Holiday Gift Guides: 8 Year Old Boys

Have an 8 year old boy?  Buying for an 8 year old boy?  Just want to know what the hell they are droolin’ over this year?  I have an IN with my special little man, Austin, and this is his 9th Christmas and sure to be kick ass.

  1. Moon Shoes – remember these babies?  Theeeiiirrr back and on Aus’ Christmas list.  I’m  just worried for when he asks mommy to give these a go.
  2. Basketball goal – great for the active boy, but portable, so can be stored, moved, or taken into the middle of the cul-de-sac when the boys really want to get schooled by mommy.
  3. DSI XL Special Edition – yes, another one.  And it haasss to be the red one, its for the 25th anniversary of the nintendo Gameboy/DS console.  I think we can all remember what fun these were no matter how old we were.
  4. iPod Touch – This was on Aus’ list, but not making the cut just yet.  We opted for the DSI XL for a little bit longer, but these are really really hot right now.
  5. BopIt Bounce – harder and possibly more annoying than the original BopIt.  Dreams really do come true!
  6. College Snuggie – Aus’ has really gotten into collegiate sports.  The name of the game around this house in the Texas Longhorns (even though their football is less than stellar right now).  Aus will not be a fair weather fan though and I think this is the perfect accessory for someone that devoted.
  7. NFL Jersey (Andre Johnson) – adding to the obsession with football players and sports in general.  This time the Houston Texans.  A jersey of a little boy’s fav team is a shoe-in for a gift.
  8. Original Adidas HiTop – Aus is very colorful inside and out and has had his eye on these.  I love their throw back to the 80’s feel and can hear my mom saying “What’s old is new” in my head.  So true.

It’s going to be one very merry Christmas around here!