Shoes I’m Living In

ak-shoes I live in
I have lots of shoes, in lots of colors. But this past year has been pretty tough so I decided at some point (probably when I was wracking my brain for what to wear one day and was absolutely run into the ground) that I needed to just buy some nice looking comfortable flats that will go with EVERYTHING and I won’t have to THINK. So without further ado…the flats/moccasins/loafers that I’ve been living in for the past year (aside from flip flops in the summer):
Vince Camuto ‘Ellen’ Flat – Caramel This one and the black flat are the exact same shoe, different color. I bought the black ones first and wore them so much because they are SO COMFORTABLE that I bought the caramel just recently.
Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moc – Brown Suede These might be the closest thing to wearing slippers outside of your house you can get. SOOOOOOO comfortable.
Vince Camuto ‘Ellen’ Flat – Black
Lacoste Women’s Concours – Tan Suede LOVE LOVE LOVE these, again..very comfortable. I couldn’t find the exact ones that I own which are tan suede, but they are this same exact style. There are some really cute ones in this same style that are out right now that are brown with a berry colored detail–super duper cute.

Holiday Gift Guide: Bracelets

I do not know what it is about bracelets this year, but I can’t get enough of them! Here are a few I wouldn’t mind finding under the tree with my name on it:

  1.  Gold bangles; Etsy
  2. Turquoise and gold; Etsy
  3. Cara accessories leather and stud wrap; Nordstrom
  4. Simple initial bracelet; Etsy
  5. Gold eternity circle karma bracelet; Etsy

Fabulous Footwear Friday!!

I am in love with the look of these! They are super smart and yet a great basic for your closet.  Definitely envisioning a striped top with these.  Are you a fan of the cap toe?

Corso Como Finch Flat, Nordstrom


Essie Cuticle Pen
Essie Nail Polish in Clambake
Essie Nail Corrector Pen

Color Block Crazy!

As you know I love lots of color, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m a huge fan of all these color block fashions! Are you a fan?

  1. Colorblock Top, Forever 21
  2. Ignite the Light Colorblock Tank, Ruche
  3. BDG Colorblock Tee, Urban Outfitters
  4. Colorblock Boxy Top, Forever 21
  5. Paloma Stretch Colorblock Tee, Dillards
  6. Take Two Tee, Anthropologie
  7. Beholic Colorblock Striped Top, Nordstrom
  8. Colorblock Satin Tank, Forever 21+
  9. Sparkle & Fade Colorblock Shift Dress, Urban Outfitters

Fabulous Footwear Friday

I’ll admit it, I’m the ONLY Tipsy gal that hates on TOMS shoes; however, these little diddies were posted on Instagram the other day and I have to say…I don’t hate…In fact, I would totally wear these everyday!!!

Fabulous Footwear Friday

We ladies of the Tipsy Society are slaves to Dolce Vita sandals as we have mentioned quite a few times before. Whilst trolling through the new DVs of the season I ran across these MUST HAVE NOW sandals. Dear lord these are right up OUR alley, not even just mine. Like every single one of us Tipsy girls. You’re welcome girls.

DV Dolce Vita Nyle Sandal

The Young and the Laceless

I’m a huge fan of velcro or slip-on tennis shoes for my son because let’s face it…it’s hard enough to get shoes ON these days much less take the time to TIE them.  I mean come on. Anybody else have these troubles or is it just me and my speedy little munchkin?

We’ve been sporting these for a while and they have been fabulous but are getting a little ragged from daily wear.

  1. Morgan & Milo Kids LTT Slip-On Corduroy, Zappos
  2. Laceless Canvas Sneakers, Old Navy
  3. Geox Kids Jr Kiwi 7, Zappos
  4. Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker, Nordstrom
  5. Morgan & Milo Kids Avery H&L Suede, Zappos
  6. Morgan & Milo Kids Championship H&L, Zappos

Christmas in Review: Sarah

The Holidays this year could not have been better…ok, I could have done without the chilling cold and the torrential downpours, but other than that, it was a great low-key, and relaxing time!

I also must have been VERY good this year because Santa was VERY nice to me. Check out some of the loot:

  1. Michele 18mm Patent Leather Watch Strap
  2. Nikon D3100 Digital Camera
  3. “What to Cook and How to Cook it”
  4. McKenna Travel Folio

NY Resolutions: Sarah

I’m typically not a resolutions person because a) it’s usually takes too much time and energy to think of them and b) 0% chance of actual follow through; HOWEVER, I’m giving it a go this year! Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. (In other words, I want to focus on worrying less about things that really don’t matter and focus more on what does. This is a BIG one for me and something I need to work on for my own personal sanity!)

2. Exercise regularly. (3-4 times per week. Of course, I’ll step it up a notch after the baby is born.)

3. Fit back into my fave jeans. (This is where exercise will be KEY!)

4. Learn how to use my new SLR camera.

5. Save more $$$ in 2011 than I did in 2010. (This should be interesting since we’re adding a little bambino to the mix, but definitely attainable.)

There you have it folks…short, sweet, but I think I can do it! (And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I officially have fat pregnant face…booooo!)