Hump Day Happy Hour: Madras (Fall in Love)

We have our first The Tipsy Wedding Project update for you!!  We begin in pure Tipsy fashion with the drink that Christen chose.  If you’ll recall we gave our suggestions and then asked for yours.

Christen and Ed picked a madras to serve to their guests and decided to name it after one of the ideas our commenters threw at them, the “Fall in Love”.

1 oz orange juice
1.5 oz vodka
3 oz cranberry
garnish with an orange slice!

(served on the rocks in a cocktail glass)

Here’s the backstory Christen gave us on the drink decision:

We started playing around with some of the recipes provided by you Tipsy gals, which was really fun, as you can imagine!  We’d mix up ingredients and try different combos, but never really hit on a clear choice.  Then I rememered how much I like the madras.  So I mixed one up for me, one for Ed and he agreed it was tasty!  We didn’t want something too girly-pink or too hardcore (like a martini) and this was a good medium.  The color was fun, we could easily garnish with an orange slice, and it was easy enough for the bartender to make in batches and serve up.  Winner!