I need to win the lotto

Who in the HELL said these were allowed to be so expensive???!?!?!?

  1. Japanese Garden White
  2. Astor Stool
  3. Antique Garden  Stool
  4. Garden Seat
  5. ZigZag Stool
  6. Drum Stool
  7. Napa Stool
  8. Hourglass Stool

I want one so bad, but am holding out for my power ball numbers ūüôā

Summa Summa Summa Time

Its right around the corner and that means we need to get started with all of outdoor decor.¬† Just like all of the Tipsy Girls, I love to have people over and to entertain.¬† Being that I just moved into a new abode and am really focused on my outdoor scenery, I’ve been doing a lot of searching to spruce up the outside decor at my casa.

Here’s my top ten:

  1. Ceramic Beverage Dispensers РThese are a very simple and colorful way to hold sun tea or your favorite summer cocktail.
  2. Bamboo Chairs – Bamboo, outdoor chairs. ¬†Do I have to explain myself again? ¬†This.is.so.me. I Also like this look because they are resilient and versatile AND bamboo is extremely durable (bamboo is stronger than lots of steel…whaaa?)
  3. Outdoor Votive Holder РThey are on my to do list.  So simple, so affordable.
  4. Rain Chain Buckets -These are actually designed to adorn unsightly drains on your the outside of your home.  I also thought they would also work well hanging from a porch or patio.
  5. Side Table РI just purchased some cheap as hell discounted Adirondack chairs from Big Lots and am looking for some side tables to spruce these chairs up.  I may have found the answer here.  Hopefully LLBean will decide to have an LLClearance soon:).
  6. Glazed Fire Pot -This thing is mine and awesome. ‘Nough said.
  7. Smart Solar Sphere – I love these solar powered gadgets. ¬†They know when to come on and off and they recharge themselves. ¬†Can’t get any better than that!
  8. Solar Powered House Numbers РA lot of us have house numbers on the street, mailbox, house, lawn.  But these really caught my eye.  These have solar powered LEDs that you program with your street number and place where you please.  TOO COOL.
  9. Hanging Lanterns – If those don’t make the cut for outside, they are cute enough to go on my nightstand. ¬†Love the colors.
  10. Coca Cola Light Set РSuch a fun and classic touch to any area outside.  And did I mention cheap?

So, everyone at my place tomorrow?

Cute Cleaning

I hate cleaning…like with a passion.¬† But it’s gotta be done amiright? These items may make things a little more fun.¬† #2 is my fav!

  1. Doggie Broom, Viceversa
  2. Dishwashing Gloves, Horchow
  3. Kitchen Sponge, Viceversa
  4. Pretty Tools Mini Dustpan & Brush, Peters Path