Christmas Wishlist: Sarah Edition

I think the rule should be…if you’re carrying a baby around in your stomach, you should get everything on your list…right!?!?!?!

  1. Target, Simply Shabby Chic® Blue Linen Duvet Set: My house if over run with red…including my 2 guest rooms…I think this would tone down my fave color and add a lot of warmth.
  2. Best Buy, Nikon D3100: You know, to take fabulous pics of my sure-to-be adorable bambino(a).
  3. Anthropologie,  Beaded Swag Bib Necklace: I don’t think I have any yellow jewelry!
  4. Amazon, Fiesta Oval Serving Bowl: I learned from my girl AK, you can never have too many serving pieces! 🙂
  5. Amazon, Fiesta Utensil Crock: You know, to also break up the oh so much red in my house…
  6., Tamarac Pile-lined Moccasin: These are for my soon to come swollen ankles…
  7. The Container Store, Double Acrylic Shelves: I would actually use this as a small end table in my nursery…so it’s not “technically” for me.
  8. Sur la Table, Cuisinart Mini Food Processor: I’m actually considering making my own baby food and I hear a food processor is a must…so again, “technically” not for me.

Holiday Gift Guides: The Parentals

If you are like me, you struggle every year with what to get your parents for Christmas.  Generally I can get by with finding something for my mom, but for my dad–that’s a tough one.  As I went on the hunt I found some pretty cool things….granted, some of these are out of my price range but they may not be out of yours so I thought I’d pass them along!

  1. Frontgate, Amplified Phone with Answering System-check out the HUGE numbers and the PHOTO speed dials!
  2. Old Navy, Cable Knit Cocoon Cardigan
  3. American Apparel, Circle Scarf
  4. Sur La Table, Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Grill Humidifier
  5. Amazon, Vacuum Seal Marinizer System
  6. Williams-Sonoma, Monogrammed Forged Steak Brand
  7. Crate and Barrel, Pixie Candleholder
  8. Sundance, Mason Jar Snowglobe
  9. Crate and Barrel, Fiesta At Rick’s Cookbook by Rick Bayless
  10. Sur La Table, Jura Cup Warmer-OMG this is so cool!
  11. The Home Depot, Wireless Rain Gauge
  12. The Home Depot, Ames Water Genie

Holiday Gift Guides: The Home Cook

I’ve said before that I’m not the cook in the family, I can cook but my husband loves to cook so I let him take the lead on that.  So I know come Christmastime that he’s going to want some sort of cooking/kitchen/cutlery gadget or tool of some sort.  I asked him what would be his cooking wishlist this year and these were the items that he hand picked.

  1. Star Wars Sandwich Cutters, Williams-Sonoma
  2. Eco Coffee Cup, Amazon
  3. Ad Hoc at Home, Amazon
  4. Microplane Rasp Grater, Williams-Sonoma
  5. Kyocera Red Ceramic Santoku Knife, Sur La Table
  6. Char-Broil Oil Less Infrared Turkey Fryer, Amazon
  7. SousVide Supreme Water Oven, Amazon

Keeping your Hands Cool

I’ve been in need of some new potholders here lately and some of these have caught my eye:

  1. Sur la Table, Silicon Pinch Grips
  2. Anthropologie, Dotty Match Pot Holder
  3. Target, Marcus Samuelsson Pot Holders
  4. Sur la Table, Silicon Pot Handle Covers
  5.  Crate and Barrel, Silicon Potholder-Trivet

Happy Father’s Day

To all the men in my life: If I could I would get each of you these things I have envisioned in my head…this is what they would be:

For my hubby: (1) A new knife because you love cooking me dinner every night and because this was under the “new” section at Sur la Table so I’m positive you don’t have this one yet.  And also, the latest and greatest (2) iPhone because I know you want one even though you haven’t said anything to me about it.

For my Dad: (3) This rotating water broom thing.  It just screams YOU.

For my Bro: I know you are working on your house a ton, so I figure you might need (6) something in this arena.

For my Father-in-Law: A (5) Golf Cabbie Hat, because I think they look cool and because you play golf.  I think that means you’d look cool playing golf with this on…so WIN WIN!

What I ended up getting everyone: Pictures of your son/grandson/nephew from (4) Portrait Innovations.  You know you love them!

Fiesta en Mi Backyarda

The weather has been pretty nice here lately and its got me itchin’ to have my hubby fire up the grill and have a big ole backyard fiesta!  You know with fajitas, guacamole, margs, tequila shots..what? All I need now is my peeps and some Pat Green to get the party started!

  1. Crate and Barrel, Fuego Plates
  2. Crate and Barrel, Fuego Chip and Dip
  3. Direct From Mexico, Blue Rimmed Hand Blown Shot Glass-I once had a small fiesta where everyone had to take a shot of Patron prior to entering the casa…total icebreaker I tell ya…(you notice I said once…yeah I can’t do those anymore because at this rate it takes me several days to recover from something like that…)
  4. Crate and Barrel, Granada Glasses
  5. Crow’s Nest Trading Co, Serape Linens-I might have to breakdown and buy these
  6. Crate and Barrel, Molcajete
  7. Julio’s, Julio’s Mild Salsa-the best salsa EVER…Sarah will back me up on this.
  8. Crate and Barrel, Calypso Citron Summer Drink Glasses-a cool alternative to your typical marg glass
  9. Sur la Table, Terra Cotta Tortilla Warmer-we have a ceramic tortilla warmer and we even use it to warm up meat and whatnot, quite useful!

Pretty As A Pitcher

I love me some serving pieces.  I’ve been told that I probably have one too many.  HOWEVER….I don’t have too many pitchers!!  So there!  I do own a couple of the one with the ice container (#5) and I have to say they do come in handy.  But my personal fav is the confetti one (#3)  just because I love all things Mexico as you know.  I can just PITCHER it in my kitchen.

  1. Sundance, Russel Wright Pitcher
  2. Target, sengWare Pitcher, Tangerina
  3. Direct From Mexico, Multi-Color Confetti Mexican Water Pitcher
  4. World Market, Novica Cobalt Spirals of Thought Glass Pitcher
  5. Walmart, Refrigerator Square Glass Pitcher
  6. Sur La Table, Italian Kufra Pitcher with Ice Container

Christmas Wishlist: AK Edition

Der thought it’d be a good idea if we all shared our dream Christmas Wishlists for this year–she explicitly said if money was no object what would you ask for.  So I picked a little something something or alot of something something.  But I categorized it for you foos because I’m OCD like that.  Anyway…have at it.  I’m drooling.

Shoes & Accessories

ak-xmas wishlist accessories and shoes

  1. Boden, Patent Buckle Flats-Navy – I love love love this color combo.
  2. Piperlime, Bernardo Google-Red – I’ve been wanting a driving moc
  3. Zappos, PUMA Cabana Racer II Wn’s-Hi Risk Red/White/Blue Mist – a vintage tennis shoe mixed with the bomb color combo..could not be more AK
  4. Dreams Corner Etsy Shop, Scarf ruffle gray in wool italian fabric with vintage button – ohhhh ruffles, yes please
  5. bossa, Shiraleah Recession collection tote bag-Pewter – I’ve been looking for a metallic purse that’s not to out there…I think this might be it.
  6. Levenger, Pen Pocket Briefcase with Pen – a cute little notepad to have with me to write down stuff to remember since I can’t remember shit anymore–can you say old?
  7. Abas, Cate Accordian-Classique Blue – this was on my list last year, turquoise…my favorite color
  8. UGG, Women’s Classic Cardy-Grey – this was newly added thanks to Court


ak-xmas wishlist jewelry

  1. Sundance, Pitter-Patter Ring – not sure what it is about this ring, I’m just drawn to it.
  2. Craftsbury Kids, Custom Silhouette Pendants-Medium – would I ever be able to get a profile shot of my 14 mo to send in for one of these…aren’t they SO cute??
  3. Sundance, Modern Times Watch-Blue –  again, the color combo got me…would be a great occasional watch
  4. Sleeks Etsy Shop, Silk Necklace-Slate Grey – I love this and am envisioning it sprucing up my tee collections
  5. Sundance, Champagne Pincushion Ring –  I don’t wear gold much but man o man this is a statement ring
  6. Silver Tribe, Native American Navajo Indian Multicolor Sterling Silver Bead Necklace Jewelry – picture it…a navy tee with this necklace…OMG
  7. Belartes, Tagua Adjustable Necklace – this one is thanks to O Magazine..aren’t they gorgeous??


ak-xmas wishlist clothes

  1. Sundance, Jacket Militaire-Ice Blue – I love how this is the perfect shade of bright..right up my alley
  2. Kate Boggiano, Tank Top-Sparkling Grape – I have a couple of these in neutral colors and would love to brighten up my collection.
  3. Nordstrom, Velvet by Graham & Spencer “Kylea” Sequin Tank –  Sequins are everywhere in stores, have you noticed?
  4. Chadwicks, Sculptural Cross Neck Babydoll – Love this neckline AND the color
  5. Target, Merona Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck Top – Newport Aqua – This sleeve length is perfect for Houston weather–its a turtleneck but a shorter sleeve–perfecto
  6. Victoria’s Secret-Open cardigan tee-Blackberry – COMFY is what comes to mind when I see this..and adorable.

Odds & Ends

ak-xmas wishlist odds and ends

  1. Sur la Table, Copco Round Bag Caps – Chip clips are so 2008
  2. The Container Store, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes – This would be the beginning of my dream closet
  3. Amazon, Vacu Vin Glass Markers Party People – Another new edition thanks to Sarah
  4. happytape, so many pretty solids 20pak – My brown paper bag wrapping would be so happy
  5. Amazon, Jiffy Steamer ESTEAM Travel Steamers-Pink – a PINK clothing steamer!! SQUEEEEE!
  6. Bed Bath & Beyond, Amy Butler Bath Towels-One of each please – I couldn’t believe it when I saw these..I would buy all different ones and mix them up because I’m eclectic like that.


ak-xmas wishlist gadgets

  1. Sur la Table, Skybar Wine System – It’s like WHAT?! are we at the AK casa or a wine bar?!
  2. Urban Outfitters, Speedball Screenprinting Kit – I would love to learn how to do this
  3. Paper Source, Letterpress Machine Combo Kit – Again I would love to learn how to do this
  4. Amazon, Kindle Wireless Reading Device – I would load this sucker up and take it with me wherever I went
  5. Amazon, Polaroid CZA-10011B PoGo Instant Mobile Printer – Isn’t this the coolest thing?
  6. The Demy – A recipe gadget, perfect, love it.


ak-xmas wishlist books

  1. Amazon, Confections of a Closet Master Baker: One Woman’s Sweet Journey from Unhappy Hollywood Executive to Contented Country Baker – About Sandra Bullock’s sister
  2. Amazon, Kirtsy Takes a Bow: A Celebration of Women’s Online Favorites – The pictures I’ve seen online alone are drawing me to this book
  3. Amazon, Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood – 10 secrets to anything is intriguing to me
  4. Amazon, Twilight – Yes, I admit, I might be the last person on Earth that hasn’t read this book or seen the movie..I should start, yes?
  5. Amazon, Guac Off! – The perfect end to this post–Guac Guac Guac–I have an unhealthy obssession to it, but it’s the good fat right?

So what’s on your wishlist this year?

My Glass, your glass, WHOSE GLASS!?!?

Stop the madness now and invest in some of these awesome glass markers!

  1. This Wine is Mine, Personalized Wine Markers
  2. Etsy, Vintage Oija Boards
  3. Etsy, Custom Wine Charms
  4. Sur la Table, Wine Lines
  5. Amazon, Vacu Vin Party People Glass Markers
  6. Etsy, Winter Wonderland Wine Charmer Gift Set

Guy Gift Guide – Chef Edition

Your significant other is a guy and a chef, and you are looking for ideas to get him for Christmas and/or other Holidays celebrated at the end of the calendar year. I’m here to help… I’m Jesse, the husband of Tipsy AK, and a self-proclaimed chef wannabe.. mostly wannabe. Here are seven ideas to purchase for that inner chef of yours:

  1. Square grill pan ($99) so most guys grill steaks outside, but at some point try to move it inside, searing the steak on the cooktop and finishing in the oven. The trouble I always found was that most grill pans have this very annoying long handle. With this grill pan, you can put the grill directly in the middle of the oven without a handle. Score!
  2. Shun Japanese Vegetable ($119.95) Knives are pretty personal, but if he doesn’t have this knife he’s missing out. This knife is very sharp, fits nicely in your hand, and is unique (which helps increase bragging potential).
  3. Food Grinder for Stand Mixer ($49) Things guys enjoy: sausage and hamburgers; with this grinder, your man can buy steaks and grind his own hamburger meat which is cool for 2 reasons: a) ever had a burger thats 1/3 brisket, 1/3 sirloin, and 1/3 chuck? (Thomas Keller has). b) Making your own sausage? come on, that’s just awesome.
  4. Herb Grinder ($9.95) Many recipes, such as homemade pizza, call for fresh herbs… I’d like to use this to grinder up and chop fresh rosemary for focaccia bread, or maybe some fresh thyme for a steak. Either way, simple and easy gift.
  5. Granite Mortle & Pestle ($32.95) I heart this, honestly I do. You use this to grind up garlic, or create your own spice rub with whole peppercorns. You can even grind up the avocados and ingredients and serve guacamole at the table in this thing. love it.
  6. Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Maker ($72) I like to think that Mukka really means Mocha, even though there’s no evidence to support this theory… What I like about this maker is that you can make cappuccinos, or in my case mochas, with no fuss at all. You add water, ground espresso, milk and you set it on the stove. Consider this a way to save much moneys in 2010 (cow or aluminum … your choice!).
  7. Cooking Class ($60 or so) .. Houston has Leisure Learning, Texas has Central Market cooking classes , and everywhere else has Sur La Table cooking classes has excellent cooking classes too. I’ve been to several and have loved and learned something new every time.

Jesse is a guest author; his claim to fame is being Tipsy Society author AK’s husband. He creates websites at