Hump Day Happy Hour: The Dirty Thirty

A husband of a Tipsy Girl turned the BIG 3-0 this past week, so OF COURSE in true tipsy style we had to make sure he rang in his 30s the tipsy way. We created a shot we called The Dirty Thirty with miscellaneous items that we had on hand. It turned out to taste like a jolly rancher and produced the intoxifying result that we were looking for.

Mix equal parts Monster Energy Drink and Smirnoff Ice Watermelon with a shot of Vodka in a highball glass.

Hump Day Happy Hour: Tailgating Punch!

Ok, so this recipe isn’t REALLY called Tailgating Punch, but it was always my favorite drink while tailgating before football games in college…does that count? If you’ve never heard of or made Hop, Skip, and Go Naked punch before, you need to STAT! It’s soooo easy and tastes soooo good.


Six 12-oz. cans of beer
1 pint of Vodka
One 12-oz. can of frozen lemonade concentrate
2 liters of lemon-lime soda


In a large container mix the beer, vodka, lemonade concentrate, and the lemon-lime soda. Serve over ice and enjoy the festivities!