And the runner up is….

Runner!?!?  Baahahaha!  I crack my damn self up!

Anywho, I’m no Betty Crocker and my table isn’t always “set”, but I like to keep things looking pretty snazy.  AK and I were talking about investing in one of these.  I’m thinking a runner, some votive candles,  a few accents and my dinner table is good as new.

  1. Black Pier One – my fav, good for fall?
  2. Arabian World Market
  3. Garden Amazon
  4. Mexican Animal Pottery Barn
  5. Butterfly Pottery Barn
  6. Linen Amazon

Next mission, get my cats to not screw the damn thing while I’m gone.

Animal House!

Call me crazy (or look at me like I’ve lost my mind as my husband did when I told him), but I long to have all of these little critters all up in my kitchen!

  1. Pier One, Woodpecker Scissors
  2. Pier One, Hippo Chip Clip
  3. Pier One, Tucan Can Opener
  4. Pier One, Cow Creamer
  5. Pier One, Elephant Tea Pot
  6. Pier One, Octopus Dish Scrubbers

Glass Half Full…Um, Actually Way Too Full

The cabinet in my kitchen where I house my drinking glasses is full to the max! That doesn’t stop me from perusing stores for adorable glassware to sip my beverages out of. I may start breaking some of my least favorites just to load up on some of these.. sounds like a great idea to me!

  1. DirectFromMexico, Hand Blown Confetti Glass
  2. DirectFromMexico, Green Rimmed Rocks Glass
  3. Target, Tall Glass Tumblers
  4. Pier One, Kaleidoscope Stemless Goblet
  5. Pier One, Etched Stemless Wine Glasses
  6. Pier One, Cobalt Glassware
  7. Pier One, Festive Stripe Stemware
  8. Target, Room Essentials Stripes Tumblers
  9. Pier One, Bubble Tumblers