Fall for My Boy

Recently someone commented to me that they were not sure who decided that girl baby clothes are cuter than boys. I could not agree more and I can not WAIT for cooler weather for many, many reasons, but DUDE to see my little man in some of this stuff doing his wobbly chubby legged baby walk…just shoot me now. SO CUTE.

  1. Old Navy, Boys Baseball Tee
  2. Gymboree, Plaid Cuffed Denim
  3. Carters, Body Suits
  4. Carters, Grey and Orange Sneakers
  5. Old Navy, Frost Free Vest for Baby
  6. Old Navy, Hooded Waffle Knit Shirts
  7. Carters, 3 Pk Rugby Socks
  8. Children’s Place, Pull on Cargos
  9. Walmart, Garanimals Fleece Zip Hoodie
  10. Children’s Place, 3 in 1 Fleece Hat

Baby Flops

I have no idea how people keep shoes on baby’s pudgy little feet. If you have any tips, please let me know because shoes are flying off left and right over here. Even with that considered, I am thinking that this summer will be the perfect time to introduce AJ to his mama’s shoe of choice: the flip flop. Some of these baby flops are needed in big people sizes they are so flippin cute!

  1. Green and Navy Lizard Flops
  2. Braided Faux Leather Flops
  3. Pink and Orange Giraffe Print Flops
  4. Turquoise and Green Zebra Flops
  5. Red White Flops
  6. Plaid Flops

Sock Hop

I really don’t like socks on my feet. I am much more of a flip flop kinda gal, but boy do I have a deep love for chubby little baby feet in some cute socks. Little AJ has socks galore and sometimes I just want to change them 7 times a day just to see some other cute ones on his feet. Here are some that are definitely going to be on his toesies soon.

  1. Target, Organic Nautical Sock Set
  2. The Children’s Place, Argyle Socks
  3. Gymboree, Frog Socks
  4. Target, Jazzy Toes Wingtips
  5. Target, Jazzy Toes Loafers
  6. Target, Jazzy Toes Sandals
  7. Target, Jazzy Toes Cowboy Boots
  8. Target, Jazzy Toes Deck Shoes