Rock on

I think it was seeing two of my favorite bands, Muse and Silversun Pickups that got me in the mood for this post.  I absolutely love going to concerts.  I have a great concert schedule lined up with Ben this summer and I really can’t wait.  As a tribute to all things that rock, check out these items.

  1. Guitar  Spatula
  2. Muse Carpenter Headphones – I saw these and thought they were for true music lovers.  This site has some really modern twists on the average earbud.
  3. Ipod Hoodie – are you kidding me?  Did someone read my mind and all things I HEART before they decided to design this.  Honestly, I see no real functional purpose for this, but love the hell out of  it.
  4. Recycled Vinyl Coasters –  too cute.  Also, this site where I found these is too neat.
  5. Ticket Diary – who keeps every.single.ticket.stub?  I do and I think this is the perfect place to store these babies and give them the attention they deserve.
  6. Owl Ipod Case – owls are everywhere now, but I swear AK was ahead of that trend.  This ones for you AK!
  7. Guitar Picture Frame – I think a pic of Ben and I at our fav concert would be perfect in this.  Plus, love the original look and feel.
  8. Music Necklace – simple and love the purple.

Confessions of Tipsy Girls

Ok, so a couple of us may not have been completely open with everyone over the past few months.  I told my fellow tipsy gal AK its time we come clean.

Confession the first:  AK and I are true to the game Twilighters.  Don’t hate the players, or the game.  Sure we may be a tad behind, but these books–damnation, we couldn’t put them down (see next confession).

Confession the second:  AK and I both were known to read said books while driving at stop lights.

Confession the third:  I loved these books so much I went into a complete trance while reading.  Also, I love the name Emse so much, I’ve called dibs if I have a girl 🙂

And finally, I have to have this jacket:

Twilight Jacket – holy hell, I am totally in love.  Just the thing I need.  Combines my love for Twilight, hoodies and all things awesome.

Oh, one more thing–TEAM EDWARD BABY!