In with the Oversized

I have ALWAYS been a person who prefers their clothing on the looser side.  My husband CAN NOT stand this about me… he would like for me to wear a bandage dress around the house all day every day. That is just not me. Right now I am really digging the trend of the oversized tee! It fits right into my comfort zone and allows me to stay right on trend at the same time. Here are a few that I think would look pretty good hanging in my closet.


Target, Short Sleeved Tee with Sheer Front
Old Navy, Pocket Crewneck Tee
Forever 21, Oversized Striped Tee
Gap, Luxe Jersey Baseball Tee
Forever 21, Colorblocked Dolman Top
LOFT, Star Jacquard Wedge Tee Blouse

Sandal Weather

I’m ready for sandal weather aren’t yall? I believe these may have to be a purchase in the very near future for me, but which color to choose!

Mossimo Nina Braided Strap Thong, Target

Captured by Chambray

I’m beginning to think that my love for chambray could very well trump my love of stripes in the very near future.  Could that really happen??? Well, I am coveting all of these chambray pieces hard core right now for my whole family.

  1. Old Navy, Red Chambray Shirt
  2. Gap, Mens Lightweight Chambray Jacket
  3. Target, Merona Chambray Scarf
  4. Gap, Chambray Driving Cap for Boys
  5. Alloy, Paper Bag Waist Pants
  6. Gap, Boys Chambray Button Down


Getting Organized

I’m in the midst of a complete closet overhaul.  I have a lot of stuff to get rid of and I also have a lot of things I want to reorganize.  I’ve been searching pinterest and googling tips and organization tools to get my closet all spiffed up.  One of the ideas I ran across was to use a regular old bath robe or bath towel hook for your belts.  So I headed to my neighborhood Target and instead of getting the regular bath/towel hook I had planned on, I ran across these and thought it might be even better.  So far so good! There were different sizes that will hold different weights.  If you decide to go this route you might want to take into account that you can’t hang a tiny belt on the wide hook, so you might want to get different sizes for different belts, but man otherwise, this is getting my organizational juices going!

A Birthday for the Cars Obsessed

My oldest son will be 3 in October and his current obsession is Cars 2. He knows what country the racers are from, what their numbers are, where the 3 races in the World Grand Prix take place, etc etc. So, we play with cars every. single. day.  Keeping that in mind I’ve been trying to come up something for his birthday.  I’ve got 3 different things in mind that are potential winners.

  1. Park & Play Service Garage (CP Toys)- works with die-cast cars, has multiple ramps for driving or crashing vehicles (omg), has a working elevator (omg omg), and a car wash (omg omg omg)!!
  2. Disney Pixar Cars 2 Charge Ups Track Set (Target)- you charge up cars and then they race around the track on their own
  3. Quercetti Super Marble Run Vortis (Amazon)- or a marble run of some sort. The kiddo got to play with one of these in real life and dude was busy for a WHILE.

So tell me other moms of car obsessed children, what do I need?

Coats Under $40!

Target has a LOT of cute new coats for fall/winter and of course I’m checking them out because now that our highs are like 87 I feel like its downright chilly here!  The best thing about all of these coats is that they are under $40!!

  1. Mossimo Supply Co. Military Knit Jacket
  2. Xhilaration Bomber Jacket
  3. Xhilaration Side-Zip Moto Jacket
  4. Merona Water Repellent Short Trench Coat

Fabulous Footwear Friday

This is a test.  I’m testing out to see if I do a BOOT for Fabulous Footwear Friday will the temperatures here where we live drop like 30 degrees.  So here goes…

Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Kailey Tall Boots, Target

I’m still waiting….

Target on Top of Their Game

I can never go into Target without browsing their clothing section. Through my recent perusing, this is what I laid my eyes on and I am oh too smitten!

  1. Target, Sleeveless Top with Looped Ruffles
  2. Target, Slub Scoop Neck Dress
  3. Target, Iris Woven Top
  4. Target, Converse One Star Maggie Abstract Print Top
  5. Target, Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie
  6. Target, Tab Sleeve Cardigan

The Perfect Shoes

My baby loving friend Court gifted my son with the BEST first shoes ever. AJ’s feet are big and fat and would not fit in most shoes I tried to shove his poor foot into. When we received these they were perfect to say the least! I went back and bought more pairs in bigger sizes and colors just in case they don’t still have them when we need them. They are soft and flexible, yet don’t make him look like a street urchin when I let him down in public places. Well done, Court!

Target, Trumpette Too Infant Tennie

The Perfect Workout Tee

A couple of weeks ago Danielle from posted about a tee she wears to workout in and said she LOVED them and owned tons of them.  So I thought I’d give them a try and I gotta agree! These are the softest tees ever, very lightweight and my absolute favorite tee for workout now.  Plus, the best thing? They are $8!!

Mossimo Juniors Pocket Tee, Target