Fabulous Footwear Friday!!

I’ve been on a workout kick more than normal lately and my running shoes were just about 2 years old, so I thought it might be time to get some new ones.  I’m a huge fan of Nike running shoes and when I saw these babies with the polka dots, SOLD!

Nike Lunarswift +2, Zappos

Christmas Wishlist: Court Edition

I’ve been so damned good this year, I feel like Santa is making a special trip just for me.  Here’s what I hope the fat ol’ man is bringing my way!

  1. Nike Lunarsoft – totally needs these for my 5k’s that me and Melis have planned.
  2. Lucky Hoodie – cause a sporty spice can never have too many hoodies.
  3. Mounted Organizer – cause I am so over keys and envelopes just laying about.
  4. Simple Boots – I’ve had my eyes on these beauts for two years.  Santa, where the hell are you at???
  5. Jade Hoops – HOLY HELL!  These have my name all over them!
  6. Agent 18 iPhone Cover – this is me, through and through.
  7. Kenneth Cole Bangles – I’ve made a resolution to wear even more bracelets.  Help a sista out santa!
  8. Lego Notebook – I am a nerd through and through.  I have to be stylin’ at work.

Work it Out

So me and my Tipsy Girl Court have been on a work out kick for the past 8 or 9 weeks. We joined our local YMCA and have been doing everything from spinning to boot camp, to basic cardio and weights. The main thing that we’ve taken away from our workouts is a) it’s nice to have a friend that keeps you honest and makes you go to workout, even when you don’t want to and b) the Y has given us an outlet for our ADD selves so we don’t get bored.

These are some of my workout basics:

  1. Nike, Shox Turbo: I’m a huge fan of this shoe. I got my first pair of shox two years ago and I think those need to be replaced with these awesome green ones!
  2. Academy, Soffe Cotton Rib Tank: These are $6.99, need I say more?
  3. Academy, BCG Razorback Bra: Just to keep the girls in line.
  4. Academy, Nike Field Pants: I typically do NOT work out in pants because I don’t like to sweat and I feel like they always make me sweat more (I know, I know, I’m weird). These are great (only if I have to) workout pants because they are not tight (I’m a bit booty girl and those cute yoga tights do nothing for me).
  5. Academy, Nike Tempo Shorts: You know that embarrassing sweaty ass mark, aka SWASS, (I’m just being honest) you get when you’re really working hard? These shorts DO NOT show that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
  6. Academy, Nike Dri-Fit T-shirt: Similar to the shorts, this shirt doesn’t show sweat marks so people can go on believing that us girls don’t sweat like pigs…OH, and this shirt keeps you nice and toasty when the weather is less than optimal outside.

Guy Gift Guide: Golfer Edition

If your Saturday mornings are like my wife’s, there’s a 42% chance on any given week your sig will be out hitting the links. Well, at least before it got cold. But still, this should be soooo easy to buy for, right? Golf, I mean, get him golf stuff. But, you’ve probably already tried and failed at that. You’ve purchased that cute driver head cover of a tiger or a kuala or some other species, only to see (well actually to never see) him use it.

Here’s a guide on what golfers would actually want to receive. And, unlike my other guides, everything in here isn’t like a bazillions dollars. This is the last in my guest post series on what to get your guy for the Holidays. See my guide for Chefs and Geeks.

First: a Pro Tip — Steer clear of the following: clubs, putters, and golf balls. These are far too personal an item to choose for someone else. Notable exception: write a card with a handwritten note: “Redeemable for 1 putter, wedge, or wood of your choice.”

  1. Callaway HT Bag ($199) … Most guys have these golf bags that are designed for walking; that is that they’re really light. They’re made so you can walk the entire course. Does anyone know anyone who walks on a regular basis anymore? I do not, and most courses are not walk-friendly. This bag is made for the golf cart and is proud of it.
  2. 15′ Orange Head Retriever ($13) … It retrieves errand golf balls from the lake or someone’s back yard. A Necessity for anyone who isn’t a tremendous golfer. And don’t worry, you’d already know if your guy was tremendous golfer because his friends wouldn’t shut up about the unfairness of it all.
  3. Practice Net ($129.99) … Hey, it might get him out of the house and into the back yard for a while
  4. Tiger Woods 2010 for the Wii ($40) … Best golf game out there, and you might be able to find it on steep discount. (too soon?) If he already has, get this Wii Golf Club, which has cool written all over it.
  5. Nike or Callaway shirt ($27) … This technology shirt (get any that say Dry-Fit or Fit-Dry) is the most awesome shirt ever. Really, I love these things, and you’ll have the extra benefit of being able to dress your man for the golf course.
  6. Lessons from your local golf club: Really, this is the best gift. Even a set of three 30 minute lessons on putting will be remembered for a long, long time. You’re welcome Internets.

If you want help choosing which golf club to get lessons at, leave me a comment below with your City and I’ll suggest one for you.

Jesse is a guest author; his claim to fame is being Tipsy Society author AK’s husband. He creates websites at http://comalproductions.com.