embroidered Hoodie
  4. Macys, Calvin Klein Jeans Hoodie, New Bulbs Print
  5. Tulle, Cap Sleeve Hoodie

Christmas Wishlist: CR Edition

So a few of these are completely outrageous, because I can’t imagine spending the $.  But in a world where money didn’t matter, here is a list of the things I want to see under my tree.

  1. Z Gallerie Lithe Vases ($14.95 – $18.95) – simple, yet intricate.  Would be perfect for my bamboo!
  2. Hello Kitty Ceramic Watches ($995 – 2900) – yes, I am 29 and 3/4’s and am an admitted Hello Kitty junkie.  These watches are too cute.
  3. Urban Outfitters Head Band ($18.00) – not even sure this would look good on me, just seems really unique and funky, like me.
  4. Yellow Strauss Toms (54.00) – fun and funky.
  5. Tyler Diva Scented Candle ($17.95) – I am just obsessed with these candles and this scent.
  6. Ikea Red Clock ($29.99) – love love love this cute little ticker.
  7. Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave ($79.99) – this is a want, definitely not a need.  But if I could pick any out there, this wireless mouse and keyboard surely have my vote.
  8. Rotating Spheres Arc Floor Lamp ($79.99) – I am certain this would complete my house’s transformation to an Asian wannabe home.
  9. Pottery Barn Fruitwood Pillar Holders ($22.99) – too cute, very simple.  I love candles and am sure I would be able to find some which would a nice reason to have these around.
  10. Ivy Mirror and ID Case ($16.00) – did I also ever mention that I am notorious for constantly misplacing my ID, debit card, keys, mind, and sanity.  Think this will help???
  11. Puma Hoodie ($69.00) – did I ever mention I am obsessed with Hoodies?  Any of the Tipsy girls can attest to this.  I am convinced this is the perfect hoodie for me.
  12. Oh and did I mention this little guy (priceless) – no comment :).

Francesca’s Fall Favs!

Here are my picks from their fall arrivals….


  1. Tennessee Bracelet in Gold
  2. China Doll Top
  3. Gaussian Knit Tunic in Black
  4. Golden Poppy Sweater
  5. Flapper Headband in Yellow
  6. In the Loop Necklace in Multi

I’m personally not a huge fan of scarfs, but for those who are, the Ruffled Up Scarf in Red looks like its super cute!  Love, love this store.