Plaid Mad

Plaid is definitely on my agenda for fall/winter. I’m seeing it everywhere and many times its in conjunction with ruffles (win!) or in a length that I can wear it with jeggings or leggings and my booty won’t be on display for all the world to see (win win!). Will you be wearing plaid in the near future and if so, what are you getting?

  1. Women’s Regular Long Sleeve Flannel Ruffle Popover Shirt, Landsend
  2. Lurex Plaid Ruffle Shirt, Express
  3. Plaid bayou tunic, J.Crew
  4. Longline Plaid Button Up w/Belt, Forever 21
  5. Urban Renewal Vintage Overdyed Plaid Flannel Boyfriend Shirt, Urban Outfitters
  6. Women’s Classic Flannel Shirts, Old Navy

Color Block Crazy!

As you know I love lots of color, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m a huge fan of all these color block fashions! Are you a fan?

  1. Colorblock Top, Forever 21
  2. Ignite the Light Colorblock Tank, Ruche
  3. BDG Colorblock Tee, Urban Outfitters
  4. Colorblock Boxy Top, Forever 21
  5. Paloma Stretch Colorblock Tee, Dillards
  6. Take Two Tee, Anthropologie
  7. Beholic Colorblock Striped Top, Nordstrom
  8. Colorblock Satin Tank, Forever 21+
  9. Sparkle & Fade Colorblock Shift Dress, Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfit My Feet

I check Urban Outfitters from time to time for their cheaper housewares section, but on a whim checked out the sandals and WHOOOO BOY did I hit the lotto on cute sandals.  Check these babies out.

  1. Ecote Macrame Loop Slingback
  2. Ecote Basketweave Ankle Wrap Sandal
  3. Bass Elastic Sandal
  4. Cooperative Leather Cross Strap Sandal
  5. Ecote Slingback Sandal
  6. Ecote Strappy Sandal
  7. Deena & Ozzy Elastic Wedge Sandal
  8. Ecote Thick Strap Macrame Slingback
  9. Ecote Knotted Fan Thong Sandal
  10. Ecote Macrame Loop Thong Sandal

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Sunglasses are not something I’m willing to shovel out a ton of cash on. Well, it’s because I’ll just scratch them, break them, lose them, or see like 57 pairs that I NEED to own. Plus, I find that you can find great knock offs that resemble the high dolla’ ones at that. So, here are some cutie patooties that are worth the small greenbacks.

  1. Forever21, Sunglasses
  2. Urban Outfitters, Sweetheart Sunglasses
  3. Charlotte Russe, Milky Large Rectangular Sunglasses
  4. Charlotte Russe, Leopard Print Sunglasses
  5. Target, Oversized Fashion Sunglasses
  6. Alloy, Kena Aviators

Jewelry I Likey

I went on the hunt for some jewelry, because it’s been a while.  Or it’s Monday.  Or Mother’s Day is coming up and someone I’m married to reads this blog. Hint. Hint.

  1. Anthropologie, Wide World Necklace
  2. Sundance, Expansive Turquoise Ring
  3. Urban Outfitters, Brightly Colored Rhinestone Posts
  4. Sundance, Bloom on a Wire Earrings
  5. Sundance, Amina Necklace

Coo Coo, Coo Coo

I just moved into a new home and need the perfect clock.  As everyone is probably coming to the conclusion, I am not the most normal crayon in the box and I really want something different (you know besides the beautiful clocks I own currently on the microwave, stove and alarm clock).  Here are some I found while looking that I would really consider and some I just thought were worth sharing!

  1. Dog wall clock
  2. Around Cylinder Clock
  3. Little Bird Clock – clock is too cute and so is etsy shop
  4. Nava Wall Clock – second fav
  5. Ikea BITIG Clock
  6. Lego Alarm Clock
  7. Eurway Splat Clock
  8. Karlsson Mixed Numbers Clock – this one is my fav


Sometimes I like to wear less jewelry and still be able to make a statement. There are tons of stunning stud earrings out there that will do the trick! Here are some of my top picks!

  1. Urban Outfitters, Seed Bead Knot Stud
  2. Etsy, Lovebird Studs
  3. Forever21, Lacquered Rose Studs
  4. Etsy, Lilly Pad Succulent Posts
  5. Etsy, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings
  6. Anthropologie, About That Time Earrings
  7. Charlotte Russe, Rhinestone Button Earrings
  8. Etsy, Earrings with Red and White Vintage Cabochons

How Do You Spell Awesome?

I love all the different wall letters you can buy now.  I used some different ones in my son’s room inspired by this post, settling on a couple from Urban Outfitters and several Anthropologie ones–I did his first/middle/last initials above his dresser with those.

But just the endless possibilities you can come up with… spelling out a last name, maybe doing a lovebirds one in your bedroom of yours and your significant other’s first initials connected by an “&” you can also find these days in abundance.  Whatever your idea, you are sure to find the style you need to match your decor!  And with the ones on Etsy, you can customize to your heart’s delight with fonts and paint and what have you.

  1. Anthropologie, zinc letters
  2. Simple Sweet Designs Etsy Shop, Custom Moss Door Hanging Initial
  3. Going GaGa Etsy Shop, Custom Hand Painted Solid Kids Wooden Nursery Letters
  4. Urban Outfitters, Acid Etch Letters
  5. Anthropologie, Printer’s Letter Stand
  6. Viva Terra, Puffy Vintage Cloth Letters
  7. VaDaVelle’s Etsy Shop, Personalized Wooden Name

Christmas Wishlist: CR Edition

So a few of these are completely outrageous, because I can’t imagine spending the $.  But in a world where money didn’t matter, here is a list of the things I want to see under my tree.

  1. Z Gallerie Lithe Vases ($14.95 – $18.95) – simple, yet intricate.  Would be perfect for my bamboo!
  2. Hello Kitty Ceramic Watches ($995 – 2900) – yes, I am 29 and 3/4’s and am an admitted Hello Kitty junkie.  These watches are too cute.
  3. Urban Outfitters Head Band ($18.00) – not even sure this would look good on me, just seems really unique and funky, like me.
  4. Yellow Strauss Toms (54.00) – fun and funky.
  5. Tyler Diva Scented Candle ($17.95) – I am just obsessed with these candles and this scent.
  6. Ikea Red Clock ($29.99) – love love love this cute little ticker.
  7. Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave ($79.99) – this is a want, definitely not a need.  But if I could pick any out there, this wireless mouse and keyboard surely have my vote.
  8. Rotating Spheres Arc Floor Lamp ($79.99) – I am certain this would complete my house’s transformation to an Asian wannabe home.
  9. Pottery Barn Fruitwood Pillar Holders ($22.99) – too cute, very simple.  I love candles and am sure I would be able to find some which would a nice reason to have these around.
  10. Ivy Mirror and ID Case ($16.00) – did I also ever mention that I am notorious for constantly misplacing my ID, debit card, keys, mind, and sanity.  Think this will help???
  11. Puma Hoodie ($69.00) – did I ever mention I am obsessed with Hoodies?  Any of the Tipsy girls can attest to this.  I am convinced this is the perfect hoodie for me.
  12. Oh and did I mention this little guy (priceless) – no comment :).

Christmas List: Der Edition

So you all saw AK’s list of fabulousness. Now it’s my turn.

(Pssst…Husband PLEASE pay careful attention to what is to follow)

der-xmas wishlist

  1. Victoria’s Secret, The Soft Sexy Wrap -I love the fact that this is like an upgraded t-shirt/cardigan combo. That is My FAVORITE combo and pretty much daily uniform, by the way.
  2. Best Buy, Nikon D5000– I would love this camera more than any of my family members, including my dogs. Ook,  not them. But everyone else. If I hadn’t already proven myself to be an expensive camera breaker, I MIGHT actually be eligible for this gift.
  3. Restoration Hardware, Telescoping Frames– Being that I just got married 10ish months ago, we have more pictures than we know what to do with. These are so unique and different.
  4. Macys, Fiesta Canisters– I ADORE the green. These would look so cute in my colorful kitchen.
  5. Etsy, dearestinez Large Leaf Earrings -UM so cute, so fun, so funky. I just may be gifting these to myself for Christmas.
  6. Old Navy, Womens Cable Knit Slipper Boots– My toesies would be so toasty in these. I’ve seen a version of these everywhere and I have been coveting.
  7. Urban Outfitters, Dachshund Lamp– Do I even need to go into why I would want/need this? No, I didn’t think so.
  8. Ann Taylor LOFT, Refined Knit Ruffle Neck Dress– Because I NEED more ruffles in my life. NO, I don’t have anywhere to wear it! SO??
  9. Mac Cosmetics, Tinted Lipglass in Spite -This was the first lipglass that I ever owned and I think I need to bring it back into my life Christmas 2009. It’s a mauvy pink and perfection.
  10. Pier1, Assorted Doorknob Wall Hooks– I’ve been eyeing these babies for a while now. What a super cute way to hang your coat or whatevs.
  11. Macys, Joseph Joseph Multi Color Spatula Design Cutting Board– Cute, colorful and belongs in mah kitchen!
  12. Gap, Mesh Chain Necklace– I want this for two reasons: a) it’s a subtle way to do the whole sequin trend going on and b) I’ve already planned my New Years outfit and it won’t be complete without it.
  13. Nordstrom, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Charo’ Slingback Sandal– Ruffles, love. Red, Love. Perfect HOT date with the hubby shoe. Nuff said.
  14. bossa, Shiraleah Jennifer Large Tote Bag– This brand is pretty sweet…looks remarkably similar to HOBO International for a fraction of the cost, plus this blue color is totally rocking my world.
  15. ZenniOptical, 2344 Plastic Full-Rim Frame– HOT pink frames? Must.have.

Oh, I almost forgot… while I’m wishing… I’ll take an endless supply of these.

der-xmas wishlist2