Manly Stocking Stuffers

So I gave y’all some ideas for Girly Stocking Stuffers yesterday.  Here’s my version of the dude edition.

  1. Lotto Tickets-What man would not get excited about the possibility of winning a ton of money?!
  2. iPod Shuffle, Apple-These are only $49!
  3. Hanes Crew Socks, Amazon-Men are always losing socks. They will always need more.
  4. J&D’s Bacon Salt, Amazon-I love the tagline on this… “Everything should taste like bacon”.
  5. iTunes Gift Card, Amazon-Music! Books! Whichever!
  6. Penguin Mints, Think Geek-Caffeinated mints for those late night work crunches.
  7. Magwear Magnetic Wristband, Uncommon Goods-I gave these a few years ago and they were a huge hit!

Girly Stocking Stuffers

I definitely wouldn’t mind any of these showing up in my stocking this year!!

  1. Pinwheel Hairpins, It’s Beaded Bliss Etsy Shop-I’ve been loving on hairpins lately and I’m loving on these turquoise ones.
  2. Ped Egg, Amazon-I’ve always wanted to try this thing!!
  3. Japanese Decoration Tape, Uncommon Goods-I think this would be super cute to have when you wrap something in just brown kraft paper.
  4. Leather Keyring, Exposures-I need a new key ring and what better than to carry around a pic of the kiddo.
  5. OPI Cuticle Oil to Go, Amazon-I always leave cuticle oil in my car so I can do a mini mani at a stop light.  This would make things super easy.
  6. Round Pill Box, Target-I need a pill box to keep vitamins and tylenol in my purse.
  7. Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick, L ‘Occitane-my all time favorite lip balm.
  8. Oxo Good Grips Travel Mug, Amazon-the most amazing travel mug ever.  Never leaks, ever.  My husband generally fight over who uses this mug because we only have one.

Holiday Gift Guides: Under $20

Working on a budget this year for Christmas?  Have some stuff to buy for folks that are special to you, but don’t want to break the bank doing it?

I’ve got a few cute ideas here, a lot of them center around eating.  Not sure what that says, but loving on these afforable options to show those special people you care this holiday season.

  1. Cheese Tray with Cutter – cute thing about this is that nifty little cutter.  All in one, perfectness.
  2. Wine Chiller – perfect for entertaining or a night alone!
  3. Beer Glasses – what dude doesn’t a set of beer glasses made from recycled windshields?
  4. Condiment Dish with Stand – everything about this is so cute.
  5. Tyler Candle – great gift for any lovely lady on your list.  Their scents are so unique and they last forever.
  6. Stoneware Vase – girls can’t have enough vases, very similar to our love for shoes.

Look again….

I’m not plastic or paper.  I’ve seen a coupla of coworkers sporting these around.

Hot coffee and iced coffee!  Great for the environment and lookin’ hip in the process.

  1. I’m not a paper cup
  2. Starbucks Acrylic Cup – this one is my fav.  Perfect for iced coffee on the go.
  3. Porcelain Crinkle Cup
  4. Eco Friendly Reusable Cup
  5. ECO Cup
  6. Smart Planet Cup

What Time Is It?

We have a big red wall clock in our kitchen that seems to be the only clock I look at during the day when I want to know what time it is.  Not that there isn’t a million other clocks to look at like on the microwave or oven or my cell phone or the TiVo.  But for some reason this clock is big and it catches my eye.  These clocks also caught my eye…do you guys have wall clocks in your home?

  1. Viva Terra, Make Your Own Clock
  2. Uncommon Goods, Ultra Flat Wall Clock
  3. Evgie’s Etsy Shop, Children’s Wall Felt Clock
  4. Viva Terra, Boatwood Clock
  5. CB2, Countdown Clock
  6. Pilot Design’s Etsy Shop, Modern Wall Clock

Walk This Way

Are doormats out? Because I really like doormats…I think all of these would go swimmingly on my front step.

This is my current doormat and it has elicited many many laughs…to which I say, why are you laughing? You should be running for your lives because IT DOES NOT LIE!

  1. Wisteria, Welcome to the Zoo Doormat
  2. At West End, Recycled Flip Flop Mat
  3. Uncommon Goods, Nice Underwear Mat
  4. Uncommon Goods, Lobster Rope Doormat
  5. Target, Dog is Nuts Doormat

Word: Winos

Definition: A wine-drinking,  fun, awesome,  person that gets the occasional “headaches”, 🙂

I’ve found the perfect item to complement that person in your life thtat you absolutey know is a wino.  If you don’t know said person, send items straight to Court.


  1. Wine Purse
  2. Wine Rack
  3. Wine Carriers
  4. Bamboo Wine Conversation Table
  5. Wine Glass Koozie
  6. Wine-opoly
  7. Holds a Full Bottle of WINE GLASS!!! – can I get a hell yes?!?!?!

Rock on

I think it was seeing two of my favorite bands, Muse and Silversun Pickups that got me in the mood for this post.  I absolutely love going to concerts.  I have a great concert schedule lined up with Ben this summer and I really can’t wait.  As a tribute to all things that rock, check out these items.

  1. Guitar  Spatula
  2. Muse Carpenter Headphones – I saw these and thought they were for true music lovers.  This site has some really modern twists on the average earbud.
  3. Ipod Hoodie – are you kidding me?  Did someone read my mind and all things I HEART before they decided to design this.  Honestly, I see no real functional purpose for this, but love the hell out of  it.
  4. Recycled Vinyl Coasters –  too cute.  Also, this site where I found these is too neat.
  5. Ticket Diary – who keeps every.single.ticket.stub?  I do and I think this is the perfect place to store these babies and give them the attention they deserve.
  6. Owl Ipod Case – owls are everywhere now, but I swear AK was ahead of that trend.  This ones for you AK!
  7. Guitar Picture Frame – I think a pic of Ben and I at our fav concert would be perfect in this.  Plus, love the original look and feel.
  8. Music Necklace – simple and love the purple.

I Just Wrote To Say I Love You

American penmanship is becoming extinct, so I think its so nice to either get or give a handwritten card every now and again.  These little keepsakes are adorable:

  1. Congratulations  Flower Card by Artecnica
  2. Happy Birthday Flower Card by Artecnica
  3. Bravo Cartolina Cards
  4. Salatiga Note Cards
  5. Bird Letter Press Cards
  6. Thank You Seed Cards – instead of throwing the card away, you plant it and watch it grow!  Too cool.
  7. Twin Kittens Letterpress Postcard
  8. Set of 8 Emergency Cards

Tap that errrr Tag that Luggage

With the holidays normally comes travel and we at Tipsy ALWAYS like to travel in style.  So go ahead and tag that luggage and do it with a little humor por favor!

  1. Wishing Fish, Luggage Tags with Attitude
  2. Uncommon Goods, That’s My Luggage Tag
  3. Picture Makes Perfect Etsy Shop, Luggage Tag
  4. Candy Argyle Designs Etsy Shop, Luggage or ID Tag-Orange Owl
  5. Wisteria, Boys Luggage Tags
  6. Dillards, ETA Headliner Identifier Luggage Tag
  7. Decorative Things Etsy Shop, Keep Calm and Carry On Luggage Tag