Acrylic Obsession

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m obsessed with anything and everything that’s made out of acrylic these days. I haven’t actually purchased any of these items, but they’re on my SERIOUS wish list right about….NOW!

  1. CB2, Acrylic Leaning Wine Rack
  2. Amazon, Acrylic Nesting Tables
  3. The Container Store, Acrylic Shelves
  4. Amazon, Anime Chair (set of 2)
  5. Crate and Barrel, Acrylic 5×7 Block Frame
  6. The Container Store, Magazine Slipcase

New Year’s Resolutions: AK 2011

Last year was the first year I really made New Year’s resolutions.  I think I was a bit too ambitious with some of my list.  I did plow through several of them, but a couple just were not feasible.  I definitely got my closet organized, the extra bedroom closet organized and the junk drawer organized.  I got in more date nights with my hubby and made a ton of those movie nights as well!  I started off the year reading a lot more but ended the year with not reading again.

So this year I’ve decided to shorten my list and have everything be 100% attainable.  Here goes:

  1. After having a baby in May, definitely get back into my twice a week gym routine, no matter what. (shoes here.)
  2. Take more pictures.  We took a ton of pictures of my son his first year and at a certain point that sorta dropped off.  I want to have these memories and I definitely want the new baby to have all of his baby pictures to look at when he’s older as well. (Does anyone have one of these “best of both worlds” cameras? yay or nay?)
  3. Get craftier.  I still want to do the baby clothes quilt of my son’s first year.  I would love to crochet a blanket. I would also love to start doing more crafty projects with my son, especially for Christmas!  If I get one of these accomplished this year I will count that as a success!
  4. Keep organized along the way.  We just cleaned out the extra bedroom to make room for baby #2 and it was super simple because we had organized it last year.  I want to continue to keep things organized so that I don’t have to take time to overhaul things because it’s gotten so bad.

So there you have it, much shorter but I think definitely attainable!

Christmas Wishlist: Sarah Edition

I think the rule should be…if you’re carrying a baby around in your stomach, you should get everything on your list…right!?!?!?!

  1. Target, Simply Shabby Chic® Blue Linen Duvet Set: My house if over run with red…including my 2 guest rooms…I think this would tone down my fave color and add a lot of warmth.
  2. Best Buy, Nikon D3100: You know, to take fabulous pics of my sure-to-be adorable bambino(a).
  3. Anthropologie,  Beaded Swag Bib Necklace: I don’t think I have any yellow jewelry!
  4. Amazon, Fiesta Oval Serving Bowl: I learned from my girl AK, you can never have too many serving pieces! 🙂
  5. Amazon, Fiesta Utensil Crock: You know, to also break up the oh so much red in my house…
  6., Tamarac Pile-lined Moccasin: These are for my soon to come swollen ankles…
  7. The Container Store, Double Acrylic Shelves: I would actually use this as a small end table in my nursery…so it’s not “technically” for me.
  8. Sur la Table, Cuisinart Mini Food Processor: I’m actually considering making my own baby food and I hear a food processor is a must…so again, “technically” not for me.

Death by Paper

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…between my husband and myself, I feel like I’m constantly DROWNING in paper. So, once again, I went on a hunt for some cute filing options. Here is what I came up with:

  1. The Container Store, Translucent File Tote
  2. The Container Store, Brocade Desktop File
  3. The Container Store, Silver Hanging File Box
  4. Etsy, Vintage Red Industrial File Box
  5. Etsy, Kelly Green Industrial Storage File Box/Drawer
  6. Etsy, Antique Yawman and Erbe Mfg Co Oak Filing Lock Box

Organizing Essentials

I’m typically an organized person, but I feel like, here lately, I’ve been living in organized chaos. So, I’m officially on a mission to get every closet, drawer, and cabinet in tip-top-shape over the next few months. Here are some recent finds that are helping me with my mission.

  1. The Container Store, Feathergrain Bins: Bins, any bin, are great for those odds and ends that you really don’t have a place for. They can be stored under any table, or anything for that matter, to chicly disguise your clutter.
  2. OXO, POP Containers: These are really great for your pantry because they allow you to see just how much of each food item you have left, which, if you’re like me, it’s a necessity. Example: I always buy pasta at the store because I’m never sure how much I have; then, I get home and I have always have bazillion pounds of it stashed away!
  3. The Container Store, Storage Boxes: These pretty boxes are inexpensive, yet, they look so pretty holding all the clutter that I have in my closets…
  4. The Container Store, Portable File Boxes: I buy a new one of these every year to hold all my bills, essential paper work, tax info, etc, and when the year is over, I neatly put it away for easy access should I need any of that information in the future. It’s a lot easier than having bulky filing cabinets everywhere.
  5. The Container Store, Underbed Boxes: Why let all that space under your bed go unused?
  6. The Container Store, Cube Storage: Super-cute alternatives to shelves!
  7. Rubbermaid, Clever Store: I’m a sucker for a Rubbermaid product, and what I like about these is that they’re clear…aka, you don’t have to open the box to see what’s inside!
  8. The Container Store, 2-drawer Organizer: Great for under the sink in your bathroom where you can always use another drawer.

What are your organizing tricks or tips?

Christmas Wishlist: AK Edition

Der thought it’d be a good idea if we all shared our dream Christmas Wishlists for this year–she explicitly said if money was no object what would you ask for.  So I picked a little something something or alot of something something.  But I categorized it for you foos because I’m OCD like that.  Anyway…have at it.  I’m drooling.

Shoes & Accessories

ak-xmas wishlist accessories and shoes

  1. Boden, Patent Buckle Flats-Navy – I love love love this color combo.
  2. Piperlime, Bernardo Google-Red – I’ve been wanting a driving moc
  3. Zappos, PUMA Cabana Racer II Wn’s-Hi Risk Red/White/Blue Mist – a vintage tennis shoe mixed with the bomb color combo..could not be more AK
  4. Dreams Corner Etsy Shop, Scarf ruffle gray in wool italian fabric with vintage button – ohhhh ruffles, yes please
  5. bossa, Shiraleah Recession collection tote bag-Pewter – I’ve been looking for a metallic purse that’s not to out there…I think this might be it.
  6. Levenger, Pen Pocket Briefcase with Pen – a cute little notepad to have with me to write down stuff to remember since I can’t remember shit anymore–can you say old?
  7. Abas, Cate Accordian-Classique Blue – this was on my list last year, turquoise…my favorite color
  8. UGG, Women’s Classic Cardy-Grey – this was newly added thanks to Court


ak-xmas wishlist jewelry

  1. Sundance, Pitter-Patter Ring – not sure what it is about this ring, I’m just drawn to it.
  2. Craftsbury Kids, Custom Silhouette Pendants-Medium – would I ever be able to get a profile shot of my 14 mo to send in for one of these…aren’t they SO cute??
  3. Sundance, Modern Times Watch-Blue –  again, the color combo got me…would be a great occasional watch
  4. Sleeks Etsy Shop, Silk Necklace-Slate Grey – I love this and am envisioning it sprucing up my tee collections
  5. Sundance, Champagne Pincushion Ring –  I don’t wear gold much but man o man this is a statement ring
  6. Silver Tribe, Native American Navajo Indian Multicolor Sterling Silver Bead Necklace Jewelry – picture it…a navy tee with this necklace…OMG
  7. Belartes, Tagua Adjustable Necklace – this one is thanks to O Magazine..aren’t they gorgeous??


ak-xmas wishlist clothes

  1. Sundance, Jacket Militaire-Ice Blue – I love how this is the perfect shade of bright..right up my alley
  2. Kate Boggiano, Tank Top-Sparkling Grape – I have a couple of these in neutral colors and would love to brighten up my collection.
  3. Nordstrom, Velvet by Graham & Spencer “Kylea” Sequin Tank –  Sequins are everywhere in stores, have you noticed?
  4. Chadwicks, Sculptural Cross Neck Babydoll – Love this neckline AND the color
  5. Target, Merona Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck Top – Newport Aqua – This sleeve length is perfect for Houston weather–its a turtleneck but a shorter sleeve–perfecto
  6. Victoria’s Secret-Open cardigan tee-Blackberry – COMFY is what comes to mind when I see this..and adorable.

Odds & Ends

ak-xmas wishlist odds and ends

  1. Sur la Table, Copco Round Bag Caps – Chip clips are so 2008
  2. The Container Store, Drop-Front Shoe Boxes – This would be the beginning of my dream closet
  3. Amazon, Vacu Vin Glass Markers Party People – Another new edition thanks to Sarah
  4. happytape, so many pretty solids 20pak – My brown paper bag wrapping would be so happy
  5. Amazon, Jiffy Steamer ESTEAM Travel Steamers-Pink – a PINK clothing steamer!! SQUEEEEE!
  6. Bed Bath & Beyond, Amy Butler Bath Towels-One of each please – I couldn’t believe it when I saw these..I would buy all different ones and mix them up because I’m eclectic like that.


ak-xmas wishlist gadgets

  1. Sur la Table, Skybar Wine System – It’s like WHAT?! are we at the AK casa or a wine bar?!
  2. Urban Outfitters, Speedball Screenprinting Kit – I would love to learn how to do this
  3. Paper Source, Letterpress Machine Combo Kit – Again I would love to learn how to do this
  4. Amazon, Kindle Wireless Reading Device – I would load this sucker up and take it with me wherever I went
  5. Amazon, Polaroid CZA-10011B PoGo Instant Mobile Printer – Isn’t this the coolest thing?
  6. The Demy – A recipe gadget, perfect, love it.


ak-xmas wishlist books

  1. Amazon, Confections of a Closet Master Baker: One Woman’s Sweet Journey from Unhappy Hollywood Executive to Contented Country Baker – About Sandra Bullock’s sister
  2. Amazon, Kirtsy Takes a Bow: A Celebration of Women’s Online Favorites – The pictures I’ve seen online alone are drawing me to this book
  3. Amazon, Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood – 10 secrets to anything is intriguing to me
  4. Amazon, Twilight – Yes, I admit, I might be the last person on Earth that hasn’t read this book or seen the movie..I should start, yes?
  5. Amazon, Guac Off! – The perfect end to this post–Guac Guac Guac–I have an unhealthy obssession to it, but it’s the good fat right?

So what’s on your wishlist this year?