Summa Summa Summa Time

Its right around the corner and that means we need to get started with all of outdoor decor.  Just like all of the Tipsy Girls, I love to have people over and to entertain.  Being that I just moved into a new abode and am really focused on my outdoor scenery, I’ve been doing a lot of searching to spruce up the outside decor at my casa.

Here’s my top ten:

  1. Ceramic Beverage Dispensers – These are a very simple and colorful way to hold sun tea or your favorite summer cocktail.
  2. Bamboo Chairs – Bamboo, outdoor chairs.  Do I have to explain myself again? I Also like this look because they are resilient and versatile AND bamboo is extremely durable (bamboo is stronger than lots of steel…whaaa?)
  3. Outdoor Votive Holder – They are on my to do list.  So simple, so affordable.
  4. Rain Chain Buckets -These are actually designed to adorn unsightly drains on your the outside of your home.  I also thought they would also work well hanging from a porch or patio.
  5. Side Table – I just purchased some cheap as hell discounted Adirondack chairs from Big Lots and am looking for some side tables to spruce these chairs up.  I may have found the answer here.  Hopefully LLBean will decide to have an LLClearance soon:).
  6. Glazed Fire Pot -This thing is mine and awesome. ‘Nough said.
  7. Smart Solar Sphere – I love these solar powered gadgets.  They know when to come on and off and they recharge themselves.  Can’t get any better than that!
  8. Solar Powered House Numbers – A lot of us have house numbers on the street, mailbox, house, lawn.  But these really caught my eye.  These have solar powered LEDs that you program with your street number and place where you please.  TOO COOL.
  9. Hanging Lanterns – If those don’t make the cut for outside, they are cute enough to go on my nightstand.  Love the colors.
  10. Coca Cola Light Set – Such a fun and classic touch to any area outside.  And did I mention cheap?

So, everyone at my place tomorrow?

Extreme Makeover: Closet Edition

This past weekend I visited my sister, who lives with her hubby and new puppy Tex on a ranch in north west  Texas, aka, BFE!  Her house is a super-cute old farm house that is severely lacking in storage space…so she decided to transform her master bedroom closet.

The results are, to say the least, AMAZING…

How was this accomplished?

  1. Everything was taken out of the closet, including the clothes rods and shelves.
  2. The closet was painted.
  3. Hung up the elfa storage system that was ordered from the Container Store.
  4. Organized all the clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous items that needed to go back in the closet with bins and storage boxes from Wal-Mart.
  5. Hung a few pictures to make the new closet cozy.

So BAM…there you have it…what do you think? (I personally think it actually looks like something out of a magazine.)

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

So, it’s no secret to those who know me that I’m a clean FREAK!!! (Seriously, I sometimes have anxiety about it.) Here are my top cleaning products of the moment.

sk-cleaning supplies

  1. Clorox Toilet Wand, Amazon: No more icky toilet brushes sitting in your bathroom. Once you’re finished cleaning the bowl, simply flush it!
  2. Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface, Amazon: I use this for almost everything. Any little spill or splatter out comes the Clorox spray.
  3. Sprayway Glass Cleaner, Amazon: The BEST glass cleaner ever. I have seriously gone from store to store before looking for this stuff. Luckily, Wal-Mart usually has it.  This glass cleaner never leaves streaks!
  4. Goo Gone, Amazon: This is a recent love of mine and I’ll tell you why. I had the interior of my house re-painted in September and, much to my dismay, the painters accidentally got paint on my CARPET! So, after I discovered this I called my painters to, of course, complain and they told me not to do anything to it. The next morning they came over with Goo Gone and got it out in less than a minute: no stain, no wet spot, no smear, no nothing. So I went out and bought me some of this miracle product and have successfully used it over and over again to get hard-to-clean gunk or mud or smudge off of almost everything.
  5. Dirt Devil KURV Hand Vac, Target: Just a handy little gadget to have around so you don’t always have to lug out the big vac…
  6. Scrubbing Bubbles, Amazon: Standard bathroom cleaner, not too many miracles, other than it just melts the dirt away!
  7. Swifter Max, Amazon: I honestly believe that since the Swifter Max is double the size of the regular Swifter, I get finished mopping soooo much faster…this has not been proven, but I think it makes sense…
  8. Cascade 2 in 1 Action Packs, Amazon: Another time saver…no more putting Jet Dry or any other rinsing agent in your dishwasher!

***Any of these products can be purchased at  your ordinary grocery or cleaning store.