In with the Oversized

I have ALWAYS been a person who prefers their clothing on the looser side.  My husband CAN NOT stand this about me… he would like for me to wear a bandage dress around the house all day every day. That is just not me. Right now I am really digging the trend of the oversized tee! It fits right into my comfort zone and allows me to stay right on trend at the same time. Here are a few that I think would look pretty good hanging in my closet.


Target, Short Sleeved Tee with Sheer Front
Old Navy, Pocket Crewneck Tee
Forever 21, Oversized Striped Tee
Gap, Luxe Jersey Baseball Tee
Forever 21, Colorblocked Dolman Top
LOFT, Star Jacquard Wedge Tee Blouse

Comfy Pants


I needed yall to be aware of these pants immediately because 1) they might be the most comfortable lounge pants I own and 2) they are on sale for $6 right now.  SIX DOLLARS.  There aren’t too many colors right now, but damnation just get the black ones. You will thank me later. I promise.


I saw all of these tops last week and I can’t stop thinking about them, that means I NEED them right?

  1. Women’s Bird-Print Charmeuse Blouses, Old Navy
  2. Marina Stripe Boatneck Top, LOFT
  3. Ruffle Trim Woven Henley Tunic, LOFT
  4. Women’s Striped Jersey Henleys, Old Navy

Captured by Chambray

I’m beginning to think that my love for chambray could very well trump my love of stripes in the very near future.  Could that really happen??? Well, I am coveting all of these chambray pieces hard core right now for my whole family.

  1. Old Navy, Red Chambray Shirt
  2. Gap, Mens Lightweight Chambray Jacket
  3. Target, Merona Chambray Scarf
  4. Gap, Chambray Driving Cap for Boys
  5. Alloy, Paper Bag Waist Pants
  6. Gap, Boys Chambray Button Down


Sweatin It in a Sweater

There are two things Texans don’t need many of: coats and sweaters. That does not keep me from wanting all the cozy numbers that show up in stores the second we drop into the 60 degree temps.  These are REALLY calling my name. They are also calling out that I may need a stripes intervention. I think every single item I like these days is striped.

  1. Old Navy, Striped Intarsia Sweater
  2. Forever 21, Wide Stripe Sweater
  3. Forever21, Striped Sweater Top
  4. Forever 21, Thick Stripe Sweater
  5. Forever 21, Colorblock Turtleneck Sweater



Coats, Jackets, and Vests!

Once again Old Navy has some super cute outerwear for winter! I’m loving all of these, though we only wear a coat here maybe twice during the winter…so I’d probably stick with a jacket or vest for layering.  For those of you in places that it actually snows, do you have lots of different coats you wear to change it up?  Just curious…

  1. Women’s Collarless Wool-Blend Coats
  2. Women’s Wool-Blend Tweed Vests
  3. Women’s Belted Wool-Blend Coats
  4. Women’s Faux-Shearling Vests
  5. Women’s Wool-Blend Cropped Military Jackets
  6. Women’s Wool-Blend Toggle Coats
  7. Women’s Wool-Blend Toggle Coats
  8. Women’s Shiny Frost Free Vests
  9. Women’s Wool-Blend Cropped Jackets

Plaid Mad

Plaid is definitely on my agenda for fall/winter. I’m seeing it everywhere and many times its in conjunction with ruffles (win!) or in a length that I can wear it with jeggings or leggings and my booty won’t be on display for all the world to see (win win!). Will you be wearing plaid in the near future and if so, what are you getting?

  1. Women’s Regular Long Sleeve Flannel Ruffle Popover Shirt, Landsend
  2. Lurex Plaid Ruffle Shirt, Express
  3. Plaid bayou tunic, J.Crew
  4. Longline Plaid Button Up w/Belt, Forever 21
  5. Urban Renewal Vintage Overdyed Plaid Flannel Boyfriend Shirt, Urban Outfitters
  6. Women’s Classic Flannel Shirts, Old Navy

Pink Jeans

I’m LOVING these pink jeggings.  They are kinda crazy no?  I think you can definitely tone them down with some navy, but which navy to go with? Ok, ok one of these is black and white, but the rest are navy.

  1. Stripe Boatneck Slub Tee, Shade clothing
  2. 1969 mid-weight legging jeans, Gap
  3. Women’s Polka-Dot Shirred-Sleeve Tops, Old Navy
  4. Women’s Smocked Printed Chiffon Tops, Old Navy
  5. Roll Cuff Shirt, Shade clothing

Sweater Weather

I’m ready! Ready for sweater weather…we are slowly getting there…at about 2:30p yesterday I noticed it was only 81 degrees.  That’s definitely a good sign. Old Navy has got some definite cuteness going on in the sweater arena.   Which be your fav?

  1. Women’s 3/4-Sleeve Sweaters
  2. Women’s Crew Neck Sweaters
  3. Women’s 3/4-Sleeve Sweaters
  4. Women’s Shawl Collar Cardigans
  5. Women’s Shawl-Collar Sweater Jackets

Sweating it Out

I’m waiting, very impatiently for the ability to wear sweaters and boots and scarves and to put a beanie on my still almost bald baby’s head. Old Navy’s new arrivals have me drooling and sweating all at the same time. Why must they taunt me with adorable fall finds when they know damn well I won’t be able to even think about putting them on for months! Riddle me that?

  1. Printed Zip Front Cardigans
  2. Raglan Boatneck Sweaters
  3. Shawl Collar Sleeveless Cardigans
  4. Faux Leather Riding Boots
  5. Colorblock Boatneck Tees
  6. Shawl Collar Cardigans