Keeping Up with Keds

I wore my white Keds like they were the only shoes for me circa 4th and 5th grade. While browsing my beloved Target, I noticed some Keds knock offs lingering in the shoes aisles. This triggered me to see what my good ole’ Keds have been up to these days.. and let me tell you its good news in my book!

  1. Keds, Meadow Blue Moc
  2. Keds, Champion Sport Espresso Canvas
  3. Keds, Champion Graphite Canvas
  4. Keds, Rapture Boat Shoes
  5. Keds, Willow Green Lace Ups
  6. Keds, Champion Navy Canvas Slip On

China, China!

As I have mentioned before, I am obsessed with all things Asian.  So much so that my son Austin (7yrs) will sing ‘China, China’ whenever he sees something that is sure to catch my eye.  I have lots of Asian fans, but here are a few variations for the peeps not as crazy OBSESSED in love with anything from the Eastern world as me.

  1. cr-fansChinese Wall Fan
  2. Fan Print Bamboo Rug
  3. Chinese Fan Girl Keds
  4. Fan earrings