No Laces

A couple of weeks ago Der did a post about having a change of heart about wearing tennis shoes and then Danielle from elleinad spir did a post about these Pumas she was loving on, which reminded me about some Puma slip ons I had in my closet.  I wore those and then ended up buying some black ones like Danielle has.  They are a cross between a flat and a tennis shoe and oh so comfy.  The PERFECT COMBO!  These go with everything and I would definitely wear them all!!  I know Court has always been a huge Puma fan as well and may even own some of these herself.

  1. Zappos, Puma Saba Patent
  2. Puma, Rudolf  Dassler Rhythm
  3. Zappos, Puma Saba Ballet
  4. Puma, Arayla Sequin
  5. Puma, Saba Ballet
  6. Puma, Espera II Ballerina Flat

Fabulous Footwear Friday

Could these be anymore me?

I would wear these everywhere, including to work.  Puma has always been so good to me.  So if any of you would like to contribute to the help Court get a hundred dollar pair of shoes fund, I’m all for that.

Lil Kicks

My son has been living in crocs this summer and I figured we needed to get him some tennis shoes for fall/winter.  So I went on the hunt and OMG there are so many cute ones.  I had trouble deciding between cute and colorful and cute and neutral.  The Dr. Seuss ones are ADORABLE!  I really wanted to go with something that was easy to put on and take off.  I ultimately ended up with #3 and I could not love them more.  They are so easy to put on and they are neutral with a bit color with the orange stitching.  LOVE THEM!

  1. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
  2. Zappos, Kangaroos Combat Hook & Loop
  3. Piperlime, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2 Strap
  4. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star V3 Ox2
  5. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Double Tongue Ox2
  6. Zappos, Puma Kids Rio Racer
  7. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Slip
  8. Zappos, Vans Classic Slip On Core

Christmas Wishlist: CR Edition

So a few of these are completely outrageous, because I can’t imagine spending the $.  But in a world where money didn’t matter, here is a list of the things I want to see under my tree.

  1. Z Gallerie Lithe Vases ($14.95 – $18.95) – simple, yet intricate.  Would be perfect for my bamboo!
  2. Hello Kitty Ceramic Watches ($995 – 2900) – yes, I am 29 and 3/4’s and am an admitted Hello Kitty junkie.  These watches are too cute.
  3. Urban Outfitters Head Band ($18.00) – not even sure this would look good on me, just seems really unique and funky, like me.
  4. Yellow Strauss Toms (54.00) – fun and funky.
  5. Tyler Diva Scented Candle ($17.95) – I am just obsessed with these candles and this scent.
  6. Ikea Red Clock ($29.99) – love love love this cute little ticker.
  7. Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave ($79.99) – this is a want, definitely not a need.  But if I could pick any out there, this wireless mouse and keyboard surely have my vote.
  8. Rotating Spheres Arc Floor Lamp ($79.99) – I am certain this would complete my house’s transformation to an Asian wannabe home.
  9. Pottery Barn Fruitwood Pillar Holders ($22.99) – too cute, very simple.  I love candles and am sure I would be able to find some which would a nice reason to have these around.
  10. Ivy Mirror and ID Case ($16.00) – did I also ever mention that I am notorious for constantly misplacing my ID, debit card, keys, mind, and sanity.  Think this will help???
  11. Puma Hoodie ($69.00) – did I ever mention I am obsessed with Hoodies?  Any of the Tipsy girls can attest to this.  I am convinced this is the perfect hoodie for me.
  12. Oh and did I mention this little guy (priceless) – no comment :).