Ruffle Me Up

I love ruffles. They are make me feel cute and girly and they can take a basic item of clothing to the next level. There are soooooo many cute ruffley items out there right now for the fall. Here are a few that are in my make believe shopping cart right now…

  1. Target, Merona Collection Women’s Heidi Ruffle Neck Top
  2. Forever21, Ruffle Trim Cardigan
  3. Target, Merona Collection Women’s Alicia Sleeveless Top
  4. Urban Original, Fahrenheit Yama Ruffled Bootie Ankle Boot
  5. Urban Original, Qupid Nadine Ruffled Peep Toe Pump
  6. Lulus, Whats All The Fuzz About? Ruffled Scarf
  7. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Wool Blend Coat
  8. Lulus, Windswept Beauty Dark Teal Dress

$50 Fridays: Silly Name, Serious Pants

That’s right, you guessed it ladies. I am talking about jeggings. Jean leggings. Now I was skeptical of this trend when it first arrived, mostly because of the stupid name. But let me tell you, its probably the best trend to pop up EVER.  Let me break it down for you. Take the cute look of tight skinny jeans and add the comfort of pajama pants (i.e. the elastic waist band), and you get what might be the most comfortable pant ever made.  So go forth and eat as much as you want ladies, because these pants will stretch with you.  I am going to need at least 14 pairs…

  1. Forever 21,  Fab Basic Knit Top
  2. Forever 21, Jaded Hoops
  3. Forever 21,  Basic Pull-on Jeggings I
  4. Forever 21, Silk Jacquard Scarf
  5. Urban Original, Pink Duchess Betsy Ruffled Ballet Flat

$50 Friday: Modern Pin Up

I have always been drawn to that 50’s style of dresses and skirts and something about the neckline of this dress brings that out for me. These shoes are just plain adorable and I’ve seen them in person, EVEN MORE cute.

  1. Urban Original, Ruffle Slingback Sandal
  2. Forever21, Lacquered Petal Earrings
  3. Walmart, Sweetheart Halter Print Jersey Dress

$50 Friday: Summer Bling Fling

I’m not usually one to  drizzle myself with diamonds (or let’s face it… fake diamonds), but something about the juxtaposition of casual fabrics and a little ice gets my summer engine revving.

  1. Forever21, Glistening Tear Earrings
  2. Kohls, Embroidered Henley
  3. Urban Original, Bamboo Floral Flat Sandal
  4. Kohls, Solid Skirt

Party Shoes

There will come a day when my feet aren’t swollen from walking across the living room and my waistline isn’t ever-expanding. And when that day arrives…boy, oh, boy am I gonna need one of each of these, please!

  1. Urban Original, Anne Michelle Maneater
  2. Urban Original, Promise Moli Rosette Sandal
  3. Urban Original, Qupid Demand Ruffle Toe Sandal
  4. Urban Original, Qupid Ceduce
  5. Urban Original, Slingback Espadrille Wedge
  6. Urban Original, Bamboo Driven Strappy Wedge
  7. Urban Original, Qupid Nydia
  8. Urban Original, Pink Duchess Tamia

Who Needs Two Sleeves Anyway?

You’re Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One side is a little slutty and the other is conservative and buttoned up. What a great concept!

  1. Urban Original, Strike Out Top
  2. Arden B, Swirl Print One Shoulder Top
  3. Victoria’s Secret, One Shoulder Tunic
  4. Ralph Lauren, Sonya One Shoulder Top
  5. Forever21, One Sleeve Top
  6. Forever21, Blurred Garden Shoulder Top

$50 Fridays: Girl Overload

Flowers and ruffles= extra girly, but that’s how I roll sometimes.

  1. Walmart, Susie Rose Flower Scoop Neck Top
  2. Forever 21, Patent Quilted Shoulder Bag
  3. Urban Original, Bamboo Dexter Ruffle Flat Sandal
  4. Walmart, Ripstop Shorts