I am determined to complete, by the end of this month, stockings for everyone in the family so that when Christmas decorations come out, everyone in the family has a stocking.  I’m not a master on the sewing machine but I can do some basics.  So my plan is to do the stocking itself out of felt.  I am going to do names out of material and iron them on via this tutorial on Sir Bubbadoo.   And then I saw in my Sundance catalog, this stocking that has a pocket for your letter to Santa! So I think it’s all coming together in my mind.  I’ll post an update of the completed stockings if they don’t look like total ass.

In other news, did you know that you can get a personalized letter back from Santa after you send yours off? Thanks to Danielle, now I do!

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Etsy Spotlight: Sir Bubbadoo

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when I find a store that has super cute modern baby goods.  So I had to share when I came across Sir Bubbadoo. You will definitely want to check this store out.  Every. Single. Thing. in it is ADORABLE.  I even went so far as to scour the sold items and then moved on to the blog.