More Coral!

Yesterday I posted on coral nails, it’s like my new favorite color right now.  And I love this bright coral with a really light aqua.  What’s your favorite color or color combo right now?

  1. Tropical Coral Lipcolor, Loreal
  2. Jackie Cardigan, J.Crew
  3. OPI Shootout at the OK Coral, Amazon
  4. Slub-Knit Henley Tunics, Old Navy
  5. Merona Emeline Braided Flat Sandals-Pewter, Target
  6. Diamond Cluster Earrings, Sundance Catalog
  7. Dockers Truly Slimming Shorts, Kohls

I Love Stripes!

I have a love for stripes and tend to buy my son stripes as well.  These are definitely ones I would love to add to his collection.  Are you a stripes lover?

  1. The T-Shirt, Boden
  2. Short Sleeved Stripe Pocket T, Gap
  3. Boys’ ruler-stripe slub popover hoodie, J.Crew
  4. Mariner Hoodie, Hanna Andersson
  5. Polos for Baby, Old Navy
  6. Crew Neck Tees for Baby, Old Navy
  7. Bold Stripe Tee, Hanna Andersson

If I Was a Boy…

Sometimes I like having a husband that cares a lot about his clothing and how his hair looks and sometimes it sucks. Like when he makes 47 wardrobe changes before deciding on an outfit for a not even important event. That part sucks. What doesn’t suck is his love of shopping. It’s like having a life sized Ken doll of my very own. Every now and then he has to reel me back in when I try to take him over his own personal limit, but I tell him I would wear it… if I was a boy. Here are some of my very favorite boy things out there right now.

  1. 21 Men, Button Shoulder Sweater
  2. 21 Men, Blended Striped Sweater Jacket
  3. JCrew, Sperry Topsider CVO Sneaker
  4. JCrew, New Balance for JCrew
  5. 21 Men, Classic Canvas Belt
  6. Gap, Camera Graphic Tee
  7. Old Navy, LS Classic

Christmas in Review: AK

We had a great Christmas! My husband and I think this year has been the best so far in terms of celebrating with our son.  He got excited to hand out gifts and open gifts and play with everything.  It was super fun.  Here are a few things I got for Christmas this year:

  1. Jewelry Cleaner, Brookstone-If you’ve ever thought about getting one of these things, do it! Do it now! All you do is add water and it uses sound waves to clean everything.  I immediately did my wedding ring and watch and embarrassed at the amount of gunk that came off both of them.  And I THOUGHT I kept them clean.  This also does eyeglasses, which I haven’t done yet but am psyched to do.
  2. Jackie cardigan, J.Crew-I love these cardigans and buy them at the outlet store or ask for them as gifts.  I’m a cardigan addict.  I received navy and cerise for Christmas.
  3. iPhone Case, Kate Spade-I was in need of a new case and received one like this and it’s right up my alley what with all the colors!!
  4. Apple gift card, Apple-In combination with my husband we received enough apple gift cards to purchase an iPad.  However after a twitter questionnaire we’ve decided to wait on the next version to come out before we buy it.  I think that’s in April.  I think.
  5. iSi Flexible Mixing Bowls, Amazon-A month or so ago, in an effort to do something in the kitchen, I gave my son a couple of mixing bowls and a wooden spoon to occupy him.  That turned into me needing new bowls.  I don’t think these will break.

The best gift of all might be what Santa brought my son.  He loves it more than anything and it gives his parents a chance to sit and chill for a few minutes. Little Star Bouncer, Walmart

Christmas Wishlist: AK Edition

I had sort of a hard time thinking about what I would want for Christmas this year….insane right? Last year I went to town on a dream list and this year I could barely come up with a  realistic list!! What’s wrong with me!!  So here’s my short list of goodies I’d love, I’ve left off boring things like new towels, a new duvet cover and a new set of drinking glasses…I didn’t want you to fall asleep while browsing!

  1. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, Brookstone-My mom has one similar to this and it gets the job done.  Kind of a set it and forget it kind of jewelry cleaner.
  2. Present Day Pearl Hoops, Sundance-These are fantastic and would be a great go with everything type of earring.
  3. Jackie Cardigan, J.Crew-I love this cardigan and have it in a few colors thanks to the outlet near my house.  I could sure use it in cerise, navy or dried parsley.
  4. Travel Envelope, Abas Accessories-I end up having a ton of paper stuff free flowing in my purse and I’d love a leather envelope to keep it in.  This would fit the bill!
  5. Michele Silicon Watch Strap, Nordstrom-I have a Michele watch and would LOVE a silicon band…any color would do but this green sure is fun!
  6. Iced Blueberry Ring, Lolo’s Rings-I have a ring from this story and have been eyeing this one ever since.
  7. PixelSkin for iPhone, Speck-I need a new case and I’m loving this green one.

Good Things in My Inbox

I heard the rumor, but didn’t think it was true…

JCrew outlet online! It’s only open from 12am Friday through 12am Sunday, but it will be the stuff dreams are made of for those of you that don’t live close to an outlet store.

(I will say that I browsed the online outlet offerings this past weekend and was a tad dissapointed…the prices were still kinda high and there was a small selection, but I bet it keeps getting better the longer the site is up…)

Happy shopping!

Pretty Things at Every Price: Earrings

Up this month for PTAEP, jewelry! I mean, a girl can’t get enough…can she? (Pssshhhh…who are we kidding, NO we can’t get enough!) First up, earrings:

  1. Der: Lacquered Crescent Earrings, There is a contestant on Project Runway that has been sporting some earrings almost identical to these and I’m crushing on them HARD.
  2. AK: Organic Oval-Blue Turquoise, I tend to be drawn towards earrings that are bold and have turquoise in them…so these are right up my alley!
  3. Sarah: Crystal Pebble Earrings, Sometimes you just need some studs right!?! I LOVE the simple elegance of these earrings, and I actually have a few weddings in the near future and these would certainly jazz up my ensembles!
  4. Court: Matte Drop Leaf Earring, Shaped like leaves.  Love anything nature related especially earrings. Love that they are drop/dangles (whateverthehellyoucallthestyle) cause those always tend to be pieces you can wear with anything. 

JCrew Dreamin’

Or am I just dreaming of cooler weather? Because it’s obviously too HOTT here in Texas to be wearing any of these items right now, but I sure am ready to start stocking my fall wardrobe!

  1. Peekaboo Sequin Cardigan
  2. Delmy Zip Vest
  3. Confetti Ruffle Shirt
  4. Braided chain-and-pearl Necklace
  5. Knotty Pearl Necklace
  6. Kingston Leather Ankle Boots

Easy Bridal Fashion

As my 3 year wedding anniversary approaches, I have found myself day dreaming of our special day, and one in particular detail: my wedding dress!

I’m not like most people, I did not find the wedding dress shopping experience to be fun; rather, I kinda hated every minute of it…(other than the good friends, good lunch, and even better champagne.) So after a disastrous experience, I took to the interwebs in search of my dream dress. Where did I find it? Only my favorite “Go To” store of all time, JCrew!

If you are a bride-to-be, don’t be afraid to order your dress online. Most places have free shipping AND returns, and feel free to order several and have a fashion show in the privacy of your own home! I would totally have a fashion show with these beauties…

  1. Chloe Dao, Olivia
  2. Ann Taylor, Silk Strapless Tiered Gown
  3. JCrew, Silk taffeta Sascha Gown
  4. JCrew, Cotton cady Erica dress
  5. JCrew, Jacquard jardiniere gown 
  6. JCrew, Bow monde gown

Precious Cargos

Is it me or are you seeing a return of the cargo pant in every store? Or maybe it never left. It honestly never left my favs… but I’m not always a stickler for the rules.

  1. Forever21, Woven Cargo Pants
  2. Old Navy, Ankle Zip Cargo Capris
  3. JCrew, Cropped Ripstop Cargo Pant
  4. Old Navy, Wide Leg Cargos
  5. Walmart, Cargo Bermuda Shorts
  6. Charlotte Russe, Cargo Cropped Pants