iPhone Apps: TeuxDeux

Remember when I posted about TeuxDeux as a web application that can keep you sane? Well they FINALLY came out with an iPhone App and it SYNCS with what you already have listed on your computer.  It’s the BOMB! Check it out!

Sites for Sanity

I’ve got a few websites that make living my life a ton easier.  The best thing about them is that they are FREE.  So check these sites out my peeps…


My husband and I use this site for all things money budgeting.  You link your bank accounts, credit card accounts, home loan, car loans, 401k, IRA and the list goes on and on.  Once you’ve done that, you can tell where your money is going, if you are on budget or not and really anything else you ever wanted to know.  We can just log in and see if we’ve eaten out one too many times this month and know that we need to tone it down.  And don’t worry–its secure–like bank-level security secure.


I’m a list-maker.  It helps me breathe when I make a list of everything I need to do for the day.  Problem is, I can’t ever find a pen when I need one!  Teuxdeux.com is super duper simple.  You just type in what you need to do when and click on the stuff as you complete things.  If you don’t complete all your tasks, it automatically moves those items to the next day for you.


Totspot has been a lifesaver since we had our little bambino.  It’s sorta like Facebook for kiddos.  Basically instead of trying to email a ton of people whenever we have little updates or pictures or what have you, we just enter it all in totspot and totspot emails everyone at once for us.    It’s very secure so only the people that are your kiddo’s friends/family can see the info.  Family/Friends can comment on photos or anything really they want to.  There are growth charts so you can record doctor appointment stats …I’m telling you it’s all VERY cool!