5 Things I Never Leave Home Without

Last week Susan at The Working Closet did a post entitled “5 Things I Never Leave Home Without“.  These are things that no matter where she’s going she never leaves home without them.  So it got me thinking…what would that be for me?  Some of the things she had on her list were on my list but some were also different.

  1. Hobo International Lauren Wallet-I think this is probably a given for most people but no matter what I am taking this with me because it houses a lot of the items below.  Mine isn’t yellow, it’s turquoise but alas I could not find that picture to show you.
  2. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Lip Color in Slopes-I come from a long line of ladies that without a doubt never go out without lipstick on.  Even my grandma at 88 would always have her lipstick on at all times.  We seem a little crazy don’t we?  We aren’t, I promise…we only have a slight case of the crazies.  So anyway, this is my fall/winter color that I wear.  I get sorta attached to lipshades and tend to stick with one color for a long long time.
  3. My iPhone-Because I will never forget the time when I ran out of gas and didn’t have my cell phone with me and I had to ask the person in the car next to me if I could use their cell to call my husband.  Awful, on so many levels.  At this point, with an iPhone it is also a great toddler distractor as well.
  4. Patemm Pad-Because I have a toddler, I can’t ever leave home without diaper equipment.  This changing pad is the best changing pad ever and I’ve told you about it before. I love that this pad can also hold my diapers and wipes and has a handle for carrying.  The best part about this changing pad is that its round and no matter where your kiddo is flailing, the changing pad will generally guard them from the scariness that is public restrooms.  My particular style of Patemm is called the “Deke” which I don’t think they make anymore, but you can definitely find some cuteness on their site.
  5. Aquaphor Lip Balm-I can never put lipstick on without first putting a lip balm on and while I have been a devotee of the L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm, it’s just too easy to pick up this Aquaphor Lip Balm at the grocery store or drug store.  It also works well in a mini manicure situation on your cuticles.

So tell me, what 5 things do you never leave home without?

The Best Changing Pad EVER!

Have you heard of this changing pad?  Dude, it’s SO THE BOMB!  It’s called a Patemm Pad and its round.  It folds up, it holds diapers, it holds wipes, it has a carrying handle so you can grab it and run out the door and you have everything you need for a quick trip.  It also fits perfectly in my Skip Hop Duo Deluxe diaper bag.

I’m telling you this changing pad will change your life.  I have this thing about public restrooms….you know like they are just feces infested germ caves..nothing major.  So when I have to change my child, the same child that squirms relentlessly during diaper changes, I’m always a little freaked about doing it in public because I just know his poor delicate baby skin might touch filth.  Well not with this changing pad I tell you!  You can just unfold it and part of the circle protects your kiddo from the evil backside of the flip out changing table and the other part of the circle is underneath.  PERFECT!  Now if I could just get that other kid to stop sneezing in our direction–pardon the glare I’m giving you as I shield my child, while cleaning my hands with Purell.

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