If Jewelry Grew On Trees…

Here’s what I’d be picking today!

  1. Sundance, Countess Earrings
  2. Sundance, Taos Bracelet Trio
  3. Anthropologie, Undulating Orbit Earrings
  4. Sundance, Wraparound Ring
  5. Anthropologie, Notions Necklace

Let Me Introduce Myself and the Stuff I’m Currently Loving On

FIRST POST!! Haha! Helloooooo Internets!! I’m Amanda, you can read all about me here. I’m PUMPED about sharing all the stuff I’m loving on. You’ll soon find out that I love bright stuff, stuff for my son, stuff for parties, jewelry and shoes!

PEOPLE…this stuff…I’m hearting it:


  1. Boden, Ravishing Ruffle Jacket
  2. Boden, Biker Jacket
  3. Zappos, Puma Kids, Speeder Mesh Inf (Infant/Toddler)
  4. J.Crew, Twist Sash Dress
  5. Anthropologie, Double Twist Sweater
  6. Crow’s Nest Trading Co., Tubac Turquoise Cuff