Fanged Pumpkins

You guys, I saw this via Pinterest and I just about died from the cuteness! I SOOOOO want to make these this year for Halloween.  I’m wondering  how long they will last after carving before they start to look all shrunken and gross?

Do you carve a pumpkin every year? Do you get creative or do the same old thing every year?

Pinterest: Party Time!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE finding cute stuff to incorporate into a party or shower.  It makes me happy.  So some of these finds have made me giddily happy.

  1. premixed cocktails in mason jars I’ve done jugs of margs before but man oh man what a great idea to just have individual servings, as easy as popping open a beer for your guest!!
  2. trio beverage dispenser
  3. mini tequila shots & tacos
  4. cool & easy party favors
  5. pre-scooped ice cream I could not love this idea for a kid’s party more

Pinterest: Kids

I could seriously go nuts with all the kid stuff I’m finding on Pinterest.  Here are a few that I’ve found so far and are literally blowing my mind. Specifically #3.  I’m on it with #3, need that STAT.

  1. monster knee
  2. rainbow rice
  3. mind jar
  4. shrink their artwork and frame it
  5. personalized board book
  6. kid tattoo for when you will be in a crowded place
  7. glowsticks in a bottle for night bowling

Tell me the latest and greatest kid thing you’ve seen lately.

Hump Day Happy Hour: Lime Sorbet Margaritas

Another Pinterest find…SUPER EASY!

Lime Sorbet in a sugar rimmed glass, add tequila!

Pinterest: Crafts

Continuing on with my Pinterest series…today I’m featuring craft ideas I’ve found that I may or may not attempt.  I’m going to do a kid post tomorrow that will have a few craft ideas in it as well, so stayed tuned for that.

  1. felt numbers for weeks/months of baby’s first year
  2. friendship bracelets
  3. mod podge canvas
  4. personalized tees made with bleach
  5. a simple clutch
  6. photo letter

Craft ideas you’ve run across recently. Go.

Pinterest: Food

The food on Pinterest, you guys, it’s just not good if you are trying to lose weight.  Just letting you know that now… Enter at your own risk.

  1. Sandwich Cookies
  2. Cake Batter Pie
  3. Lasagna Cups
  4. Cake Batter Bark
  5. Egg McMuffins
  6. Grill Packets
  7. Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie
  8. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries
  9. Chocolate Chip Stuffed Raspberries
  10. Muddy Buddies

What recipes have you drooled over lately?

Pinterest: Nails, Hair, Jewelry

As I said yesterday, I’m totally going to inundate you this week with all things Pinterest that I’ve fallen in love with recently. Imma lump nails, hair and jewelry together because, well, just because.

  1. Ombre Nails
  2. Lauren Conrad’s Ombre Nails

  1. Sock Bun Curls
  2. Waterfall Braid

  1. Curved Triangle Ring
  2. Yellow Necklace
  3. Gold/Turquoise Stacked Rings
  4. Orange/Red/Turquoise Bracelets
  5. Gold Stacked Rings
  6. Multi Colored Bracelets

What have you found on Pinterest recently?

Pinterest: Outfit Love

Hi my name is AK and I’m a Pinterest addict.  This is a recent development in my life, so bear with me as I show you this week all the things I’ve fallen in love with on Pinterest.

Today I’m starting with outfits.  Seeing all these outfits gives me a ton of inspiration to shop my closet and put things together that I normally wouldn’t.  It also makes me long for fall/winter so I can start wearing my beloved cardigans again.

  1. mustard cardigan/striped top/light blue shorts
  2. coral top/aqua necklace (if you are not currently following Kendi Everyday I IMPLORE you to start, I love her outfits and love her humor)
  3. grey top/gold statement necklace (I found this via Ms Cardigan Junkie herself who you should also be following)
  4. aqua cardigan/coral and white striped top
  5. black and white top/turquoise necklace/ruffle cardigan
  6. burnt orange cardigan/gingham top/leopard shoes
  7. blue top/orange scarf/fun earrings
  8. grey tee/orange cardigan/turquoise jewelry/tan bag

Are you on Pinterest? Have you found an outfit combo you love lately, do tell!

Everyday Turquoise

I saw these the other day on Pinterest and could not love them more.  I think they’d be a great alternative to the diamond stud as an everyday kind of earring.  (at least in my turquoise obsessed world)  Of course when I went to the link they were sold out.  I went on the hunt for some similar and these are some that I found.

  1. Socialite Studs, Forever 21
  2. Juicy Couture Pyramid Pave Stud Earrings, Bloomingdales
  3. Sterling Silver Turquoise Austrian Crystal Stud Earrings, Overstock
  4. Gold Tone Turquoise White CZ Trim Stud Earring, Amazon
  5. Anzie Royale Turquoise Stud Earrings in White Topaz, Max & Chloe
  6. Sterling Silver Square Synthetic Turquoise Stud Earrings, Silver Speck