Christmas in Review: Sarah

The Holidays this year could not have been better…ok, I could have done without the chilling cold and the torrential downpours, but other than that, it was a great low-key, and relaxing time!

I also must have been VERY good this year because Santa was VERY nice to me. Check out some of the loot:

  1. Michele 18mm Patent Leather Watch Strap
  2. Nikon D3100 Digital Camera
  3. “What to Cook and How to Cook it”
  4. McKenna Travel Folio

Cozy Up With Some Wine

If you have a party or a neighbor that you need to get a little gift for, why not spruce up a bottle of wine and give that?  Here’s some super cute cozies that I found.  I think it’s a tie between #2 and #6 for me.  Which one is your fav?

  1. Deer Head Wine Topper, At West End
  2. Wine Bottle Sleeve, The Unique Bird Etsy Shop
  3. Santa Hat & Scarf Set, Christina’s Yarn Crafts Etsy Shop
  4. Wine Bag Lush, Since Sass Etsy Shop
  5. Stole Wine Choker, Pottery Barn
  6. Curly Hat Santa Wine Topper, At West End

Holiday Gift Guides: Under $50

Most of us are on a strict holiday budget, with a LOT of people to buy for, but being on a budget doesn’t mean skimping on great gifts! Here are a few things I’ve found that people in my life may or may not be receiving:

  1. Sundance, Garnet Showcase Earrings
  2. Amazon, Collegiate Deluxe Chair
  3. Anthropologie, Tortoise Necker
  4. Pottery Barn, Quilted Velvet Cosmetic Bags
  5. Bombat Washer Co., Collegiate Washer Set
  6. Restoration Hardware, Luxury Plush Throw
  7. Pottery Barn, McKenna Travel Folio
  8. Etsy, Double Ruffle Scarf in Jersey Fabric

Furniture Times Deaux

I previously told you how to have designer furniture on a budget, and I wanted to share with you my latest investment!

The picture on top is a Pottery Barn piece that I used as the inspiration for the turquoise piece that is currently in my home…The only difference? Besides the color…was saving almost $500…WOOT!

And the runner up is….

Runner!?!?  Baahahaha!  I crack my damn self up!

Anywho, I’m no Betty Crocker and my table isn’t always “set”, but I like to keep things looking pretty snazy.  AK and I were talking about investing in one of these.  I’m thinking a runner, some votive candles,  a few accents and my dinner table is good as new.

  1. Black Pier One – my fav, good for fall?
  2. Arabian World Market
  3. Garden Amazon
  4. Mexican Animal Pottery Barn
  5. Butterfly Pottery Barn
  6. Linen Amazon

Next mission, get my cats to not screw the damn thing while I’m gone.

Build Me a Nest

I would literally sleep in, under, on top of these they are so cute.

  1. Wood Nesting Tables
  2. Wood and Glass Nesting Tables
  3. Red Nesting Tables
  4. Modern Nesting Tables – JC PENNEY, who knew ???
  5. Colored Nesting Tables
  6. Deco Nesting Tables – ok, if anyone can find a set of these, HOLLA at me. SOLD OUT, whhhaaa?

Bring on the Tables

Occasional tables that is…

  1. El Paso Import Co., Lalji Nightstand w/ Glass 
  2. El Paso Import Co., Indian Metal Nail Head End Table
  3. El Paso Import Co., Spindle with Shelf
  4. El Paso Import Co., Plank Table
  5. CB2, Harvey Carbon Nightstand
  6. Pottery Barn, Tanner Nesting Tables

Don’t Forget Your Coaster!

I love Friends. That has and always will be my favorite show of all time. Monica Gellar Bing would never have forgotten her coaster and neither should you! Especially with cute ones like these:

  1. Etsy, Personalized Modern Coasters
  2. Target, Abaca Coasters
  3. Etsy, Glass Coaster Picture Frames
  4. Crate and Barrel, Ole’ Coasters
  5. Amazon, Vintage Vinyl LP Record Coasters
  6. Pottery Barn, Antique-Silver Drink Coasters

Fahionable and Functional

I recently joined the glorious world of working from home, and, while my job definitely has its perks, I’m finding the long hours I spend in my super-cute home office are getting extremely uncomfortable. I blame this mostly on the chair…SO…I’m on the hunt for both  fashionable AND functional home office chair…what do you think of these???

  1. Crate and Barrel; Ripple Leather Office Chair
  2. Ikea, Patrik Swivel Chair
  3. Ikea, Skruvsta Swivel Chair
  4. Pottery Barn, Swivel Desk Chair
  5. Pottery Barn, Wingate Rattan Swivel Desk Chair
  6. Target, Sydney Office Chair
  7. CB2, Bubble Office Chair

Pretty as a Penny

I’ve found myself admiring any and all things that are made of copper here lately…I’m not sure when or why this obsession started, but I am LOVING it and here are a few of my faves:

  1. Pottery Barn, Copper Bucket
  2. Anthropologie, Redsmith Dining Chair
  3. Anthropologie, Metals & Petals Vase
  4. Etsy, Hammered Copper Pans
  5. Etsy, Extra Large Copper Hoops